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Go Freediving Testimonials

Scroll down the page for testimonials from our freediving courses, trips and holidays. We are so proud of the service we provide our students and love hearing about their experience


RAID Freediver Course 26th – 27th June 2021

I’ve scuba dived before and I decided to go for a sport with a bit more freedom, bit less kit, easier to turn up and go somewhere. I grew up around the sea, playing with boats and wakeboarding but when I started diving I did all my training abroad.

I chose Go Freediving because of the good reviews. I did look around and as I took two RAID courses before, I decided that whatever direction I went next, I was going to stick with RAID.

I have discovered that I can hold my breath longer than I thought! The first day I thought I was not going to do very well but confidence boosting and a bit of practising helped me get there!

I have enjoyed reaching ten metres and learning to rescue. Rescue diving courses give you confidence. I’d say if you were ever going to do a course, do a rescue course!

The benefits of learning breathing techniques is that they are good for relaxing generally. It makes you want to be fitter and healthier so you can dive better.

The FREE breathing optimisation class prior to the course helps you prepare by learning continual breathing like breath holds and then pause, and then continuous breath holds one after the other, trying to get you a lot more tired than you think it would. It prepares you well for getting your breath back when you are buddying.

I would recommend this course because I would never have done what I did today if I was trying to teach myself. You can’t beat time in the water with an instructor! – James

Freediving looked more fun than scuba diving. I am a rescue diver and I learnt to swim when I was five and did competition swimming for four years.

Go Freediving looked like the best freediving course provider. I checked all the websites and I liked what happens on the course and it is closest to London as well.

I have discovered on this course that equalising is life-changing and I have enjoyed how everybody is always smiling!

The benefits are that you don’t have to worry about your breathing. That is the most beneficial for me because I realised you don’t have to do anything, you just enjoy it.

I would recommend this course because it is faultless! – Atilla

I wanted to go spearfishing so I thought I had better learn freediving first!

I have done swimming and snorkelling before and chose Go Freediving because it had good reviews and was local.

I have discovered that I have a real love for going into the sea and seeing things I haven’t paid much attention to before! I have enjoyed the good instructors and a good time in the water!

The benefits of doing this course are the good control in the water, learning how to do everything safely and the good instructors.

I would recommend this course because it takes place over a weekend, and the location is really good as well.- Ben (Returning Student)

I came back as a returning student because I really wanted to pass the course!

I love the feeling of being in the water. It is enjoyable but so much harder than I thought! I just wanted to finish off so I can come more often with my friend Anoushka and get better at it.

I have discovered that coming back as a returning student, your fears are gone, you know exactly what to expect. The stuff I found really hard last time, I found really easy this time. I love it here, it is lovely, I just want to be able to do it!

The staff are all really friendly, everybody else on the course is really friendly and it’s so amazing, I’m really excited to progress so I can go see what else is under the water.

I would say you should come back sooner than I did as a returning student because the knowledge is still in your brain.

I was disappointed that I didn’t pass the first time but coming back, I know that I wasn’t ready. It’s made me more confident now. There are still a few things I’m freaking out about, but it’s increased my confidence to come back and build on what I learnt before.

I would recommend coming back to increase your confidence and keep building on those skills. I’ve learnt different things this time because I’ve been with other people who weren’t beginners and it’s made me realise I need to do some breath hold exercises! – Cath (Returning Student)

I got a gift voucher for my birthday so that is why I came back. The last time I did it, I did it at the end of the season so I was out of practise. It’s summer now too, so I thought it might be nicer as it’s warmer. And I feel if I do it now I have time to come back again later this season as a returning student and then eventually get to where I want to be.

I have discovered that my ears will get better because I was struggling with that last time but they’re better this time.

Different instructors have different techniques so they help you with different things. I have enjoyed just getting back in the water, being outside and remembering what it feels like and the people are all super nice. It’s nice that it’s small groups and there’s only two or three of you with one instructor, you get to do a lot of diving while learning from what other people say as well.

The benefits are that you can progress and test your limits, you’ll start thinking you can only go to a certain depth and then you realise you can do more and more!

I would recommend coming back as a returning student. – Helen (Returning Student)

RAID Freediver Course 12th – 13th June 2021

I booked the course because Eleanor was an inspiration for me and I always wanted to do it because I’m a Pisces star sign and spend all my life in water! I wanted to become a marine biologist but never did so this was my next step. I’m a regular swimmer and used to swim competitively.

I chose Go Freediving because of Eleanor. I also did some breathing classes with Emma and it sounded like a really nice bunch of people. It’s a new challenge so it’s always nice going with a friend.

I’ve discovered that the course is not as scary as I thought it would be, it is actually really calm down there but I do need more practice and I need to slow down! I’ve really enjoyed the people, everybody is open and they all have a smile on their face. Three benefits of freediving is discovering a new part of yourself, finding calmness above water and in the water and thirdly, finding a way that is not restrictive because scuba for me was always restrictive with the tank. 

The free breathing class and videos helped me prepare. I think the videos are great as most people don’t enjoy reading so much so it helps for them to hear it instead of having to read it. I would definitely recommend this course, what is not to love about the place and the people, it is stunning here!  I’m planning on coming back and bringing my husband with me! – Katja

I always wanted to do freediving and my husband thought the course would be a nice Christmas present. I have done lots of scuba diving, over 500 dives and I do open water swimming up to 10 kilometres. An internet search made him pick Go Freediving.

