How a Freediver Could Win Miss Scuba UK 2019

Go Freediving Club member Hayley Adlam has made it through to the final three in the running for Miss Scuba UK 2019! We are so delighted for her – a true beauty inside and out. We couldn’t wait to catch up with her and find out all about the competition.

What is Miss Scuba UK?

Miss Scuba UK is an annual pageant with a difference, it is not solely a beauty or scuba diving competition but is a merging of the two disciplines to help raise awareness for marine conservation and celebrate the inner beauty of today’s modern women.

The aim is to get more women from the UK to participate in Scuba diving, believing that once they witness the beauty of the underwater world they will want to help protect it.

Charity is an important part of the competition and it raises funds for a number of organisations whilst raising awareness for marine conservation.

The competition is looking for a woman who will be an ambassador to the scuba diving industry both in the UK and abroad, promote safe diving practices, enjoy travelling and meeting people from different places around the world.

So, over to Hayley!

Wow! What an exciting weekend!

The Miss Scuba UK finals took place on Friday 16th August at the Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield where a total of 12 girls (shortlisted from originally 61 applicants)battled it out for the titles of Miss and Ms Scuba UK.

Before the finals we all attended a Try Dive and achieved our Confined Water diving certification with Bespoke Diving Adventures. This determines your ability to dive.

During the finals, there is a conservation based quick fire question interview. My Miss Scuba UK questions included; the impact of warming oceans on our seas. I responded about coral bleaching and the loss of the symbiotic relationship between zooxanthellae and the calcium carbonate coral structure.

I was also asked about shark finning, when the start of the plastic revolution was, what the biggest positive influence to protect our oceans is currently.

The final question asked what I have learnt from studying the Mission Deep Blue programme through SSI and the Miss Scuba organisation.


For me, I explained how for me, people protect what they love and the love what they know, so therefore it is our responsibility as those who have this knowledge to share this knowledge with others and express the importance of protecting the oceans with them. I can do that by sharing this information, whether that is face-to-face or through social media.

We also have a one-to-one personal interview whereby the Miss Scuba UK finalist has an opportunity to discuss what they would like to do if they won the title of Miss Scuba UK; how they would like to use that platform.

For me, I would love to continue with the conservation work I have been undertaking especially beach cleans and the work I have started to do with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

On stage, the Miss Scuba UK rounds include;

• Opening round – an un-judged round to open the show. The colour scheme was blue white or green.

• Sponsored round – this round was a sponsored dress round which determines the finalists ability to model for a brand. This round was sponsored by Just Boutique. Justine who owns the company supplied breathtaking dresses for us to wear on the stage to showcase her gowns.

• Swimwear – this round judges your confidence in swimwear & a healthy physique. The swimwear I wore was chosen by me.

• Evening wear – this round determines your eloquence and etiquette. I wore a dress by Pia Michi.

This is then followed by a speech on stage.

I talked about my love for the oceans and where this began, my work offshore and how I would like to inspire other women to delve into the offshore world, particularly exploring the world of diving whether that be commercially or recreationally

I spoke about the work of Greenpeace with the United Nations Oceans Treaty and my involvement and the importance of this as well as how I would like to build on my charity and conservation work. The Miss Scuba platform really can help me to do that, and this is why it is so important to me.

The judges chose three winners from the Miss Scuba UK category to go on to Fuerteventura.

In Fuerteventura the three Miss Scuba UK finalists will undertake a series of conservation work, diving tuition and dives as well as photo shoots for pageant sponsors Mares and Scuba Schools International.

At the end of the week, a winner is chosen to go onto the world finals in Borneo, Malaysia.

For me, to have this opportunity to take my passion for marine conservation to the next level would be incredible! To have a global platform to share my message with the world and to reach even more people and inspire them to think differently about our impact on the oceans would be beyond a dream come true. Aside from this, I haven’t ever competed on an international level so this would be a phenomenal experience in itself.

Thank you so much Emma for supporting me on my Miss Scuba UK journey it means the world to me & I have had so many people ask about freediving too since starting the competition! Perhaps we can do a charity try freediving session or freedive funday! 😀

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