RAID Advanced Freediver course


Take your freediving experience to the next level with the RAID Advanced Freediver course.

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Improve your freediving performance with the RAID Advanced Freediver course. Sophisticated techniques and further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex will help improve your body’s response when freediving, enabling you to dive deeper and longer.

In the pool you’ll train to hold your breath for at least 2 minutes 30 seconds and practice dynamic apnea for 55 metres. In open water at Vobster Quay you’ll learn new, advanced equalisation techniques and training methods to carry you past 20m and up to depths of 30m. Diving from the freediving platform with lanyards, you’ll learn to dive deeper and gain advanced rescue skills. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy recreational freediving on some of the deeper attractions.

The course starts at 6.30pm on Friday evening at Midsomer Norton Sports Centre in Midsomer Norton and finishes around 5pm at Vobster Quay. More details will be sent to you when you book on.


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