I’ve discovered that the course is not what I thought it would be – it is much more relaxing!

The yoga part has been great for not only learning freediving but also for handling stress in my day to day life, I am much calmer. It has also confirmed what I already knew about my love for water. I’ve enjoyed the group feel, there’s no pressure, it is not about ticking boxes, it’s just about being comfortable, it is very individualised.

Spending time in green space and blue space is amazing for health and it gives both of those, as well as the yoga principles of breathing which are calming, learning about over breathing. And also, mind over body, pushing boundaries and knowing that your body is capable of a lot more than you think.

The free breathing class really helped me, I thought it would be boring but it really was not, it was an opportunity to just breathe, pause and feel wonderful afterwards! I would thoroughly recommend this course, the setting is amazing, the people are brilliant and the organisation has been fantastic. I was given a suit, given the kit, it all fits perfectly, it’s all so very easy. – Lucy

I booked the course because I surf and windsurf and I thought if there are no waves why not try freediving? I have quite a few friends who freedive and spearfish and I didn’t want to join them without the proper knowledge.

I chose Go Freediving because I’m local and always heard about Vobster so I did a bit of research. My friend did a course in Bristol, he came over here for a day and he told me how amazing it is.

I have discovered that I can push my boundaries and was reassured by the safety aspect. I was a bit worried about that but Go Freediving takes it really seriously – all the procedures, all the buddy training, the fact that you can never go alone. It’s really good, it really made me feel more at ease with the sport.

I enjoyed how friendly everyone is. It’s so laid back and it’s really an amazing experience. It goes really well with the freediving experience because it’s all about letting go and relaxing and you really managed to show us that. I wasn’t expecting to do half of what I’ve done so far!

The benefits for me are the breathing, feeling comfortable under water and letting go. And also being able to cope with distress signals from your own body, I think I can bring this knowledge into my surfing and that is massive!! And now I know this place and you people!

The free breathing class was really helpful. I would definitely recommend the course, even for people who don’t really want to use it for anything, just as an experience because your body is able to do so much more than you ever thought. – Miguel

I’ve always fancied giving freediving a go, I loved the idea. I was really interested in diving with a lot less gear. I’m really busy at work but decided to just take some time for myself and book it. I surf quite often and have done scuba diving before.

I saw Go Freediving on social media and researched it and realised Emma is quite a big name in the industry and worldwide. I liked the idea that it was a lot closer than a lot of places are to me and it was quite foolproof where conditions are concerned, there is no chance of it being cancelled.

I’ve discovered that it is hard but I felt very comfortable the whole time. Equalisation has been my main trouble. It’s not like you just jump in and it all goes perfectly, I knew I wasn’t going to do everything right straight away but I like the challenge because when I finally do it I feel like I’ve achieved something.

There is a lovely family feel here, I already want to be a part of it. I haven’t met any instructor or student who has been negative, everyone’s happy and rooting for each other. Once I’ve got to the level, I will definitely be signing up for membership and taking it further! The benefits are that it’s humbling in a really good way. You know exactly how your body works. I even found the theory side of it fascinating!

I really enjoyed learning about dive reflex, I thought it was really interesting. I would definitely say the knowledge I picked up can only do me well as a surfer, learning stuff about being comfortable under water and being able to hold breath for longer. So I think there’s a lot of benefits.

I would definitely recommend the course, there is nothing I would change about the course, everyone feels really comfortable. Everyone is at different points in our group but it still feels like everyone’s together, everyone’s rooting for each other. I honestly can’t fault the course in any way!! – Dan

I love doing outdoorsy stuff, love being down by the coast, swimming, hiking and I’ve always wanted to do a freediving course.

I’m quite a confident swimmer, I like snorkelling and I liked the idea of scuba diving but it’s just too much kit to carry. I never thought I’d be able to do freediving, I thought you had to have special techniques but the more you learn about it, it’s just relaxation.

I chose Go Freediving by looking at courses on Instagram and Emma’s one looked like one I would like. I’ve discovered that my equalisation is crap! I thought it would be more about static breath holds but it’s not! I’ve not really struggled with breath hold at all, it’s more to do with equalisation – it’s just getting past that step.

I’ve enjoyed being made to feel calm and safe, I have not felt unsafe at one point today. In reality, there is very little that can go wrong. The benefits are the relaxation methods, the lovely community atmosphere and the ability.

The free breathing classes are interesting to watch and they helped me prepare for the course. I also liked the theory and learning about how the lungs work.

I would definitely recommend the course, it has been really well thought out. – Henry

We go down the coast quite often and we’ve always seen freedivers there and it looked really cool! loads of videos online just look awesome and I just wanted to try it myself!

I Googled freediving courses and read a few reviews and Go Freediving seemed to be really decent and after watching a few videos online the instructors seemed to be really sound as well. I’ve discovered that I’m not very good at equalising but I would be way more annoyed if I was the only one in the group but as there are other people it’s not so bad! Also, I need to relax more in the water. Before the course I was doing static stuff after watching some videos and I’ve got a pretty good static breath hold, but I’m not as relaxed in the water.

