RAF Henlow confirmed as the home of Blue Abyss!

RAF Henlow announced as the home of Blue Abyss - with unprecedented international collaborative support Blue Abyss is ready to take another step forward in making it's vision a reality.

Blue Abyss Workshop Updates

Each Blue Abyss workshop is a vital platform to define the capabilities of Blue Abyss and underpin its future research and development enterprises. Find out more about the latest workshop, what was discussed, and where freediving fits into the project.

Blue Abyss Vision 2020

Discover what Blue Abyss Vision 2020 is and read the first window into the future, with technical cave divers finding hidden Paleolithic art off the coast of Wales using ground breaking technology developed at Blue Abyss.

The Spaceflight Bill and Blue Abyss

The draft Spaceflight Bill signifies the launch of a £10 million scheme to incentivise the commercial spaceflight market in the UK. So, how does the Spaceflight Bill and Blue Abyss fit together to make this project a reality?

Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership Announced

On 31st March 2017 the much anticipated Blue Abyss and DiveRAID partnership was formally announced by way of a press release on the Blue Abyss website.

Freedive for free at Blue Abyss

Go Freediving are thrilled to exclusively announce that Blue Abyss, the world’s deepest pool will be FREE for freedivers to use. Find out why founder and CEO, John Vickers has decided that you can freedive for free at Blue Abyss and what freediving means to him.

Virtual Tour of Blue Abyss released

Watch an exclusive virtual tour of Blue Abyss, the world's deepest pool.

Go Freediving in the new Blue Abyss vision film

Watch the latest film from Blue Abyss and hear exclusively from Emma Farrell, Andy Torbet, space scientists and Managing Director John Vickers exactly what the 50m deep pool is all about.

Blue Abyss: 50m deep dive pool for the UK

We are delighted to bring your exclusive details of the world's deepest pool, Blue Abyss, which is planned for the UK. And we're the freediving consultants for it!