Go Freediving 2018 – The Best Bits!

It’s that time of year again, where we all look back and think where did the freediving 2018 season go? Well get ready! There’s a whole load of freediving 2018 memories coming your way!

freediving 2018 - january pooleFreediving 2018 – January

Think nothing happens ‘off season’ for freedivers? Think again! Even though the freediving season runs from April until October, our club is busy training  at our club sessions in Bath and Poole.

freediving 2018 - january bath1First session back was on 11th January for the Poole club and everyone was keen to get back in the water. Check later to find out what else our Poole club got up to this year!

Our Bath club followed soon after! with the lovely Lucy earning the title of Queen Noodle Holder, and Lois eating lots of birthday cake!

freediving 2018 - januaryAs well as our club sessions starting up again after a short Christmas break, so do our courses!

It’s still a little cold to venture out to Vobster, but January signalled the start of our popular Try Freediving Courses, with brothers Joel and Oliver kicking the courses off!

They aced their course and were amazing in the water!

Freediving 2018 – February

freediving 2018 - feb tfd2

freediving 2018 - feb tfdFebruary was an exciting time for Go Freediving. We were not only preparing for the Liveaboard trip in March, but also confirmed we would be going to Abu Dhabi to teach there for three weeks too! We also ran our second Try Freediving Course of the year. The fully booked course saw awesome students Mark, David, James and Lou enjoy discovering freediving!

Freediving 2018 – March

It’s liveaboard time! One of the hottest dates on the Go Freediving calendar. And I for one, could not wait to get away from the awful, freezing British weather and feel some glorious sunshine!

We went from this:

freediving 2018 - march liveaboard2

To this:

freediving 2018 - march liveaboard3

It was a truly incredible trip with many freedivers taking Try Freediving, RAID Freediver, RAID advanced and RAID Master Freediver courses during the week. I also managed to get my hands on one of the first pairs of Hektometer goggles and took them with me to test.

hektometer freediving goggles Air filled no need to equalise13Hektometer goggles review - go freediving - Emma testing the goggles

These goggles are a game changer – a novel solution to hands free equalisation. Since testing and reviewing them, I have consistently stocked and sold them to people all over the world. And the feedback from everyone is that they are just fantastic!

I can’t believe it was only this year these goggles came on the market. They have just slotted right into being an awesome addition to anyone’s freediving kit.

freediving 2018 - march tfdfreediving 2018 - march tfd2When we returned from our liveaboard we had another Try Freediving Course – this time it was held in Poole instead of Bath and was run by David Mellor. Students Toby and Emily, were amazing! and set some impressive times of over two minutes each, too!

No sooner was I back from our liveaboard trip in the Red Sea, than I was off again! This time to Abu Dhabi where I was hosted by the wonderful Kathryn and there to teach students and also present a talk on freediving!

freediving 2018 - march abudhabi2freediving 2018 - march abudhabi3Abu Dhabi was an amazing location to teach. The facilities were second to none.

The pool was officially the swankiest and cleanest pool I have ever, ever ever taught in! And three metres deep at one end!

While I was busy teaching some amazing women how to freedive (sorry, no photos to share as they are not permitted) the amazing David Mellor together with Tom Elliott, was competing in his first freediving competition.

freediving 2018 march david mellor

Here he scored a fantastic clean 5.19 static, 100 metres dynamic no fins, 124 metres dynamic with fins using a monofin and won third place overall!! So, so proud!

Freediving 2018 – April

21st April heralded the start of our RAID Freediver courses for the year, and kicked off in style. We had sunny weather, a brand new toy to play with  and eager students Brendan, Jack, Jeff, James, Thomas, Tabitha, Cassie, Thomas and Lee, all keen to complete the first RAID freediving 2018 course with us! You can watch their course video, here.

freediving 2018 - april tfdBut, that wasn’t the only course we ran in April! We also ran another jam packed Try Freediving Course too, with equally fabulous students George, June, Rupert and SJ enjoying their first taste of freedomiving.

freediving 2018 - april tfd2

April was also a time when everyone pulled together in light of Gemma Smith’s accident. Gemma was walking home to a friends house when she was struck by a passing car and suffering serious injuries.

We followed her story and her campaign, as well as co-ordinating fundraising within the club.

go freediving - Gemma - gemmas accident

Gemma was a complete trooper and an inspiration throughout her recovery, so it was such an awesome moment when we heard that enough money had been raised to install a stairlift in her parents home to provide some independence for Gemma and some additional assistance for her ageing parents.

Gemma is continuing to go from strength to strength and will no doubt be diving again very soon!

Freediving 2018 – May

Before we knew it we were into May! This month I attended Screwfix Headquarters where I discussed the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and how it affects us as freedivers.

go freediving - screwfix presentation

The next day it was back to another fantastic RAID Freediver course with epic students Richard, Liam, Russ, Peter, Veni and Charlotte! Watch their course video, here.

go freediing group photo may 2018

Freediving 2018 – June

Things really started ‘hotting up’ in June – and we’re not just talking about the weather (fancy, actually having a summer this year!). In June we had one Try Freediving Course,  two RAID Freediver Courses and one Advanced Freediver Course!

