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Scroll down the page for testimonials from our freediving holidays. We are so proud of the service we provide our students and love hearing about their experiences

                          Midweek Freediving Course 10 – 11 July 2018

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - Danny

The main reason I did this course was because I do a lot of surfing and wanted to be more confident underwater, but I really enjoy spending time in the water too. I knew the midweek course was coming up and I really wanted to do it. It was the first convenient time, as I spend a lot of time working. I had two days off and I could have gone to Yorkshire for a sheep shearing competition, but I thought I’d rather come here instead and do this. It seemed like a good opportunity.

I chose Go Freediving because it was local. I’ve been freediving in Bali before on a two week holiday, and this was the first centre I have seen offering it here, so I thought I’d give it a go. I did well on the first day, but on the second day I had trouble equalising, which was frustrating but the instructors said I just need to try again later, which I’m going to do. I changed from the Frenzel to the Valsalva which helped a bit, but I think I still have a mental block. I can reach the point where I have the problem equalising and then struggle to visualise getting past that.

I like the relaxed atmosphere. It seems very calm here – which is nice. The water is really clear and comfortable. Before when I did freediving it was in the sea, it was very choppy and it was really difficult to get into a relaxed state before the dive.

The benefits of doing this course are it improves confidence and it helps you overcome mental barriers. For example, yesterday I was having contractions because you feel like you have to have a breath, but when you realise you can push through that, you actually start calming down and you can go further than what you first realised and you can push yourself further than what you were capable of.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is brave enough to get in and have a go. I’ve had friends ask about it and I tell them it is very rewarding, just being more comfortable in all aspects, not just in the water, but in your everyday life as well. I think those two things are pretty much tied together. – Danny Lee Wilson

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - Ronnie

The reason I did this course is because I love the water! I have done a lot of scuba diving and also, having known David Mellor and seen his transformation over the years since he started freediving. I said to him recently ‘one thing I notice about you is that you never get angry and nothing ever annoys you!’ He was so calm about everything and he just smiled and told me about freediving.

So, the main reason I did the course was because I have difficulty relaxing. Even if I have a day off, I still think about work or need to be doing something and Dave convinced me to try freediving and it is something I have always wanted to do. There are always restrictions around my work at the weekend as I run restaurants, so weekend courses don’t really work for me so David told me about the midweek course and I thought I would do it. My timetable is more flexible at the start of the week than at weekends – because that is my busiest time of the week. I can take time off then, but invariably I am thinking about what is going on with the business in the restaurant so my mind is never really here. During weekdays I find it easier to not worry so much. It has a massive advantage for me having midweek freediving courses.

The biggest thing I have discovered doing this course is that you have to be relaxed, because if you’re not it is the difference between going down an extra metre or coming up early. Yesterday when my breathing was supposed to be relaxed, it wasn’t – even though to me, it was. Which tells me again, I can’t relax. I have been so unrelaxed for so long, it is difficult to remember what relaxed means anymore. If this location was closer, I would do this all the time. I could even stop going to the gym and just do this! I would love to do it, to be honest. It’s teaching me something new in my life – like relaxation!

The thing I liked most about the course was the interaction – meeting new people who want to freedive. I like to see the different abilities and seeing what someone else is doing next to me spurs me on as well. And also David, it’s good to see people like him because he is a great model for this type of sport. I watch his Facebook videos and see his achievements and it is amazing. I find it fascinating. I don’t think I’d ever get to that level, but I believe that if I can come away from this and remember how to relax again, that’s good. You know when you’re relaxed because you dive well.

The benefits of this course are the relaxation, the health benefits – it’s a hell of a workout, and, it is just an amazing thing to be able to do – to go out into water and have no real fear.

I would absolutely recommend this course! I don’t think many people know about it, but the benefits….! I don’t think it is an expensive sport, if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle I don’t think there is anything better. –  Ronnie Luke

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - Rachel

I lived on a reef in Australia for a year when I was travelling and snorkeled every day, straight off the beach. And then I came back to England and was a bit depressed and needed to get back in the water! I started scuba diving last year but found myself quite stressed under the water and thought that’s not how I remember feeling under the water snorkeling and I thought ‘I’m not enjoying this, why don’t I try freediving?’ so I just booked on to the course!

I spent a long time Googling and I looked at London and I came to your page and I saw Somerset-based, Vobster and thought I’d rather come to Somerset and do it here than pay someone in London where it is a bit stressful and a bit hostile (or that’s how I found scuba diving anyway), rushing to a pool after work and so on. Midweek freediving courses give me a chance to relax. It gave me an excuse to book a week off work, come down, spend some time with family, just be back out in the countryside and chill out.

