Go Freediving in the new Blue Abyss vision film

We are delighted to showcase the first film detailing the vision behind Blue Abyss, the world’s deepest and biggest pool at 50m long  and 50m deep.

The film stars Emma Farrell from Go Freediving; TV adventurer and explorer Andy Torbet; Dr Simon Evetts, space scientist; researchers Phil Cardle and Julia Attias; as well as the genius behind Blue Abyss, John Vickers.

Freediving in Blue Abyss

Go Freediving owner Emma Farrell says, “I’m incredibly proud to be a supporter and consultant for Blue Abyss. This is the most exciting and innovative project of its kind I’ve ever seen and it’s going to mean so much for freediving in the UK, Europe and the world. It’s about pushing the boundaries, not just for current but future generations of freedivers.”

Robotics and space science research underwater

Blue Abyss is not just about diving. It’s also the place where the next generation of astronauts will be trained and cutting edge research into robotics performed. John Vickers, the managing director of Blue Abyss, says, “Our plan is to build the world’s largest and deepest research, training and development pool to cater for all forms of diving, human physiology and robotics research and astronaut development. At 22,000 cubic metres, it’ll be the world’s largest such facility and based here,  becoming the centre of the UK’s marine and space science park.”

Freediving in daylight and moonlight

The film also showcases freediving from the Go Freediving archive, specifically footage from our holidays in Egypt, where we dived during the day and at night. Blue Abyss will be able to recreate these conditions and more with controlled lighting that allows for pitch black conditions.

Crowd funding for Blue Abyss

Plans for this facility have already generated huge interest amongst an array of commercial and research organisations, as well as the diving community at large – from freedivers, scuba and technical to a number of international commercial diving and aerospace companies. To take advantage of this interest the management team is looking to raise £150,000 to cover ongoing negotiations to finalise the architectural and construction plans, the ground survey of the final proposed site and drafting of relevant legal agreements. Additional UK and European grants will also be sought, but we need your support to keep this process moving.

To help create this unique facility, please visit the Blue Abyss crowd funding site by clicking here!

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Emma Farrell has been freediving since 2000, teaching freediving since 2003 and is the UK’s only Instructor Trainer with AIDA, RAID and SSI. A founding member of the AIDA education commission, she has written courses that are now taught internationally, as well as her own specialist courses, magazine articles and the beautiful book One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving. She has appeared numerous times on television promoting freediving, most notably teaching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingtsall how to freedive for the River Cottage television series. She is a specialist yoga teacher and has taught gold medal winning Olympic athletes across two disciplines how to improve their performance using her unique programme of freediving and yoga techniques. Read more about Emma here.


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