Private Tuition Packages

At Go Freediving we understand that some students prefer a private learning environment, which is why we have been offering private tuition options for several years.

If you are looking for private tuition for between 1 – 3 students and would like to have tuition with one of our Go Freediving instructors, here are the packages we offer:

  • Private Tuition booking to undertake a RAID Freediver Course – This is usually taken on two consecutive days, or on two separate days of your choice. If you feel you need more than two days, this is not an issue at all. We will always work at a pace that is comfortable to you/your group.

  • Private Tuition booking to progress existing freediving skills (to complete certification, prepare for next level certification or prepare for competitions or employment-based requirements)

  • Private Tuition booking to simply enjoy a day of safe diving and to practise and update skills and techniques in an instructor led environment.

Please note; We cannot offer private tuition for single students who have no previous freediving experience, due to safety reasons.

Package Deals for Private Tuition Bookings