I’ve discovered freediving definitely helps me be a lot more relaxed. I found yesterday, pulling down the line, there was just nothing going through my head apart from my hands and the line. My head is usually busy, so it was incredible! And just feeling much safer, more natural, just chilled!

I’ve loved everything about the course. I never thought I would get down to 6 metres. When I looked from the top yesterday, I thought ‘no way. I’ll never get down there!’ and I got down there and I wasn’t pushing myself I was just there. And floating back up to the surface was incredible!

The benefits of doing this course with you is that you are all very patient, you are obviously all knowledgeable because you are all good freedivers but you are so patient and I haven’t felt pushed in a negative way at all. I’ve just felt confident about taking the next step and also doing a freediving course in general. I think the biggest benefit is the relaxation.

I absolutely would recommend this course. You guys are amazing! Everyone should do this! If you are stressed out in life, or have a busy job just take a little time out. It’s really good for your health. –  Rachel Brook

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - Sam

I booked to go on the blue sharks trip with you and I just wanted to spend as much time underwater as possible and spend time with the sharks  rather than being on the surface.

Midweek freediving courses appeal to me because I work as a stand up paddleboard instructor. Because of teaching, weekends are booked up until September so I wouldn’t have been able to get on a weekend course so midweek suited me perfectly – and it’s quieter and it’s nicer!

I’d seen Go Freediving on Instagram and Facebook and I just loved all the students comments. It looked really relaxed. I’d also spoken to you. You also do the holidays too, so it’s not just about coming down and learning to do something. It’s having a purpose. I can come down and learn with you and go off on a really cool holiday as well. So the two combined seemed to make perfect sense. There’s no point training with anyone else. Plus I’ve just been told you’re the authority on freediving and helped write the manuals so I picked the right school!

This course is so relaxing. I thought it would be. I’m used to going in the sea, but this was in a quarry, so I was a bit apprehensive about going underwater, but it’s amazing! It’s so tranquil. You’re so relaxed! I’m really enjoying it. Over the two days, what I have enjoyed most is being under the water, good instruction – which is helpful, but actually, spending time underwater and progressing. Yesterday I was a bit unsure that I would be able to equalise. Today it is working perfectly. I can just relax, chill out and enjoy.

The benefits of this course is that it is super relaxed, super chilled, there’s no pressure – which for a lot of courses you can feel like you are being rushed through everything. The instructors are really relaxed and chilled which helps. The student to instructor ratio is really comforting because you feel like you are getting individual tuition constantly. You never feel like you are on your own. You’ve always got someone with you and the group is really small, so you can ask questions. And I like asking questions, so can ask as many as I like! And the kit you provide for the course is good quality, fantastic, comfy and warm.

I would recommend this course to anyone – and not just people who like water, but also people who want to de-stress and relax. It has got so much to it. If you are a water person then you really need to be doing a freediving course because you are missing so much by just being on the surface. There is so much more going on underneath. And it is so much more freeing than scuba diving.  You feel like you are flying underwater because you are not restricted. –  Samantha Rutt

go freediving - midweek freediving courses - Matt

Freediving has always appealed to me. I have done snorkeling and a little bit of scuba diving, but my friend Nic  has been freediving for a long time and the way she talks about it, I thought ‘I’ve just got to try this’ And, I’m finally getting around to doing it, and loving it!

Because I am self employed and it is not an issue for me when I work, the appeal of midweek freediving courses is that they are quieter.

I haven’t done any formal training for a very long time – more than 20 years, so I have found myself over thinking things, which is frustrating because I want to do things really well, straight away – which everyone does, but I know I am progressing and getting it right, so that is the important thing.

I am incredibly impressed with where we are diving. What a beautiful place and beautiful water! I’ve done diving in some really unpleasant water, but this is just fantastic! And I know from what Nic has told me that you know what you’re doing which is reassuring.

It is essential to do a freediving course if you are going to freedive. It is just crazy not to do it – you’re asking for trouble. I’ve done other exciting sports and would not do them without the correct knowledge.

As I expected, freedivers are rather like rock climbers – they are a friendly bunch and I see a lot of similarities. It is the same bonding process, you get the same synergy with your buddy as you do with rock climbing – which I found really interesting.

