Top Gifts For Freedivers This Christmas Costing Around £20!

No sooner does the freediving season end than we dive head first into the Christmas season! So when all of our lovely freedivers finally come up for air and see all the fabulous gifts for freedivers that are floating around what do you think they are hoping to get in their extra large stockings this year?

Well, it just so happens we have compiled a list of awesome gifts you can buy from us without worrying about Santa’s sleigh getting lost, elves going on strike or queues that stretch to the North Pole! If you want to take the fuss out of buying the perfect Christmas gift for freedivers this year, look no further! This week we look at stocking fillers and gifts that are in the under £20 price range of gifts for freedivers!

Under £20 Gifts For Freedivers

This is the perfect price range for cute little stocking fillers, gifts from the kids (or pets) or just something to bulk up those bigger gifts you have planned. This range is perfect for starter or veteran freedivers, so just because they may have one of these already, doesn’t mean they won’t be chuffed to bits to get a shiny new one!

Gift Vouchers

Did you know that we now offer gift vouchers in denominations of £10, £25, £50 and £100? These are presented on beautiful double sided card and come with an envelope for you to include any message or to post it onward. We can even post it direct to the person of your choice, together with your message. How’s that for service?

gift voucher10

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We not only offer gift vouchers in currency values, but we also offer gift vouchers for courses, equipment and special occasions. Don’t forget if you buy a course with a gift voucher this Christmas, we will honour it as  the cost for a full course in 2019 even though our prices go up next year! So you could really bag a bargain!

Socks and Gloves

Socks and gloves are a staple for EVERYONE at Christmas – whether you freedive or not. Why not skip the woollies this year and get them a pair of socks or gloves they would really appreciate! With prices starting as low as just £16 for a pair of top quality Immersion Neoprene 3mm socks, or £24 for these awesome 5mm Immersion gloves you’re going to make a freediver very happy!gifts for freedivers - gloves

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While socks and gloves may seem to be a bit of a predictable Christmas gift, they can really make the difference between a comfortable dive and cold dive. They can also ensure those fins fit as snuggly and comfortably as possible – Nothing worse than diving and worrying you’re going to lose a fin!

The Christmas Weight

We all expect to add a little extra around our mid-region during the Christmas period, so let’s embrace that extra weight gain than with some weights! From as little as just £6 you could buy them a brand new weight for their belt – the type of weight they will be very happy to gain this Christmas!

gifts for freedivers - weights

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As well as a variety of weights you can also purchase the OMER Rubber with flip-up buckle  weight belt for £24! A great piece of starting kit, or to keep as a spare. Freedivers can read more about correct weighting, here.

Silent Night

Ear plugs are always welcome at Christmas time! All those hyper kids and over-the-top Christmas songs are guaranteed to make everyone search for some peace and quiet! But these earplugs are special, just like you will be if you buy them as gifts for freedivers! At just £20 these precious little gems could zoom you straight to the top of the best Christmas present giver list!

gifts for freedivers - proplugs

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If you’re not sure whether the Doc’s proplug is the ideal Christmas gift, find out why Emma (and so many others) think these are awesome gifts for freedivers in our blog about them.

Party Balloons – Well, not quite!

If you know a freediver, then you have probably heard about their equalisation story. We are so pleased to have received some of the very first stock of Otovent’s new product the Otovent Dive. A training aid for equalisation and one we whole-heartedly endorse. For just £15 this magical device could make your freediving buddy want to start blowing Christmas balloons up with their nose all day! … We’ll let them explain!

gifts for freedivers otovent

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The Otovent has helped countless freedivers achieve that holy grail of equalisation. You can read more about the device and how it works, here.

If you want to buy any of the above items, get in touch!  We have EVERYTHING in stock and we can ship your order almost straight away (or you can collect it from us at one of our club nights!).

We do recommend contacting us first so that we can discuss details such as brand, size and colour options for you to choose from.


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