Freediving Christmas Gift Ideas – £100 – £200

It’s almost December! Time to lock down that perfect freediving Christmas gift and get it all nicely wrapped and sitting patiently under the tree!

Still struggling with what to get the freediver in your life? Fear not! We have some truly awesome gift ideas this week, all thanks to a very special Christmas fairy who has an eye for a bargain and can spot quality a mile off!

So, whether it is a gift for a newbie or, dare we say, oldie?? We have the perfect freediving christmas gift for them!

Freediving Christmas Gifts – £100 – £200

The £100 – £200 price range takes a big leap into some very special gift ideas, from introductory courses through to the very latest (and very in-demand) goggles! Check them out!

Carbon Fins

Okay, now we are heading into the height of awesomeness with a pair of gorgeous carbon fins! We’ve tried and tested heaps of other brands, but these beautiful Spierre carbon fins are literally to die-ve for! If the freediver in your life already has a pair of Omer fins, these gorgeous fins are compatible and completely interchangeable with the Omer foot pockets too. Costing just £185, these fins will be hard to beat!

freediving christmas gift - fins

Additional information: Our carbon fins come with white or black rails, please check with us first to see if we have your preferred choice in stock. And don’t forget,  we also sell lots of fin accessories such as fixing kits, fin retainers, fin pockets and more!

An Introduction!

If you know someone looking for a new challenge or who has been planning to learn to freedive correctly, the Try Freediving Course could be the ultimate freediving Christmas gift idea! The Try Freediving course lasts 3 1/2 hours, split between the classroom and the pool and offers a fantastic insight into the sport of freediving. Class numbers are very limited and held during a club session so that students can see what our regular club members get up to, too!

Additional information: Try Freediving courses can be booked for a specific date or be an open dated freediving Christmas gift. You can either have a e-version of the course gift or a beautiful double-sided printed version to post or give.

Even Santa will be jealous of these!

Since these goggles exploded on the freediving scene earlier this year, the Hektometer goggles have become a coveted piece of freediving kit. Orders for these are so high, many stockists run out as soon as they arrive. We have ordered extra for Christmas, but if you want to get them a pair, you need to move fast! Prices range from £165 – £185 including postage

freediving christmas gift - hekto

Additional information: If you don’t want to delay ordering these awesome goggles  use this link to reserve your pair, now!

Join the Club!

We encourage everyone to become a member. The benefits can pay for themselves within weeks, plus they get lots of free goodies! Buy a brand new membership as a freediving gift idea for your freediving buddy for just £149 and we guarantee you will be seeing a lot less of them – is that a good thing?

freediving christmas gift - membership


Additional information: If you wish to receive all the freediving goodies in advance of Christmas, so that you can wrap them and put them under the tree too (how sneaky) let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee we will be able to provide all of the goodie items prior to Christmas, but we are happy to work with you to see  if we can!

The Beginner Kit Bundle

As far as choosing a freediving Christmas gift goes, this one is a pretty awesome one! The beginner kit bundle contains everything the keen freediver needs. It includes: Choice of top freediving mask, Freediving snorkel, Freediving Fins (OMER Stingray) with interchangeable blades, Choice of freediving weight belt, 3mm fin socks, Fin retainers, A signed copy of Emma Farrell’s book, One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving, with a personal message All for just £190! They will love you to the moon and back for this gift!

Additional information: If you want to go even further, we also offer the total kit bundle for £649 which includes even more kit and a custom made wetsuit!

The only suit they’ll want this Christmas!

We have some of the last gorgeous, aqualung pool suits on the planet! Prices range from £149 – £169. The Aqua Lung Sport Apnea freediving suit is a professional-level pool freediving suit that’s designed to enhance your dynamic performance. Lightweight, flexible and supremely comfortable, it features several unique ergonomic features not found on regular freediving wetsuits and would be a fantastic freediving Christmas gift!

freediving christmas gift - suit

Additional information: Please note; not all sizes are available. Please get in touch via if you have any questions. We also supply custom made wetsuits. If you would like a quote for one of these, please contact us via the same email address.

And, don’t forget!…

If you are still looking for freediving christmas gift ideas,  we also offer gift vouchers in denominations of £10, £25, £50 and £100? These are presented on beautiful double sided card and come with an envelope for you to include any message or to post it onward. We can even post it direct to the person of your choice, together with your message. How’s that for service?

gift voucher10

Additional information:

We not only offer gift vouchers in currency values, but we also offer gift vouchers for courses, equipment and special occasions. Don’t forget if you buy a course with a gift voucher this Christmas, we will honour it as  the cost for a full course in 2019 even though our prices go up next year! So you could really bag a bargain!


If you want to buy a freediving Christmas gift, get in touch! We have EVERYTHING in stock and we can ship your order almost straight away (or you can collect it from us at one of our club nights!).

We do recommend contacting us first so that we can discuss details such as brand, size and colour options for you to choose from.

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