I’ve always done loads of sports, but because of health issues I have not been able to do what I want to do anymore. I know that freediving will suit what I am able to do because it is about calmness and relaxation, and this is so exciting for me because I can do an exciting sport again without having to really exert myself.

I would definitely recommend the course. It is hard to fault the instruction I have had. It’s in fantastic surroundings. I wouldn’t want to do this course in murky water or in the sea – unless the sea is really amenable to it.-  Matthew Mercy                                                                                                            

Take a look at what Ronnie, Rachel, Samantha, Matthew, Danny learned on their midweek freediving course.

 23rd – 24th June 2018

I decided to do a freediving course because of my desire to be under the water, there is something that appeals to me about the silence and the isolation. I just feel that there is something that is calling me to dive down. I have done a bit of freediving in the Philippines, in some of the beautiful lakes there. I found out that you can’t go out on a freediving boat without a freediving qualification. It’s good to have a qualification though and I have learned so much. I wanted to know what happens on a freediving course so I googled freediving courses and the closest to me were here in Bath and Welwyn Garden City, which was much closer. But the videos and information you had online about your course was much better and I saw that this lake is very pretty. I also received prompt replies whenever I had questions or anything, which was great.

What happens on a freediving course is that you learn there is a lot more to freediving than one would think. The breathing techniques that I thought were suitable are incorrect and quite hazardous. The community of freediving seems to be a nice group of people that have similar interests across the board and not just freediving. It’s a very relaxing way to spend time in a very pleasant environment. The part I enjoyed most was reaching new goals and pushing myself. For me I think that is where scuba diving falls short, you put on the tank and that is it, there is no challenge. With freediving you can set yourself a goal, and it may take months or years to reach it but you can incrementally build up to what it is you want to achieve. It was great to see that even the instructors, who were working, were still having fun and enjoying themselves.

The course is very good for your mental strength, for overcoming fears and anxiety, as well as having lots of physical benefits, because you have to regulate your breathing. I think it would be good for anyone with anxiety problems, because you have to go into that place of unknowns. Physically it is great because you are learning about stretching, about the human body, and everyone, even if they do freediving or not could do with more information about how their body works and what you can expect from it if it is treated properly.

I would definitely recommend this course. I actually think it is a very cheap course for the amount of time and the amount of  instructors we have had. It is great value for money. The location is really beautiful, the instructors have been fantastic and I have met some lovely people as well. I also appreciated the fact that we had a lot of material before the course so that we were coming here with quite an in depth knowledge of what to expect and to also start our brains on the process of learning what we needed to learn when we got here. – Joshua Diment                                                                         

go freeediving - what happens on a freediving course - angelique

I watched the Big Blue and used to dive with my brothers and I was the one that could dive to the bottom and pick up shells. I always loved it and wanted to get into it. My partner also does freediving and I wanted to learn so that we can freedive together and buddy each other. I found Emma through Joshua but I also googled because I like to do my own research, and you are everywhere with lots of videos of you which helps because I was looking on Youtube for videos. It just looked so organised and this place looked brilliant with loads to see under the water which makes it more exciting. Coming on this course I discovered that I am very frustrated with myself because I desperately want to be able to do it, I can hold my breath for 4 min and quite regularly for 2 minutes so I know that I can do it but when I am having problems equalizing and my brain is thinking about all these other things I start doubting myself. But it’s not put me off and I will persevere.

I have enjoyed the course because everyone is so friendly and nice and there is no pressure. I was in a group with the two best students and it was intimidating and I felt I was slowing people down, but the instructor made me feel very comfortable with what I was doing and they were doing what they were doing, so you don’t feel like you need to keep up with anybody and you go along at your own pace.

I enjoy anything that pushes you beyond the point where you’re comfortable so it is an adrenaline sport, it takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise which is good. Even though everyone thought it’s mad for me to do it, it is fun. It’s something that you can do while you are on holiday and I like to add new skills to my skill set of things that I can do. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who was interested in freediving specifically or someone who wants to try something different and likes water sports. It’s more exciting than scuba diving. –  Angelique Arnold                                                                                                                                                         

Go Freediving - what happens on a freediving course - KeironFreediving is something I have wanted to do for a long time, it looks really cool. I have done scuba diving and I thought that freediving is something I could do alongside that or even help me improve that. I looked online and this seemed like the best course that wasn’t a million miles away, it was the best course out of all of them.