Our Try Freediving students Tom, Stacey, Sam and Irene were not only amazing students, but a hilarious group to teach!

freediving 2018 - june tfd

Our RAID Advanced freediver  course students Wayne, Christopher, Michael and Douglas together with RAID Freediver course students Ashley, Saskia, Anna, Lou, Kieron, Rupert, Cassie, Angelique, Joshua and Genevieve formed two formidable student groups and we had a blast teaching them all (click on the images below to watch their course videos).

go freediving - group photo june 2018

go freediving - group photo june.2 2018.jpeg

freediving cafeAlso in June  I was invited as a guest at The Freedive Cafe and had a fantastic time talking all about freediving and why I chose the path of teaching ( you can listen to the podcast here). I had such a great time, in fact, I was invited back later in  the year for another interview!

go freedving - freediving with sperm whales - patrick ayree 13

Also, after learning to freedive with us at the very end of last year, TV presenter Patrick Aryee’s TV series titled ‘Big Beasts – Last of The Giants’ was shown on Sky1 on June13th.

We got to see all his freediving training pay off as he had an amazing experience freediving with whales.

You can also just see that he’s wearing a pair of our Go Freediving Spierre carbon fins!

Freediving 2018 – July

July was another awesome month for courses – we ran three RAID freediver courses! We ran two weekend courses and one midweek course and welcomed a number of returning students onto the courses so that they could complete skills from courses earlier in the year.

Our students this month were the incredible Peter, Ronnie, Rachel, Samantha, Michelle, Matthew, Danny Lee, Rachel, Alex, Neil, Sylwester, Jane, Anna, Mark, Paul, Emma, Phillip, Daniel and Paul! (You can click on the group photo images below, to watch their course videos!)

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - group photo

go freediving - learn to freedive safely - group photo

go freediving - freediving courses with Go Freediving - Group Photo

But it wasn’t just a month about courses! In July we had not one, but two awesome pieces of news!

The first was that Go Freediving Instructor David Mellor had been selected as a member of the British Freediving Team – An amazing achievement which he worked so hard for! But that’s not all! No sooner had we heard about David’s success, fellow diver Tom Elliott – another determined Go Freediving Instructor no less – was also confirmed as having secured a place on the team too! How amazing is that?!!

Freediving 2018 – August

The heat is not letting up! The weather has been glorious and it seems everyone wants to try freediving this year! Which is AMAZING!! This month we had a Try Freediving Course where one of our regular freedivers Dan, brought his nephew along to have a go!

freediving 2018 - august tfd

We also had another two bumper sized RAID Freediver Courses, with our amazing students and returning students Steve, Kirill, Sharon, James, Chris, Mark, Brendan, Kathryn, Andrew, Keiran, Stephen, Jeremy, Simon, Marius, Dan, Ronnie, Ole, Tracey, Ian, Hannah and Tony!

What do you learn on a freediving course - Group photo

when is the best time to do a freediving course - group photo.jpeg

Freediving 2018 – September

What a busy month September turned out to be! I gave a presentation on behalf of Blue Abyss at Frank Bright Abel

Freediving 2018 - sept blue Abyss

I jetted off to the US and taught freediving in Michigan for a week, which was a fantastic experience!

Based out of Scuba North and freediving in the Great Lakes, students Bob, Ken, Ryan, Larry, Duane and Claire Morey got to experience our RAID Freediver Course, while student Instructor Chris, who had undertaken part of his training via Skype, completed the remainder of his RAID Advanced Instructor Course! I am so pleased to see freediving taking off in this area!

freediving in the us - pool4

freediving in the us - pool2

freediving in the us - classroom2

Back in the UK, we ran another three RAID Freediver Courses, a RAID Advanced Freediver Course and another Try Freediving Course! Our three fabulous RAID Freediver students and returning students were Miranda, Matthew, Christian, Matthew, Gavin, Zoe, Stephen, Jacob, Aliz, Kathryn, Lucy, Daniel, John, Sylwester, Stephen, Alex, Rui, Irene, Jerome (click on their group photos to watch their course videos).

consider on a freediving course - group photo

22nd September 2018

Our Advanced students were the amazing Thomas, Timothy, Delphine and Dan – you can check our their course video and blog,here!

raid advanced freediver course 5

And our last Try Freediving students of the year, Karl, James, Melissa

freediving 2018 - sept tfd2

freediving 2018 - september tfd

We also had our highly anticipated Shark trip this month too!! With four very happy freedivers spending an awesome few days on the glorious Cornish coast eating cream teas, freediving around the coastline and of course swimming with blue sharks!