I think the main benefit is the connection you have with your body, like relaxing everything, it’s getting in the mindset of really staying in tune with your body and knowing what’s tense and how to relax. I think being able to calm your mind and not panic will be a cool thing to be able to do.

I watched quite a few breathing videos online and they helped me prepare for the course. I would definitely recommend the course, the instructors are really good (my instructor has been really awesome!) and that plays a big part, especially when you’re trying something new. They know what they’re doing and they’re confident in what they’re telling you. The approach is very relaxed as well.Ben

Lucy was given a freediving course for her birthday and I thought it would be unfair for her to have all that fun without me and that made me book onto the course too! I’m very comfortable in the water as I start swimming at a very young age.

I’ve discovered that the stuff I thought I might be anxious about isn’t necessarily true, I thought breath holding and depth would make me anxious, but they are fine! I enjoyed being in the water, the colour of the water, the wonderful people, wonderful teachers and fellow students!

The benefits are the good mental training in terms of mindfulness and being in the moment, the fun and learning an amazing thing that will give limitless pleasure. I’m really grateful I did the free breathing class because I think it really has helped. I would recommend this course because it is very professionally run, it’s an amazing location, you feel very supported and able to do things you maybe couldn’t do otherwise. – Clare

I love the water, I grew up on the beach but I tend to be in water because it’s a calming place for me. I have done scuba before and enjoyed it. I wanted to do a freediving course because I enjoy pushing myself and doing something I find quite challenging.

I chose Go Freediving because when I saw the videos online I could see how comfortable the instructors made the people feel and the safety. I was going to do a course in London but it just seemed really extreme.

I’ve discovered that it’s not as scary as I thought it was, that the only person that gets in my way is me! I really loved that it was fun and that we are nurtured, encouraged but not pushed.

The benefits have been learning about myself more, learning how incredible the body is and the science behind it, and realising having fun is the most important thing!

I practiced breathing optimisation a few times a week before coming and it really helped with the course.

I have already recommended this course and the breathing prior to coming!- Nadia

RAID Advanced Freediver Course 12th – 13th June 2021

I came back on the advanced course to learn new skills and build on previous skills learnt on the freediver course.

I’ve discovered that one has got to continuously practice and train and keep themselves dive fit and that’s important. The advanced course is just pushing you a bit further in all aspects of the freediving material we got on the first course, giving you more competencies and confidence.

I’ve enjoyed touching base again. It is a refresher in addition to having a fun weekend of diving. The benefits are that you take your skills a little bit further, you build your confidence a little bit more and you have a great weekend.

I would recommend this course! – Mohamed

I came back on the advanced freediver course to improve and to try and go deeper safely and I discovered that I can actually go deeper safely.

I also discovered the safety side of things, buddying, rescuing, I love all of that. Obviously we are going to need that if we start freediving ourselves in the future.

This course is more advanced, it gives you more confidence in the water and even my breath holds have improved, I did my personal best!

I enjoyed realising just how deep I can actually go. The benefits for me would be safety, touching up on all the skills that you’ve started at the beginning, improving them and learning the right habits.

I would recommend coming back because of the friendly staff and great environment – I love it!! – Abdel

I’ve discovered that I’ve become more aware of myself as a result of doing the advanced freediver course, being able to recognise things and adjust them.

I’ve enjoyed the instructor, he’s a really nice guy and that made a huge difference to me.

For me, it is essential to come back! The first course gets you going but you need a little bit of experience and then cleaning up to really get somewhere.

I would recommend coming back because the RAID Freediver Course is just to get you going, this really takes you on to becoming a much better diver. – Rob

I wanted to do the advanced course because I wanted to feel more confident with my safety in the water and also really want to experience freefall, and there’s a lot of technique that one needs to know about.

I chose Go Freediving because of this wonderful woman called Emma Farrell who is a star of the water. The breathing classes you have been doing have been just incredible and you are an amazing teacher. I’ve been with a lot of different teachers and I feel completely confident with the way you’re teaching and I know your school is very strong on safety and technique. Also, the fact that you’re a woman made me feel more comfortable.

I’ve discovered that lots of really nice people do freediving. I’m learning a lot about myself in all of this, I’m beginning not to hate cold water as much and I’m not as fearful about visibility.

I’ve enjoyed being in the water with some really great people.

The benefits of the advanced course is that the knowledge and safety gets built on what you’ve done in the beginner’s course. And also, going into freefall, going into your next buoyancy, was really exciting for me.

The breathing courses have really informed the breathe up. All the breathing exercises we do in the breathing classes have allowed me to explore and understand my body.

I would recommend the advanced course for the knowledge and safety. I think if anyone wants to go freediving with a buddy, they must do the advanced course because they’ll get all the safety. – Eleanor

My mum gave me the advanced course as a gift.

I’ve learnt how to hold my breath longer, I’ve enjoyed being in the water and being able to move. The course teaches you to be calm under pressure, it’s good for fitness and it teaches you to be relaxed.

