Bristol Blue Freediving Competition – How did we do?

The Bristol Blue Freediving Competition 2018 was last week. We sent not one, but two Go Freediving teams! So what happened?

Before the Bristol Blue Freediving Competition

Well like any good competition, it all starts with preparation – and the members of our Poole Freediving Club have been doing just that. They have been training in and out of the pool for weeks in preparation for the first ever Bristol Blue Team competition. There were individual events but the emphasis of this particular competition was ‘team’ as a way of encouraging newer participants of the sport to feel encouraged to join in. The teams were expected to have at least one ‘newbie’, someone who had never entered a freediving competition before and was new to freediving. The team spirit and encouragement in the build up to the competition has been awesome!

Our Bristol Blue Freediving Competition Team Members

freediving competition - The teams

We had so many keen participants our Poole club we had not one, but two teams! The Bream Team (love it!) and the Neoprene Numpties (love it just as much!!).

The Bream Team members were Liz Coulson, Nic Wood and Delphine Brise – so this team had two newbies as Delphine has only done one competition.

bristol blue freediving competition - bream team

The Neoprene Numpties were Go Freediving Instructors Tom and David alongside Zoe Norquoy who has only just completed her RAID freediver course with us but is super keen!

The Format of the Bristol Blue Freediving Competition

freediving competition - bristol freediversThe competition was hosted by Bristol Freedivers and took place on ​Saturday 27th October at Henbury Leisure Centre, Bristol. This was the format:

Each team consisted of 3 athletes who completed 2 performances in different disciplines. Each of the 3 pool disciplines (STA, DNF, DYN) had to be performed by 2 athletes from each team. Therefore, the teams and disciplines entered was set up like this:

Athlete A: Static (STA) and Dynamic No Fins (DNF)

Athlete B: Static (STA) and Dynamic (DYN)

Athlete C: Dynamic No Fins (DNF) and Dynamic (DYN)

The sessions were as follows:


The Day of the Bristol Blue Freediving Competition

Intense preparation before the competition...

Intense preparation before the competition…

Photo credits below: Woody Neil
David Mellor turning during his DYN performance

David Mellor turning during his DYN performance

David Mellor preparing for his STA performance

David Mellor preparing for his STA performance

The judges and organisers confer...

The judges and organisers confer…

A very happy David Mellor after his awesome DYN performance!

A very happy David Mellor after his awesome DYN performance!

Tom Elliott completing his clean STA performance coached by David Mellor

Tom Elliott completing his clean STA performance coached by David Mellor

A perfectly weighted Tom Elliott on his DNF dive

A perfectly weighted Tom Elliott on his DNF dive

Individual results were:

David Mellor 5.48 STA and 135 DYN

Tom Elliott 5.03 STA and 106 DNF

Zoe Norqouy 60 DNF and 75 DYN

Nic Wood 97 DNF 4 min STA

Liz Coulson 79 DNF and 75 DYN

Delphine Brise 4.30 STA and 100 DYN

All white cards!

The Full Bristol Blue Freediving Competition Results:

freediving competition - results 1

freediving competition - results 2

freediving competition - results 3

What Liz thought of her first experience of a freediving competition:

First ever freediving competition and I’m hooked!! Such an amazing day……. and The Bream Team came 5th! 🎉😀🐬 the best team mates & coach ever, the most chilled out competition vibes (I love a sport where snoozing beforehand is actively encouraged), the friendliest people all wanting everyone to do well and amazingly run by the Bristol Blue Freediving Club. Thanks guys for a bloomin good day out x

What’s next?

The next Bristol Blue Freediving competition is set for 9th and 10th March 2019 which organiser’s promise will be the biggest and best yet. Are you up for the challenge? Watch out for more competition training at our club night sessions in 2019!

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