I have discovered that freediving is really fun and that I need to relax more. I have enjoyed the diving all day with these people and just learning a lot which was good. The benefits of the course are the freediving, meeting all these wonderful people, and learning more about your body and your mind. I would recommend the course because it is really fun and I have learned a lot. –  Kieran Woodhouse                                                                                                                                  

go freediving - what happens on a freediving course - genevieveFor stunt doubling for films and modelling and advertising you need to be confident in the water. I originally did a PADI course and then realised at work I am not really using any scuba equipment, I am just diving to depth and then been held down there for quite a few hours so having control of my breath is the most important thing and scuba didn’t really teach me that it just taught me the technical stuff.

Also RAID is an internationally recognised qualification which is worth having rather than doing some random freediving course because RAID has value to it. I also wanted to get experience and build my confidence up with someone that knows what they are doing. You offered the RAID course, and you have worked with stunt people before and I like your mentality and you are easy going.

I like an adrenaline buzz so I like that feeling of being free, it’s fun and it’s a nice challenge because it’s completely you on your own and I think it is good for mental health and anxiety and it helps put things into perspective. The course is really easy going and you push yourself outside your comfort zone but you know that you have always got someone there for you. There is no way I would feel comfortable doing this this on my own. Even though I am physically capable of doing it, it is nice to know that there are experienced people around that know what they are doing in case I get into trouble. It’s good to learn good habits at the beginning, so I feel like I can go into anything with confidence because I now know what I am doing because I have been taught properly.

What happens on a freediving course is that it gives you a sense of perspective, it’s nice for your mental health it just makes you feel good, and it’s nice to feel the freedom that you don’t get from other sports. It’s nice to challenge yourself and you can use the skills in scuba diving, swimming and it’s good for lifeguards and surfers. The breathing can also be used with yoga. I like it because unlike scuba diving, it’s more of a sport. Instead of using equipment you are fine tuning your body, so it’s actually about your body, what you do with it and your health. I would recommend this course because it is all within your own limits, everyone is going at their own pace even if they are in the same group, everyone gets along and there is no pressure.-   Genevieve Randall                                                                                                                                            

go freediving - what happens on a freediving course - AnnaI started scuba diving when I was 15 and got into marine biology from there so it just always seemed like one of those ridiculous things that you should just do, so the more people told me that it was dangerous the more I wanted to do it! I started following people on instagram and the more I saw it the more I wanted to do it. I was going to be a mermaid. I feel like it was the fear of freediving that drove me to do freediving!

I knew I wanted to do a RAID freediving course and your course came across as the most reputable one. I now know that it is more possible than what I thought it would be and the potential to get better has just increased ten fold. The best thing is being in the water without the scuba gear, I have never been underwater without the heavy scuba gear on my shoulders so I enjoyed a new way to explore underwater. I will definitely be coming back. The opportunity to see other people freediving has been a highlight for me and it has inspired me.                                                                 

If you want to go into freediving the benefits of doing the course is that it is safe. As a marine biologist it helps me to get closer to nature without causing too much of a disruption. Emma is so nice and put me at ease so if someone wants to learn to freedive I can’t imagine any reason not to use Go Freediving. –   Anna Harrison


go freediving - what happens on a freediving course -LouI chose to do a freediving course to help me manage my anxiety and to be able to explore the underwater world more comfortably. I called Vobster and they put me in touch with Go Freediving. This course has helped me to discover that I need to believe in myself more and that the course is everything that I wanted it to be, I just have to be brave enough to do it. It is incredibly fulfilling and it settles your mind to help you cope with the rest of the day and life in general.

The best thing about the course was that I was never rushed and I was able to take everything at my own speed and time. The benefits of the course is that the self control you learn underwater is something you can use in everyday life. Your body is a temple and you need to look after it and the more you look after it the more you actually get out of it. The friends that you meet, the people that you meet, the social side of it is really, really important.

I would 100% recommend this course because it is just hilarious fun, you get to meet people and experience new things. It costs an absolute fortune to go into space so why bother when you have something so beautiful on earth.  –   Louise Kent                                                                                                        

Watch the video here to see what Joshua, Angelique, Kieron, Genevieve, Anna, Lou, Rupert & Cassie got up to on their course on 23rd – 24th June 2018

Meet the Basic & Advanced course Students of  8th – 10th June 2018

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Saskia Ottewill

I really enjoy snorkelling so I thought that freediving would be a good addition to that, so that I can dive down and explore more if I see something interesting and cool. I found Go Freediving by word of mouth as people recommended Go Freediving and also Vobster is the nearest inland site as we are based in Southampton.

