Monofin Fundamentals course


Experience freediving in a whole new way with a monofin.

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Our Monofin Fundamentals course will introduce you to monofin freediving, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of this wonderful piece of kit.

The day starts with theory, exploring at the history of the monofin, its construction and design, and the wide range of models on the market. You’ll learn the different techniques required for monofin freediving, analyse different styles and learn about protect and transporting a monofin. We’ll then move onto strength and flexibility exercises that will prepare your body for monofin freediving.

Then we’ll move to the pool and put everything into practice, first with bi-fins and then with a monofin. At the end of the day you’ll perform a max dynamic and, if you’re interested, design a personalised training program to improve your monofin performance.