I would definitely recommend the advanced course! – Alfie


RAID Freediver Course 29th – 30th May 2021

I’m a marine pilot and I do commercial scuba – I was a salvage officer for the MOD and a merchant Navy officer. I’ve done a bit of scuba diving, but got fed up with lugging around all the kit. I liked the idea of being able to put on a wetsuit and some fins and a mask and dive.

I chose Go Freediving because I did a bit of research online and I really liked what I read on the website. I’m really enjoying the freediving – I think it is quite challenging! I watched the recording of my free optimisation class before the course and it did help.

The concept of not breathing underwater is taking a bit of getting used to but I’m loving it! I’ve enjoyed meeting people, making new friends and the experience of diving as well. The benefits are; being able to go freediving with friends and feeling safe doing it.

I would recommend the course because a lot of thought has gone into how it runs and I really like the instructors. – Richard 

A friend suggested coming to a freediving course and I like trying new things.
During helicopter underwater escape training at work I’ve previously got quite nervous, so I thought anything I could learn to feel like I could be in the water for more than twenty seconds is a bonus!

People, military-wise have used Go Freediving, and it just seems to have an aura of competency. It was probably quite good that all four of us were at starter level. I thought I would have to push myself to meet the requirements of all the rest of the course but I felt it was very adapted to everybody in the group. I was quite worried about my equalisation because when scuba diving before, I had trouble with that. Also breath holding. But the online breathing lessons with Emma before coming showed me I could hold it for a minute as opposed to what I thought, so they helped as well!

The benefits of the course are feeling comfortable in the water and it has made me more safety aware. All the rules, even things like the difference of the pressure at the surface – I forgot that the first ten metres were the risky area. – Amy

I had my 40th birthday in January and I’ve never done anything for myself. My partner started freediving and I started experimenting with cold water swimming, breath holds and meditation and it all felt like fun. I’m not a great swimmer but I want to feel I’m able to do things in the water. I don’t have much water experience.

I chose Go Freediving because I thought you had a nice approach. It was important that I did not get pushed to do things which I can’t do or I am not able to do yet, so I liked the laid back approach I heard Go Freediving had.

The course has given me more confidence in my capabilities and it is great fun, relaxing and I enjoy being in the water – which I never felt before! I work in a paediatric intensive care unit so it’s very intense and this course has totally taken me out of that. I can completely forget everything about being at work, about being mum, it’s just purely about my experience and that’s fantastic!!

I’m a smoker and when I started experiencing the breath holds, it was my final stop for smoking.
I would definitely recommend this course because the instructors are lovely, very relaxed and I think it is a fantastic skill you are giving people. – Sami

I booked the course because I wanted to do something special for myself. I have done scuba diving and I love being underwater so I wanted to try something new. I am already an advanced diver, I used to do a lot of whitewater kayaking and I surf.

I did an underwater photography course before and it’s amazing what you can see at quite shallow depths. I just thought doing all of that without the tank would be lovely. To see those sorts of things on your doorstep.

I chose Go Freediving for the geography and the reviews on the internet. The website also looked a lot more professional and made more sense than the other places so it gave me more confidence.Because I’m a scuba diver I thought I would take to it more easily. I did not consider the equalising would be different and a problem. I was more focused on the breath hold but actually the equalising has been the difference. Without all the equipment I felt quite vulnerable – but it is also a freedom! I enjoyed learning something new and meeting new people. It is exciting and it feels like you’re pushing yourself to do something new, challenging yourself!

The benefits of the course are that it is good for your health. I think challenging yourself is quite healthy to do and not just sitting in front of the TV. You find peace in yourself and it gives you a bit of perspective, a bit of space in this crazy world! The free breathing optimisation course was really good. I found the bit where you alternate felt funny on one side compared to the other side.

I would recommend the course because it’s a good experience and I’d want more people to join in on something I enjoy! It has been good fun! – Rachel

I booked the course just to try it. I thought it would be a good experience. I’ve done scuba diving before and really enjoyed that. My friend Laura booked us onto the Go Freediving course. I was reading a book about flow and they mentioned that people get into that state with freediving.
I’ve learnt some interesting stuff about breathing, that’s been really good. Inner expiration has been really interesting! Everyone is really friendly and learning a new skill has been nice.

The benefits are learning to breathe better and be more efficient in the water. I loved the free breathing optimisation course and it definitely helped me prepare for the course.

I would recommend the course because everyone is really friendly and we’ve learnt a lot in the short time, it is well organised. – Wing

I swim here and I’ve seen Emma here with groups previously and thought it looked interesting. I had a chat with her once and she made me come!
I chose Go Freediving because Emma seemed really nice and I wanted to be taught by somebody you’d think would be a good teacher and it is local.
I’ve discovered that you are capable of a lot more than you think you are and I am not very aware of my body in general.

The free breathing optimisation course was good, it was worth it to get used to the sensations that you experience when the dive reflex kicks in because the first time that was happening is when you’re underwater with all of this weird kit on, that might have been a bit alien so definitely worth doing it. The weekend has been quite relaxed, that’s been really nice and I like that we’ve tried a lot of different things.

