Spearfishing Fundamentals course


Discover the most rewarding and sustainable way of catching seafood with Go Freediving.

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Learn to spearfish and you’ll be able to hand-pick the freshest fish for your table, learn about the environment, keep fit and, most importantly, have fun. When you spearfish properly there’s no by-catch and no wastage, making it the most sustainable way of putting seafood on your dinner table.

Our Spearfishing Fundamentals course will equip you with all the knowledge you need to safely spearfish in the coastal waters of the UK. You’ll learn about all the gear, how to prepare and set up your speargun, as well as about the sea you’ll be diving in. You’ll find out about buoys, knives, correct weighting and the legalities surrounding spearfishing.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to stay safe in the water, including maintaining correct surface interval times to avoid decompression sickness, how to prevent shallow water blackouts and practice rescue drills.

Of course, we’ll also look at what you should be catching – both fish and other seafood. You’ll practice shooting at targets and learn tips and techniques to improve your aim.