Underwater Photobombs – My Top Five!

I love doing underwater photobombs myself, particularly when someone has their selfie stick out. Mine are usually infantile and rude, and I certainly can’t compete with our aquatic friends below. They’ve got a wicked sense of humour and you only need to take a look at their underwater photobombs to know they’ve got us sussed and are chortling away in their little shoals as they tell their tails (pun intended) to their buddies of how they ruined our ‘special moments’.

So here they are, my five favourite underwater photobombs.

Underwater Photobombs #1 – The Wedding Proposal

An underwater proposal. How sweet! What could possibly go wrong…?

stingray underwater photobomb wedding proposalSo, what do you think? Is he:

  • Stealing their thunder
  • Making a bid for freedom and hoping they’ll adopt him
  • predicting they indeed ‘Will Marry’ (he’s almost as clever as Paul the Octopus)
  • trying his hardest to stop the proposal from happening at all (he’s just jealous)
go freediving underwater photobombs - the wedding proposal photobomb

The Wedding proposal

Well, it worked out in the end…

Underwater photobombs #2 – The ‘Gillette’ Shot

You know what it’s like… you get up early, travel a couple of hours, get on the boat, get your kit on and then look in the mirror and damn! Forgot to have a shave. Now you know your mask will be leaking, and you forgot to pack the vaseline as well. You’re thinking no worries, it can’t be that bad, until the photo comes back and you look like Desperate Dan on a bad day…Oh, wait… it’s just an underwater photobomb from a puffer fish…phew, lucky escape. Oh no, my mask is still leaking…


Go Freediving - underwater photobomb- puffer fish

Puffer Fish


Underwater Photobombs #3 – When things get a little too friendly!

(Ok. Not strictly an underwater photobomb, but seeing as about 70% of their bodies are underwater, I’m going with it.  Anyway, it’s one of my favourite photobombs).

There’s always one, isn’t there? You and your girlfriends are just chillin’ and there’s this guy that just won’t take no for an answer. He’s been following you around all day and as soon as the camera pops out he’s there, fins around the lot of you, flashing his perfect smile acting like your best mate.

Go Freediving - underwater photobomb- three girls

three girls and a ray

This photobomb has become so famous, it’s inspired this recreation…

underwater photobomb stingray creation













Underwater photobombs #4 – The Snowball Effect

Introducing Snowball, the Beluga Whale (yes, it is his name).

He can underwater photobomb me any time! What a sweetie! Although he does look like he’s about to turn off her air…

Go Freediving - underwater photobomb- Beluga Whale photo credit solent news

Beluga Whale photo credit solent news


Underwater photobombs #5 – Daaa-d! Muuu-m!

You know when you go for a dive you can enjoy the tranquility, the silence, the feeling at one with nature… And then there’s always something that reminds you that you’re a parent…. like a seal… tapping your head constantly for attention or tugging at your clothes, just because, you know… you haven’t played with them for oh, 10 seconds…the same thing over and over… Yes, that’s what it’s like to be a parent – just in case you wondered.

And I love this shot as well because it’s a selfie, taken by the amazing Alex Mustard, and you can tell he’s trying not to laugh and flood his mask…

Go Freediving - underwater photobomb- seal - photo credit Alex Mustard

seal – photo credit Alex Mustard

So what are your favourite underwater photobomb? Tell us in the comments below!

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