Freediving film Free Fall

Freediving film Free Fall was directed by Guillaume NĂ©ry and Julie Gautier and produced by Bluenery. The film itself was shot over seven years ago but is still considered to be the gold standard of film making for freediving.

Want to learn to scuba dive? Why you should learn to freedive first.

If you want to learn to Scuba dive, you may not have thought about learning to freedive first. However learning to freedive provides you with the techniques, skills and water confidence to learn how to scuba dive quicker, safer, and with more confidence. Learn more inside.

Happy Easter from Go Freediving

Happy Easter from the Go Freediving team! Find out what's coming up for the freediving season and check out an incredible Easter mermaids picture from artist Laurie Leigh.

Lungs Make Blood: A New Discovery For Freedivers

A fascinating study conducted by researchers from the University of California, San Francisco has discovered something new about lung function - our lungs make blood. So how did they do this, and how does this impact on the health of freedivers?

Freediving on The Wild Weekenders Channel 4

See Arthur Williams freediving on The Wild Weekenders TV programme on Channel 4. Watch him learn to freedive in Devon, taught by Go Freediving's Emma Farrell

Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership Announced

On 31st March 2017 the much anticipated Blue Abyss and DiveRAID partnership was formally announced by way of a press release on the Blue Abyss website.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Freediving

If done properly, freediving is incredibly safe and has benefits that go way beyond how you feel in the water. Here are the top 10 health benefits of freediving.

Yoga nidra for diving

Yoga nidra means yoga sleep, and is a deep relaxation practice you do lying down with your eyes closed. Find out more about yoga nidra, how it can help scuba and freediving, and listen to a yoga nidra for diving recording in this article.

Steam inhalation for freediving

Steam inhalation for freediving is an amazing natural technique that can relieve sinus congestion, reduce inflammation and combat infection, all of which help us equalise more easily. Read how to do steam inhalation and what the best essential oils to use are in this article.

Where to start in freediving

Where to start in freediving is probably the first question you have when you start your freediving journey. Check out where to start in freediving with our handy flow chart, which takes you through every freediving course level, as well as speciality courses and freediving holidays