freediving with sharks - sharks6

Freediving 2018 – October

October signals the end of our freediving courses for 2018! We had one RAID Freediver Course and one Try Freediving course. Our October RAID freedivers were not put off by the cooler weather at all and had an awesome weekend freediving. It was also the last chance for earlier students to get their final skills signed off and get certified Our last course of the year saw awesome students Mark, Coralie, Piers, Sam, Andrew, Gilberto, Sophie, Jim, Louise, James, Steve, Samantha and Tracey all get put through their paces. (click on the group photo to watch their course video!)

freediving in October - group photo

Our final Try Freediving students of the year were the epic Robin, Leigh, Chris, Gerry and Jacob!

freediving 2018 - october tfd

Just because October signals the end of freediving courses with Go Freediving, it doesn’t mean it is time to pack up our fins and hibernate until the spring! In October, David Mellor went to the Vostok Cup championships in Kalamata, Greece and achieved three white cards in Free immersion, constant weight and constant weight no fins!

And if that wasn’t enough, members of the Poole Club then went to the Bristol Blue Freediving Competition!

freediving competition - events2

We had so many keen participants our Poole club we had not one, but two teams! The Bream Team (love it!) and the Neoprene Numpties (love it just as much!!). The competition was a day of awesome performances as well as 25 recorded new PB’s reached!! Our very own Liz Coulson achieved a new PB of 79m on DNF!! You can find our more about the teams and event results, here!   And to top the whole competition off, the amazing Nic Wood only went and won the best Newbie Prize!!!

And then, it was time for our Freediving Training Camp in Tenerife

Freediving 2018 – November

freediving and yoga holiday - lb yoga

With no more courses or competitions, November was always going to be the perfect time to grab some winter sun and pack in some glorious freediving.

This year, instead of a liveaboard we flew to Tenerife and had a land based freediving holiday! Which was awesome! Not only did we get the chance to cram in some amazing dives, we attended masterclass workshops in equalisation, enjoyed fabulous day trips, practiced yoga and simply had the best time ever!

We’re already planning to go back!!

Freediving 2018 – December

Our Tenerife trip crossed over  into December, so we were already into December by the time we got back!  And even though we may have had a touch of post-holiday blues this did not stop us all enjoying our pool sessions right up until Christmas was upon us.

We also had another fantastic award to round the year off – David Mellor won the UK National Champions Award For Men 2018.  He gained the highest competition scores across all 6 disciplines this year – which is quite an achievement!

I also paid another visit to the Freediving Cafe and chatted to Donny about all things freediving

December we focused on getting course dates for 2019, organising trips and events and getting even more awesome kit in stock.

We also spent time looking back at what everyone has done this year, and how amazing it is to see how much the club has grown in the last 12 months! 2018 has been an awesome, awesome year! I couldn’t have done it without my amazing team and such fantastic students! Here’s to 2019 being even bigger and wetter!!!

In just the last twelve months Go Freediving has:

  • Been to the Red Sea
  • Been to Abu Dhabi
  • Been to Michigan
  • Been to Tenerife
  • Been to Kalamata, Greece
  • Been invited to present talks and podcasts
  • Run Try Freediving Courses
  • Run  RAID courses
  • Run Advanced RAID courses
  • Run specialist courses
  • Run over 100 pool club sessions
  • Run over 20 Club Days
  • Welcomed over 150 students
  • Swam with sharks
  • Entered competitions and won medals
  • Had a student win Best Newbie of the Year
  • Had an Instructor win UK National Champions Award for Men 2018
  • Had THREE instructors become members of the British Freediving Team
  • Posted more than 200 Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Posted more than 30 videos
  • Published more than 50 blogs (see below)

Want to join us on our 2019 adventures? Contact us now at: info@gofreediving.co.uk or use our contact page

Freediving 2018 – The Blogs

504, 2018

Hektometer Freediving Goggles Review

Want to know how Hektometer freediving goggles work and why they are such a revolutionary freediving product? Read this review by Emma Farrell - owner of Go Freediving - which runs through the advantages and disadvantages of the world's first air filled self-equalising freediving goggles, and why they could be a real game-changer in the freediving world.

406, 2018

Freediving in Yeovil and Plastic Pollution – A Talk at Screwfix HQ

Recently, I had the unexpected pleasure of being invited to speak at the headquarters of Screwfix for their week of learning, to talk plastic pollution and freediving in Yeovil. This was a chance for me to share my knowledge and also see what businesses in the UK really were doing about it.

1907, 2018

The Definitive Guide to the Frenzel Technique – With Emma Farrell

The Frenzel Technique greatly increases the ability of a freediver to descend deeper, while the fact that you can equalise underwater also lends a sense of safety and comfort while submerged. It can often be the difference between being a good diver and a great one, and while the technique is pretty simple in terms of what you have to do, mastering it can be tricky for many people.

609, 2018

When Is The Best Time To Do A Freediving Course?

The best time to do a freediving course depends on many factors. These factors can range from age, general health, fitness, mental wellbeing, through to location, time of year and even which course providers are available at any given time. If you are wondering when the best time to do a freediving course is for YOU, read this blog.

Freediving 2018 – The Best of 2018 Video!

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