The benefits are that it is really good for stress management because you can’t do it if you’re not relaxed and general health and fitness. I would recommend this course as it is very well organised and very professional and the instructors are great. – Sophie

I saw a talk by a guy called James Nester and he described diving with whales and I thought freediving would be something I would be interested in. I also saw The Big Blue years ago. I think James Nester mentioned RAID in his talk so I Googled freediving schools and Go Freediving came up.
I’ve realised that equalising underwater is really hard. I always thought I was a much stronger swimmer than maybe I am. I can swim really long distances but I’m not particularly strong so I need to work on that.

The free breathing optimisation class really helped in terms of the techniques. Emma describes taking the big breath and step technique and that was really helpful. She explained it clearly so I could remember it well.

The wetsuits we are provided with are really thick and warm, as opposed to those skinny ones I have worn in the past. I’ve enjoyed the people, everyone I’ve met has been really lovely. The surroundings are absolutely gorgeous, I loved the quarry itself. I have found the whole experience very chilled. The benefits are that the breathing classes have improved my lung capacity and I’ve gained the confidence to do it again.

I would recommend this course because it’s been really chilled, well paced, everybody knows what they’re doing, everybody’s really friendly and I didn’t feel patronised at all. – Laura

I’m a film maker and I have an idea for a sequence under water so I found out about freediving and I liked the idea. I had swimming lessons when I was a child and there is a river nearby that I sometimes jump into. That is my water experience!

I searched for freediving courses and Go Freediving came up and it looked really good, everything about it looked proper, good fun and safe.

The course is really tough which isn’t really a surprise but I really know that now! I liked the free breathing optimisation class and I also did the dive reflex class beforehand. They helped me prepare. I liked it when I was going down the line and I progressed a little bit.

I would recommend the course to people that are really up for trying hard and going through it. It feels properly established, well thought out freediving training. The benefits of the course would be safety, it’s fun and challenging and exciting. – Mitch

Mitch and I have a project in the summer that we want to work on. It is a film where we have an underwater camera and we want to do a sequence underwater, swimming up to something. We both got very excited by the idea of training to be able to hold our breath long enough to safely do everything that we would want to do. Also for me, I would really enjoy learning to try the duck dives because that is what I’d be doing in the summer. But now that I’m doing it, I feel really good. I feel way better now!

When I was a kid I did swimming classes, I didn’t really excel. I just did some swimming in lakes on holidays and going in the sea, bodyboarding. The most I’ve done in terms of water is an obstacle course on a lake. I did okay but I’m not very good under the water.
Mitch chose the place but Go Freediving seems so full of help and information, really interesting stuff and people seemed really lovely!

I’ve really liked swimming with fins on and I’ve discovered that I’m more confident underwater than I thought, and in terms of breath I feel confident enough to work on holding my breath more and doing deeper dives. I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere, the people here are so lovely and it just feels so nice here, I feel very welcome.

The benefits for me would be my physical health and fitness and wellbeing felt amazing after doing everything and I think that helps with mental stuff, I just felt really energised and it was really good. Also knowing how to rescue people from the water safely and look after yourself in the water.

I would recommend anyone to do this course because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I ended up being really interested in this stuff and being in the water! I think it would benefit everyone to have a good understanding of being safe and how to get around in the water.

I enjoyed the free breathing optimisation class, I learnt a lot! I honestly think if I hadn’t done it then I would have been feeling way more scared about holding my breath for long enough. I feel like I would have gotten pretty competitive with it but having the breathing optimisation class I was able to see what my limits are. –Izzy

I love being in the water! We’ve scuba dived already and this was just the next stage of opening up another plan to being in the water. We do BSAC sports diving through the army and I do open water swimming in the lake and sea but I haven’t got any other qualifications. I chose Go Freediving because I’m so close!

I discovered to not rush it, to rather try and better myself, being calm and doing it properly rather than rushing. I’ve enjoyed being in the water.

I would definitely recommend doing this course, I think this is perfect for an entry level diver from the enclosed area which would normally be in a pool to the duck dive stuff, progression isn’t too quick and the instructions are such a way where you’re comfortable at each stage before you move on.

The benefits are that everything is more deliberate with you guys. When we did freediving elsewhere they taught the meditation part but they were teaching you to over breathe – we didn’t realise we were doing it wrong. Everyone at Go Freediving is really friendly – there has been no awkwardness at all. The instructors don’t push everyone at the same speed, we’re allowed to do what’s comfortable for us. And, the location is fantastic! – Ryan

I’ve done freediving twice before but a long time ago and I just wanted to get back into it. I scuba dive too but I do not particularly like swimming. I chose Go Freediving for the location and the website was quite informative. I did actually contact another place but they never came back to me. I’ve discovered that I love it and I will probably become a member. I definitely want to start doing it a lot more regularly!

My favourite part was the diving! The last dive was just amazing, I felt very free! I was very calm and I managed to get right down to the bottom on my last dive!
With scuba diving you’re very enclosed but with freediving you’re so at one.

The instructor has been incredible! When we were looking we really liked the trips away, we really wanted to do the shark one!

I would recommend the course because I liked doing all the precourse work first. By doing the exams, watching the videos and then putting it into practice, it will stay with me a lot longer! –Michelle

RAID Freediver Course 15th – 16th May 2021

I used to do a lot of competitive swimming in my teens but since then just snorkelling with the kids.

