RAID Freediving Courses in July

For Freediving courses in July, no other course provider has our level of experience and expertise. Our team of instructors are second to none and have all been personally trained by Instructor Trainer Emma Farrell, to guarantee you'll be learning from the best. Watch our latest course film to see what freediving courses in July are all about!

How to communicate with your freediving buddy

How to communicate with your freediving buddy is one of the most important skills in safe freediving. In this article we cover how to effectively communicate before and during the dive or breath hold. There's also two videos and gifs showing freediving specific underwater hand signals.

AIDA World Championships and Carl Atkinson

In part two of our interview with Carl Atkinson, he talks about his first experience at the AIDA World Championships - what he learned, what he would do differently, and how he and several competitors hijacked a bus (well almost).

RAF Henlow confirmed as the home of Blue Abyss!

RAF Henlow announced as the home of Blue Abyss - with unprecedented international collaborative support Blue Abyss is ready to take another step forward in making it's vision a reality.

RAID Freediver Courses in the UK

See what happens on our RAID Freediver Courses in the UK in our latest film, starring Areti, Felix, Wayne and... Batman!

Freediving Competitions: With Carl Atkinson

Carl Atkinson has been bitten by the freediving competitions bug. He started his freediving journey with Go Freediving and hasn't looked back. We caught up with Carl and discussed his final constant weight training in the build up to one of the most coveted of all freediving competitions - The 2016 AIDA World Championships.

Summer Freediving Courses in the UK

If you been thinking about enrolling on any Summer freediving courses in the UK, you'll be pleased to hear this is when the freediving season peaks. We freedive in the UK generally between the spring and early autumn and our freediving courses run from the end of May to mid Oct.

Freediving in a music video? Really?

Who ever thought Beyoncé could be upstaged by freediving? Check out this amazing video of Guillaume Néry and Alice Modolo. Watch closely and you will see that more than just a little inspiration for the video was taken from Néry's film Ocean Gravity.

Spearfishing and Freediving – Why a Freediving Course is So Important

Freediving should be a logical first step in acquiring the fundamental skills and safety requirements needed to maximise your spearfishing experience. Find out why and how, here.

Ten Things You Can Do Underwater

For those who believe they are a human born into the wrong body (i.e. you believe you really should have been a mermaid, dolphin or nudibranch) this is for you!