Coconut and chocolate paleo Bounty balls

I’ve always loved Bounty bars. Dark chocolate broken with a thud of a snap, and then my tongue sinking into the coconut paradise of a sweet and gooey centre. But do I want to have a sugar rush followed by the inevitable crash? Looking at the ingredients in a Bounty bar, the largest one is sugar, in a close third is glucose syrup, and then we’ve got wheat, soy, peanuts, vegetable fat and more sugar in the invert form. Not today thank you…

So I had to find a recipe that satisfied my sweet tooth whilst also being low in sugar and high in good fats and anti-oxidants. My coconut and chocolate paleo Bounty balls satisfy on every level. They’re high in superfood fats (coconut oil and raw cacao butter), low sugar (sweetness comes from some maple syrup), raw, vegan, low fodmap, paleo and AIP if you don’t drown them in antioxidant rich dark chocolate.

My advice is to make coconut and chocolate paleo Bounty balls from the best quality ingredients you can afford: Raw organic cocoa butter, organic unrefined coconut oil and shredded (dessicated) coconut, Grade B maple syrup and dark chocolate of at least 70%. I’ve added links to the ingredients I used below. They are super quick and easy to make and make a great portable snack, providing you with energy that won’t adversely affect your digestion. You can make them into any shape you like and add extra ingredients as you see fit. One suggestion is to add Malibu to make cheeky coconut and chocolate paleo Bounty balls, but I haven’t tried that one yet!



Freediving food, recipe and ingredients for chocolate and coconut paleo energy Bounty BallsFreediving food, recipe and ingredients for chocolate and coconut paleo energy Bounty Balls 2

Freediving food, ingredients with chocolate for chocolate and coconut paleo energy Bounty BallsFreediving food, recipe for chocolate and coconut paleo energy Bounty Balls close upFreediving food, chocolate hardening for chocolate and coconut paleo energy Bounty BallsCoconut and chocolate paleo Bounty balls 1











All recipes on Go Freediving are designed for optimum nutritional value with no ingredients that traditionally cause mucous production or inflammation in the body. They are easy to digest, low in sugar and do not contain grains, gluten or dairy. Ideal for freedivers or anyone else looking for delicious healthy food that nourishes the body. All recipes are also paleo, many are low fodmap, and some are AIP (auto-immune protocol) friendly. Some recipes contain affiliate links which means that if you buy the products, Go Freediving gets a tiny commission to help support our work.

Emma Farrell has been freediving since 2000, teaching freediving since 2003 and is the UK’s only Instructor Trainer with AIDA, RAID and SSI. A founding member of the AIDA education commission, she has written courses that are now taught internationally, as well as her own specialist courses, magazine articles and the beautiful book One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving. She has appeared numerous times on television promoting freediving, most notably teaching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingtsall how to freedive for the River Cottage television series. She is a specialist yoga teacher and has taught gold medal winning Olympic athletes across two disciplines how to improve their performance using her unique programme of freediving and yoga techniques. Read more about Emma here.


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