Freediving Giveaway!!

We’re celebrating the start of 2017 freediving season with a freediving giveaway! In fact, we’ve got 2 fantastic prizes to give away, so what are you waiting for?!

Freediving Giveaway #1. Sub Gear Steel Comp Mask

Designed Specifically for Freedivers The ultimate freediving mask, the new frameless, dual lens STEEL COMP is particularly well-suited to deep diving.
It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalizing is easy. Plus, on descents the mask itself compresses, so equalization is not required as often.
The black and white skirts are both very effective at blocking out light reflection at depth, while the clear skirt allows a lot of light in when diving in darker waters. The soft skirt and buckle system allow for a comfortable, watertight fit on most faces.
Technical Information

  • Dual lens frameless design offers the lowest possible internal volume
  • It compresses under pressure, an big advantage during deep freediving descents.
  • Flat, Ultra Clear, scratch-resistant glass guarantees an undistorted view of the underwater world.
  • Premium supple silicone comfortably fits a range of faces.
  • Rotating buckles work with a micro-adjustable strap to achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.

worth £37!!!

Freediving Giveaway #2. Whale Fluke Glass Pendant

go freediving - freediving giveaway - whale fluke glass pendant

whale fluke glass pendant

Jake Molten Glass is a designer of stunning one-off glass sculptures. I commissioned him to make pendants for necklaces and he came up with some beautiful designs, one of which we are giving away as part of this competition.

Perfect for you, or anyone with a love of design and the ocean.

Worth £30!!

How do I enter this amazing freediving giveaway?

Simply click here to complete the form or scroll to the bottom of this page to help us organise and prioritise this year’s courses, events and trips. No obligation to commit, only expressions of interest required.

When is the closing date?

The closing date is 31st May 2017

When will the freediving giveaway winner be announced?

The winner of these two fabulous prizes will be announced in our newsletter on 6th June.

Winner takes all!

Good luck, everyone!!!

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