Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership Announced

On 31st March 2017 the much anticipated Blue Abyss and DiveRAID partnership was formally announced by way of a press release on the Blue Abyss website.

Go Freediving - Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership - john-vickers

John Vickers


Blue Abyss Chief Executive John Vickers  described the Blue Abyss and DiveRAID partnership as the perfect fit for Blue Abyss’s vision of a pioneering future for marine and space exploration.

“…DiveRAID is taking diver training to the next millennium. It is the ideal training vehicle for diving instruction at Blue Abyss and will complement the specialist space agency, military and medical training that our dives will also undergo”



Dive RAID set the standards across the diving world for their innovative online learning system, that enabled students to spend more time on practical learning with their instructor in the water. They also have key international players in the diving world as part of their team, including Jill Heinerth and Steve Lewis, Paul Toomer and Go Freediving’s Emma Farrell.


Emma Farrell Freediver

Emma is also the freediving consultant for Blue Abyss and had this to say about the partnership:

“I am thrilled to see RAID partnering with Blue Abyss to help them train a team of up to 35 divers. Blue Abyss is the premier underwater training and research centre in the world, and this is a fantastic opportunity for RAID to help shape diver training and ensure the highest of standards. This team of divers will become integral to the support of all aspects of training and research at the facility and inspiring new people to take up the sport”



Blue Abyss is the most comprehensive extreme environment research and training facility of its kind. Designed to support the commercial diving, submersible, human spaceflight and human life science sectors, Blue Abyss is scheduled to be fully operational by late 2018. At its deepest point it will be 50m, deeper than any other pool of it’s kind, and the only one designed to support such cutting edge research, development and space science.


Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership – What RAID have to say

Go Freediving Student Testimonial James Rogers

James Rogers

James Rogers, Managing Director of DiveRAID (UK and Malta), said recruitment would start soon for the “multi-faceted, highly skilled” instructors to embark on rigorous training programmes across all diving disciplines DiveRAID offers.

“Key individuals in the team will have to have the capabilities to be able to support all of the disciplines – freediving instructors and instructor trainers working at the facility, both open circuit and rebreather instructors and instructor trainers and commercial and astronaut trained divers.

This is a 35 strong team for an exciting and unique facility and these jobs will be highly sought after”


James will talk more about the Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership as one of the guest speakers at the annual Great Northern Dive Show  running 8th – 9th April.


Go freediving The Great Northern Dive Show – Blue Abyss and DiveRAID Partnership

The Great Northern Dive Show

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