I did this freediving course for safety, so I know the right thing to do, how to listen to your body and knowing you’ve got minutes left before you’re going to black out. I’ve discovered the feeling of how deep you can go on one breath, still a bit of a shock!

I like the speed at which we’re taught, ensuring that we’re happy with it before going onto the next bit. We’re given plenty of opportunity to do what we’re doing, it doesn’t feel like we’re being rushed onto the next stage.

The benefits are safety, just knowing what I’m doing is the right thing and knowing your body can cope with it. And meeting new people and having someone to tell you about the gear.

I would recommend the course because of the pace the instructors go, everything seems to be covered. The equalisation problems, we spent a lot of time on that to make sure that we’re comfortable with it before moving on. – Andrew

I did a freediving course in the Maldives and they said I should take a course in the UK so that I’m qualified and my mum wanted me to do it safely. I chose Go Freediving because it’s close to my school.

I enjoyed going down and buddying from below. The benefits are that you know how to do it properly, you’re qualified to give tips and being able to have it as a hobby. I also discovered that the wetsuits are really warm!

I thought the breathing optimisation was good too because breathing is one of the main things to learn.

I would recommend this course because I really like it, it’s fun! – Brooke

I’ve snorkelled and scuba dived and enjoy swimming underwater but I have wanted to do a freediving course for years.

I heard about Vobster Quay about two years ago and I drove past it last summer and snuck in but I was terrified after seeing the deep water. I chose Go Freediving because Vobster recommended them.

I’ve discovered there is more to freediving than I thought, I’ve learnt how to calm down and relax! The benefits would be accessibility, tranquillity, mindfulness and relaxing. I’ve enjoyed the small class sizes.

I would recommend this course because being in closed water is better. I’ve seen other courses on the coast but the idea of going into the sea is a bit daunting. – Ed

My friend Tom got me to join the course, I didn’t have any previous experience so he said it would be a good thing to do, so I came along with not much of a clue! It was also a recommendation from Tom and Aldo Kane.

I’ve done surfing, a bit of diving, playing around as a kid.

I go on kite surfing holidays but you need wind, you need waves. If you don’t have that, you’re on holiday twiddling your thumbs. So the benefit of this is, if I buy a pair of fins then I can go and do something. You can do freediving no matter what the conditions.

I didn’t realise there was more to this than just turning up and just going underwater until I saw the emails come through to prepare me for the course! I would recommend this course because of the good staff. Wayne is alright – a half decent bloke, haha!! This freediving course was something enjoyable to do – a good way to spend the weekend!

I can use the breathing while surfing too, I have nearly died twice surfing before, I was probably only under for forty seconds and I’m actually quite calm underwater but I would now know I had another thirty seconds and would be a lot calmer.

We’ve got two days to cover a lot of ground and everyone is very positive about achieving a fair bit in that time. I discovered how quickly you progress, like the first dive you’re struggling and you’re only at five metres. A few hours later, you’ve doubled it, who knows how far you’re going to go in a short period of time! – Jonathan

I am a skipper and I skipper around the Mediterrenean and the Caribbean. Freediving is something I’ve seen people do for years now so I’ve wanted to get into it and make sure I’m safe.

I am comfortable swimming and being a skipper but other than that, I don’t have much more experience.

I looked at many schools. Go Freediving looked the most professional. I got quick responses when contacting them and I was happy with the course content beforehand. The videos have been fantastic and the amount of information given!

I’ve become more confident. I wouldn’t have believed I could go down as far as I have!

I was with a fun group and had the best instructors!

The benefits of doing a freediving course would be building self confidence, I will use it a lot for work and it’s great fun.

I also did the free breathing optimisation class which was included as part of the course preparation and I was very relaxed afterwards. I think it helped massively with the belly breathing coming into the course, it was something I tried to pay attention to.

I would recommend this course because it can seem quite daunting mentally but just getting stuck in, you’ll be fine. – Luke

My wife booked the course for me because a few years ago I did a scuba diving course but then we saw freediving as an option as well and I got keen on the idea of doing that!

My wife found the course online. Go Freediving looked like one of the best options out there. She trusted the reviews and had a good impression of it.

I’ve discovered that you have to retrain yourself to do things that you’ve done previously, learning how to do it the right way. It’s good to push yourself. I’ve enjoyed the friendly instructor, she was very helpful and encouraging. The instructors know what they’re doing!

The breathing optimisation classes helped me prepare for the course by understanding how important it is and the relaxing part of it is all part and parcel of making sure you get a better breathhold, The ‘mind over matter’ part is important.

The benefits of this course are the breathing classes, the relaxation techniques and I love just being in the water! I would recommend this course because everyone should just try something once, try something new, try something different! – Mike

I booked a freediving course because I was looking for something to do. I quite like watersports and being in the water – I swim a lot, canoe and kayak. I was doing some Googling, freediving came up and I thought that looks like fun!

I chose Go Freediving because there were pretty pictures on the webpage and good reviews, it seemed like it was in a safe place to do it.

I have discovered that I don’t like pressure on my ears. but I have enjoyed playing in the water!

The benefits of this course are improving my breathing, the enjoyment of being outside and in the water and meeting new people, especially after the last twelve months!