As a result of this course I have discovered that freediving is a lot more difficult that I thought and that it is just not about holding your breath. It’s the first time I have done freediving and been to Vobster and there is such a nice community aspect of the course and everyone is so friendly. I surprised myself that I could hold my breath for 1m 40s in the pool session as I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I just loved everything about the course really!

The benefits of freediving is the relaxation, because it makes you really think about your breathing and whether you are relaxed or not. It was really fun and I would definitely recommend this course because the skills you learn are very valuable and the instructors are very flexible, allowing you to do more things if time allows it and also I got one on one time with an instructor which was brilliant. –  Saskia Ottewill 

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Ashley Head

Being in the water as a scuba diver, freediving helps boost your in water abilities knowing that are are ok underwater for x amount of time. It helps your breathing patterns. I decided to do freediving through Go Freediving on recommendation from Ryan and from reading up. Go Freediving has a very good reputation and is professional. I have enjoyed reading the newsletters we have been getting, I haven’t come to any pool sessions yet but the club environment is great and keeps everyone involved.  

I have discovered that if you listen to and trust in what you are taught and relax, everything actually works. I went from doing 6m yesterday to doing 18m! I have enjoyed the teaching pace because of the student instructor ratio. Even when I had equalisation issues I wasn’t keeping up the whole class I was able to do it at my own pace, which was great.

Three benefits of this course is that it improves your in-water abilities, increases your confidence and teaches you how to be more relaxed. I would recommend this course because I have learned a lot, the teaching style and pace of the course is really good. You don’t feel like you’re being given a badge just because you paid, you feel like you have actually earned it. – Ashley Head 

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Wayne Overson

I did the basic course and I enjoyed that so much that I went to the club weekends. I enjoyed that so much that this was the next step up. I came from the basic course qualified but not confident. I joined the club weekends to build my confidence so for this course I was relaxed from the beginning. I was worried because I couldn’t Frenzel, but it was not a problem at all. All the instructors helped me, and it is now something I can practice more on my own. It’s on to the masters next!. The instructors, as usual, were brilliant and it was nothing but good for me really.

What surprised me is the depth and how comfortable it is. When I look up and can no longer see the surface I realise I am actually comfortable down here. On my first free immersion at 27m I stopped at the bottom just to look around, even though I had a few equalisation issues, instead of just bolting for it. It is because I knew how to do everything I was comfortable and just had to freefall. The freefall was absolutely amazing and once I have my Frenzel sorted out I will be able to enjoy that so much more.

The freefall was one of my favorite things of the weekend, but the whole weekend was great. Swimming through all the planes at the end was also amazing, just knowing the actual distance of it. On the basic course I would never imagined been able to do it. Most will look and see it as huge and impossible on one breath. The practising at club weekends and some static work at home really helped me to be able to do it. Now that I am doing it correctly I am really, really enjoying freediving.

The benefit of doing the advanced course is that you come away comfortable with your abilities, and being able to reach new depths is just fantastic, it gives you such a sense of achievement. The advanced tips and tweaks that the instructors give you bring you along from basic to advanced which is amazing!I have enjoyed the course and I would recommend it because it makes your freediving even more enjoyable. –  Wayne Overson

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Douglas Catt

I wanted to do the advanced course for the knowledge and ability to try and go further and deeper. I have been in the sea snorkeling most of my life, I am not a spear fisherman but I just love being in the water and I think freediving has a competitive edge to it making you want to try dive deeper all the time.

The benefits of the course is having a better knowledge of all the items, I did a 2 star AIDA course about 3-4 years ago and most of the time has been in a pool so it so it just bringing all of that stuff to the fore again but also understanding it all a little bit more technically from a body perspective – what actually happens. And then spending more time in the water because I don’t get the opportunity very often and on a course you have to spend the time in the water. Having the instructor in the water with you picking up on things that you can improve on, even if they are small things, they make it so much easier.  

I have achieved all I came here to do, the company and the instructors have been good and very patient and have the knowledge and ability to help and direct when needed. When you have a positive environment it becomes a lot easier and the patience and the positive attitude of the instructors has been great, the balance between seriousness and fun is perfect to make it more enjoyable.

More knowledge, more confidence and more experience are the three main benefits of the advanced course. I would recommend that anyone wanting to do the advanced course join a club day to acclimate themselves before doing the course, especially if it has been long since they were last in the water.

