Freediving with Manta Rays

Want to know what it is like to go freediving with Manta Rays? Then check out this film taken on our freediving holiday to the Maldives!

What is it like to go freediving with Manta Rays?

Freediver freediving with manta ray in the maldives on the Go Freediving Holiday 2











Manta Rays are incredibly beautiful, graceful creatures. They hardly seem to move, and yet travel fast and effortlessly through the water.

On our freediving holiday we went by boat to an atoll where Manta Rays were known to swim. When we spotted one, we hopped in the water to begin the most incredible dive session, freediving with Manta rays.

For many people this was their first encounter with such enormous creatures. We followed the manta ray for over an hour as it cruised round the atoll, seemingly indifferent to our presence.

We were able to get very close to it, within a foot, however we were mindful not to touch it. As long as we didn’t make any sudden movements, or move to touch it then it seemed very happy to be followed by a crowd.

Freediving with manta rays in the maldives on the Go Freediving Holiday











What equipment do you need to go freediving with manta rays?

Because they are such powerful, strong and fast swimmers, the most important thing you need when freediving with manta rays are long freediving fins!

The manta ray didn’t seem to move but our legs were often pumping hard to keep up and having freediving carbon fins on made a huge difference.

We were lucky to dive with different rays on almost every day of our holiday, but the two dive sessions we had freediving with manta rays were definitely the most spectacular and will stay with us forever.

Freediving with manta ra in the maldives on the Go Freediving Holiday 3











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