I would recommend this course because the instructors are fun and entertaining, it’s in a safe place, it’s an easy location to get to and it’s enjoyable! – Neil

I am a fairly strong swimmer but no real deep stuff.I was coerced into joining a freediving course by my friend Neil – I just followed his lead!

I enjoyed learning the techniques, learning little bits to change the way it affects what you do. I also learnt that underwater pressure is quite a lot on your ears!

The benefits of doing the course is that you push your own personal boundaries. Being more confident in water and using the breathing technique in life is great, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

The free breathing optimisation class I took with Emma beforehand was really good. The nice thing with the breathing stuff is that you can do prep and online classes before the weekend.

I would recommend this course because it’s really relaxed, a nice vibe and it feels like a little community of people. – Nick

I surf, swim, scuba and I had done a bit of snorkelling but I wanted to just be able to go down a bit further and stay down a bit longer, about four or five metres.

I chose Go freediving because Vobster’s close and a friend said it was good. I checked out the websites and Aldo Kane also recommended the course as he had done it.

I’ve discovered a much deeper understanding of the different elements of freediving. The physiology, breath hold, the equalisation, so all the different elements. I didn’t know most of it, to be honest.

It has been fun being in the water and giving it a go. I think the benefits would firstly be safety, understanding how to do things properly. Secondly, being able to recreationally go and do things and do more than I did before.

I would recommend the course because if anyone wants to get into freediving they should do a course rather than just going in and freestyling. This course is good and well run, good instructors. – Tom

I spearfish and it seems like a really bad idea not to do a freediving course. I would have done one last summer but obviously, with Covid, it made it very difficult!

It has been very useful to get input into things I can already do but not very well, like I could sort of duck dive but Go Freediving made me better at things that I’ve been taught by people in the past who can’t teach.

I did the free breathing optimisation class which was quite useful. I also did the 15 minute video that Emma has for the morning exercises for a few weeks and I felt a difference in terms of the flexibility in my ribcage which really helped.

The benefits of doing this freediving course would be safety and improving my overall standard of diving and comfort in the water which will help my spearfishing and diving in general. – Alex

RAID Freediver Course 17th – 18th April 2021

A bunch of my buddies back in Florida started doing freediving so I wanted to give it a try. I have done a bit of scuba diving and very basic swimming. I found Go Freediving online and they are near to me.

Doing the course I have discovered that it is not supposed to hurt when you go down. I like now knowing that I can hold my breath longer than I thought I could. – Christopher

My freediving course was a birthday gift from my girlfriend and she chose Go Freediving.

When I was about 5 years old I saw an octopus and I knew I wanted to do things underwater. I am a confident swimmer – I do triathlons and a bit of surfing as well.

Doing the course I have discovered that I need to be more confident with equalisation and practice it. I have been doing the Breathing Optimisation classes with Emma, and I have really adapted to that. I meditate already, it’s a yoga kind of breathing and I have found the classes absolutely brilliant.

The benefits of learning to freedive are being more confident in depths of water, being able to know your limits, and being able to help someone if they are in difficulty.

I really liked my instructor, Wayne was great. It was a very friendly atmosphere and you are never pushed to go over your own limits. You go on at your own pace and it is a very calm way to learn.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn the techniques. The breathing is the best thing to take away from this course. – Bryn

I love everything that gets me in the water and learning to freedive has helped improve my scuba diving skills. I am in the water all the time doing snorkeling and scuba diving.

I chose Go Freediving because everyone I spoke to about freediving recommended them, I checked their Facebook page and they seemed to be the most organised and qualified.

Doing the course I have discovered that there is just so much more to learn and have fun with when doing sports in the water.

I was very apprehensive about going down to depths and within five minutes of arriving the instructors had taught me to relax and to trust my abilities.

There are lots of benefits of doing this course, just improving my health and my fitness, how I breathe and how I need to relax. It is not just beneficial in the water. In case of emergency scuba diving I can rely on my ability.

I read Emma’s book and it taught me to use what I learned here in everyday life so it has benefitted me both in and out of the water.

I would absolutely recommend the course, and in fact I would actually bug people to do the course because I don’t think people realise that it is not just a hobby.

Anyone that has anxiety with water, depth and not trusting their own body and abilities will gain confidence in the water. Those that do have confidence will learn how to not get cocky with the water. Just because you are comfortable in the water does not mean you necessarily have the skills. – Layan

I have done a lot of snorkeling in the sea with the kids and I was looking for something to give me more confidence in the water and to be able to go deeper. I also have an interest in learning a bit about underwater photography so it made sense for me to come and do the course and learn the skills.

I have done a bit of body boarding and I have just learned to surf. I found Go Freediving on Instagram and they are close to me.

I have learned a lot on this course about breathing, relaxation and how that relates to your mental state. The things I liked most about the course is that it is super friendly with really good instruction and a nice location. The benefits of the course are you learn new skills, meet new people and you are more comfortable in the water.

I would recommend this course because even if you are not going to be a freediver there is just so much more to it even if you don’t go to depths you still learn valuable water skills. – Matt

I like searching for things to do and freediving seemed like a really fun thing to do. I swim a lot in the sea and rivers and love the water.

I chose Go Freediving because Emma is one of the best.

