Steam inhalation for freediving

Steam inhalation for freediving is an amazing natural technique that can relieve sinus congestion, reduce inflammation and combat infection, all of which help us equalise more easily. Read how to do steam inhalation and what the best essential oils to use are in this article.

Where to start in freediving

Where to start in freediving is probably the first question you have when you start your freediving journey. Check out where to start in freediving with our handy flow chart, which takes you through every freediving course level, as well as speciality courses and freediving holidays

Freediving on Britain’s Secret Seas

Britain's Secret Seas is BBC television series that celebrates the coastline of Great Britain. In the episode 'The Power of the East' we watch explorer Paul Rose and his team exploring the waters around The Farne Islands, joined by Go Freediving's Emma Farrell as she freedives to demonstrate the similarities between seals and humans. Find out more and watch the episode for a limited time here!

Top Ten Mermaid Films

Who doesn't want to be a mermaid? Freediving with a monofin is pretty much the closest thing we're going to get to being a mythical creature, however you can indulge your mermaid fantasies at the movies and we've put together the definitive list of the Top Ten Mermaid Films for you.

Spearfishing on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday night feast

Check out Spearfishing on Jamie and Jimmy's Friday night feast, and watch an exclusive film of Jimmy Doherty learning to freedive with Emma Farrell in preparation for going spearfishing.

Freediving course dates coming up

Happy New Year! Our Freediving course dates for the new year are now up and we can't wait to welcome you back in the water, whether on one of our courses, at our club or on one of our incredible holidays!

Furry wetsuit designed at MIT to keep you warmer in the water

Scientists at MIT have designed a prototype furry wetsuit modelled on otters and beavers, who manage to dive and stay warm by trapping a layer of air in their thick fur. Read how this could mean the development of thinner and more flexible wetsuits for freedivers and how it works.

Ellie Simmonds Swimming with Dolphins on TV

Ellie Simmonds: Swimming with Dolphins is a TV programme following paralympic gold medal swimmer Ellie Simmonds as she prepares to freedive with dolphins for the first time. The show also features Go Freediving's Emma Farrell as we see her teaching Ellie the freediving skills she will need for her trip.

UK Freediving Course Film

watch the latest UK Freediving course film from Go Freediving with Alicia, Beckie and Karen in action at Vobster Quay this August.

Ocean Positive swimwear review

Ocean Positive swimwear is a brand new range of swimwear and rashguards from Fourth Element made from recycled ghost fishing nets. Designed by divers for divers, find out more about the range in our review of the Tiga and Maluku bikinis.