Hektometer Freediving Goggles Review

Want to know how Hektometer freediving goggles work and why they are such a revolutionary freediving product? Read this review by Emma Farrell - owner of Go Freediving - which runs through the advantages and disadvantages of the world's first air filled self-equalising freediving goggles, and why they could be a real game-changer in the freediving world.


Surf Survival Course for the London Surf Club

If you're a surfer, how can you keep your cool in big waves and hold downs? The London Surf club found out on our surf survival course and came away inspired and confident.Heather Coutts, one of the Go Freediving Instructing team is an experienced surfer and took our surf survival course to the London surf club for the first time in 2015. After fantastic feedback they wanted us back for more, and this time Heather was also joined by the head honcho of Go Freediving, Emma Farrell at The Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom, London.


Review of Dolphin Way, Rise of the Guardians, by Mark Caney

Mark Caney, in his debut novel has created a fully realised world, where dolphin culture has structure, art, science, history and a philosophy of The Way. When The Way is followed, there is food for all and natural balance reigns. However, the world around them is changing and young dolphin, Touches the Sky must fight for his life in to find out the truth and protect everything that he loves.