I have enjoyed the experience and pushing myself. I have enjoyed everything about the weekend.

The benefits of doing the course are it is a nice and friendly atmosphere and being in the water learning new skills is always good and learning the breath holds.

I would definitely recommend it because it is nice to have something new to do with really nice like minded people. – Michelle

We decided to book on a freediving course because we wanted to dive without all the equipment. I do some cold and ice water swimming. We wanted a course that would be good on the day and that had pre course materials so we could be ready and Go Freediving offered that.

The benefits are that I now have skills, both in the water safety and breathing skills that will help me going forward. I absolutely recommend the course because it is really fun and really good to learn new things. – KathrynI have discovered how all the component parts come together when you know how to do it. I have enjoyed the feedback from the instructors that helps you improve. – Kathryn

I don’t have much water experience but have always loved the water and wanted to do a course to learn how to do it properly. I found Go Freediving online and it was really well rated, and very well put together and a well run organisation. I discovered I really like it more than I thought I would. I liked the way the course was structured.

The benefits of doing the course as well as the online Breathing Optimsation classes are really fantastic and I find it all really relaxing. Knowing how to do it safely is a huge benefit.

I would absolutely recommend the course because it is the whole package. – David

I have always been interested in freediving and I have done spearfishing. I do yoga and it all goes well together. I was looking for a course where I could learn to do it safely and Go Freediving looked like the safest one.

I have discovered that I really like it and it is lots of fun and I am really pleased about it. The instructors and other students are really friendly and welcoming.

The benefits are you learn how to focus your mind, safety and be comfortable in the water and for all these reasons I would recommend the course.  – Claudio

I have no previous water experience but I was interested more in the breathing and relaxation side of freediving as I do yoga. I listened to a podcast with Emma and wanted to do the course with her which is why I chose Go Freediving.

I have discovered that it is not as scary as I thought it was and I am learning a lot. I really loved all the instructors, everyone has a nice chilled attitude and it didn’t feel competitive at all.

The benefits of the course are you get to be outside, it is fun and just takes your mind off everything else.

I would recommend the course because I think it is really thorough and the instructors know their stuff.  – Candice

I have done scuba diving in the past and I don’t want to do scuba diving again because of all the equipment and expenses. And freediving is well, more free! I found Go Freediving online and it had great reviews.

I have discovered that I really like freediving and I didn’t even need to think too much about the breath hold. I really like how organised it was, great instructors, great kit and great venue. The benefits are you will be better in the water overall and learn new skills.

I would recommend the course because I have learned a lot and it has been really fun. – Joe

I have done a lot of snorkeling and a bit of scuba diving and Joe got obsessed with freediving and it looks like a lot of fun. Joe did a lot of research and chose Go Freediving.

I have discovered that it is harder than it looks, but once you get through everything it becomes automatic.

The instructors are really knowledgeable and obviously love what they are doing. The benefits are just having the knowledge of how your body works underwater, holding your breath longer to be able to explore, and being able to go down without any equipment.

I would recommend the course because it is really well planned, there are warm showers, and all the pre course information is really good.  – Sophie

I have seen freedivers and it looked amazing, I have also done a bit of scuba diving. I have done some water activities but havent had too much experience in the water. I have always loved water and feel really comfortable in water.

I chose Go Freediving because it is local to me and Vobster is amazing and Go Freediving seemed really nice and organised. All the organisation and communication has been great. I never had to ask anything because I had everything. Any problem I had was dealt with immediately.

I have discovered how much I love diving. The benefits of learning to freedive is it pushes you out of your comfort zone and you learn more about your body and the life saving skills are brilliant.

I would recommend the course because the instructors are great, they have been really calm, supporting and encouraging. The communication is brilliant, the location is brilliant and I just really recommend the course. – Anoushka (returning student)

My friend suggested that we do a course and the last time I scuba dived was in 2017 and with lockdown my two dive trips got cancelled so it just seemed like a better and more ecological friendly way to learn. My friend found Go Freediving and realised we can do it locally. I have discovered that I would really like to persevere.

The tuition was definitely the best part of the weekend and the instructor was amazing. Zoe made me feel so relaxed.

I was amazed by the quality of the equipment. Usually you go on courses and the equipment is worn and old and that is not the case with Go Freediving. The quality of the equipment really impacts on your experience and the location is absolutely gorgeous.

I would definitely recommend this course. – Jane

I snorkelled a lot and even as a young boy I enjoyed the water a lot. I learned to scuba dive so I could spend more time underwater but it was a bit of a faff with all the equipment and I wanted to be rid of it. I gave freediving a try and I really, really enjoyed it. I looked at a few courses and Emma seemed very relaxed and like she really cares about what she is doing and has really high standards.

I didn’t appreciate how much there was to breathing to be honest and that is why I also do the online breathing optimisation classes on a Tuesday. It helps you become more aware of your body and abilities.

I really like the relaxed nature of the course and coming back as a returning student I have understood what I needed to do to get it right and complete my course.

The benefits of learning to freedive are you learn about your body, and I can go in the water comfortably, and it opens new doors for you to enjoy the water.

I will be using my freediving skills to play underwater. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend the course. – Jay (Returning Student)


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