Happy Easter from Go Freediving

Happy Easter from the Go Freediving team! What better way to celebrate a happy Easter than combining mermaids and chocolate eggs thanks to the beautiful art work of Laurie Leigh!

Most chocolate isn’t very good for you, however we have tracked down some that are so you can enjoy a happy Easter and a healthy one!

Easter for Go Freediving also reminds us of the start of our regular freediving season. Each year we have more exciting trips, holidays, courses and opportunities for you. This year we’re looking forward to freediving with Blue sharks, Basking sharks and seals off Cornwall, enjoying more reef, wreck and dolphin action in the Red Sea, and bringing back our amazing summer party.

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Happy Easter = Chocolate Eggs?

Easter seems to follow hot on the heels of Christmas which is another chocolate love fest. As I write this, my friend is still eating Christmas chocolates and I’m sure she’s not alone. The kind of chocolate we tend to go for or are given at festivals is usually high in sugar and milk and low in actual cacao chocolate. Easter eggs are notorious for this, and the more we eat, the more we want to eat! It’s not good for you and is highly addictive.

eco packaging

eco packaging

However, the Supreme Leader at Go Freediving is a chocoholic so has found the way to indulge without (most) of the guilt and here are her top tips for a healthy happy Easter!

  1. Re-gift chocolate eggs that you know are not going to do you any good. Give them to someone who would appreciate them, or someone you know probably didn’t get anything. Think of yourself as Secret Bunny and leave them as a surprise and unexpected gift
  2. Ask for dairy free eggs that are a minimum of 70% cocoa solids. You can also buy raw, sugar free chocolate egg from Gorge which are delicious. Also try Montezuma or Booja Booja. Your Easter egg has now become a certified health food!
  3. Make sure you recycle all packaging (many eggs are now sold with minimal packaging, ensuring it can all be recycled and no plastic is used)

Happy Easter from the mermaids

Artist Laurie Leigh kindly gave us permission to use her mermaid happy Easter picture and we are thrilled! Learn more about her art and see some of her amazing mermaid pictures by clicking here!

Happy Easter From Go Free Diving - Artwork Laurie Leigh

Artwork Laurie Leigh

Have an awesome Easter holidays, whatever you do and we look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

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