I would recommend it because as with anything you do, the more knowledge you have the more confidence you have.Douglas Catt                                                                                                    

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Michael Connelly

I wanted to do the advanced freediving course because I got to 20m on the basic course and I really wanted to challenge myself a little more. I have found the pool sessions very beneficial and it’s a really nice group of people. I discovered the mental barrier is more pronounced going down below 25m, just thinking about going that deep is a struggle to relax my heart rate a bit!

The best part of the course for me was breaking some barriers, meeting new people and just overall enjoying it.

The benefits of this course is that it has made me a more competent buddy now and I think I am now a safer diver as well. I reached 27.9m this weekend, I don’t think I have reached my limits but I have found what my safe depths are. I would definitely recommend this course if you want to increase you depths and diving capabilities. –   Michael Connelly                                                                                                          

learning to freedive RAID and Advanced 9 10 June 2018 Chris Sparkes

I decided to do the advanced freediving course because I enjoy the personal endurance part of freediving, as I do with my other sporting activities and my first experience with freediving in Cornwall inspired me to do more.  I wanted to achieve greater depths and greater breath holds with more confidence. Having done a lifesaving course with Emma about a year ago I liked her style and I feel comfortable in her presence. I like Vobster Quay, I like the water and felt it was the right way to progress, and also to moved from AIDA to RAID as I quite like the way that RAID is set up.

I have discovered that I can overcome my inborn and ongoing fear of deep water, I would never swim in a swimming pool as a child so being able to do this is pretty cool for me. Mostly I have enjoyed overcoming my personal challenges to a point where I realise I could be confident before going down on a line or to fin down to a significant depth without feeling fear or insecurity.

The benefits of the advanced course are first; the personal challenge to push yourself beyond your own limits, both physical and mental. Second, it is a good environment to be diving here in the quarry. When I did my 2 star AIDA course it was in the sea which was turbulent, cloudy and unsettling and I think to train here at Vobster Quay, initially as a beginner has big advantages in terms of it been a stable and safe environment, and thirdly, the crew.

I would recommend the course for all the reasons I have already mentioned and because the club provides opportunities for you to progress even beyond RAID, no matter what level or experience you have with freediving, when you come to the club you have the opportunity to progress.  – Chris Sparkes

Check out this video and see what Mike, Doug, Wayne, Chris, Ashley and Saskia achieved on their course

            Meet the Class of 21 – 22 April

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - james dewickI was attracted to freediving because it is a challenge. I do a lot of other sports such as triathlons, ultra-running and swimming. I enjoy the challenge, it’s more about getting through them. I don’t know, I think it is more about mind control. I do get overly excited about things and see it as overcoming mental obstacles. It’s quite effective. It’s like one of your instructors said about the breathe out thing, because it’s instantly hard and within a few seconds you need to breathe. Mostly I’ve breath-held in the pool and the most I’ve done is 3 ½ minutes and thought wow, but the interesting factor has been the ears rather than the breath.

I wanted to be able to do it safely. We went to holiday in Antigua last summer and we were snorkeling and I was going down about 5 metres and though ‘oh, my ears’ I didn’t really know what I was doing. And then, you want to go a bit further, but you’re not sure.

I wanted to do my course with you because it was a weekend course. I have been talking about doing a freediving course for years. I have discovered that it is actually a lot harder than I thought. What I liked about the course was that the company was good. The benefits of this course is you know you are doing it safely and learn the principles of the buddy system. I would recommend this course. It has been really good-   James Dewick

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - jeff creamerMy son wanted to do a freediving course, so I joined him. We found the course last year, but pursued it after the winter. I have discovered how interconnected it all is – dive, breathing, anxiety, relaxation, the fast pace of life. You can see people’s traits come out after a while, but is is surprising how many people use breathing techniques.

I’ve liked that is has been friendly. It’s good all round and very encouraging for my son. The benefits of doing a freediving course are broad and wide – and more wide-reaching than you think they would be. It’s about more than just going into the water, the external stuff’s very important. It’s quite a good community where people know each other all around the world. There’s not many freedivers compared to scuba divers, so it is more closer-knit. You all seem to be very patient. I would definitely recommend this course for all the reasons I have given you. – Jeff Creamer

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - Thomas nuttall smithI have done diving before. I am a scuba diving instructor, but I had to stop diving after an injury which meant tanks and equipment became cumbersome so I thought I would try out freediving so that I had a little bit less equipment  to deal with. It was something I had tried before and wanted to learn how to do it properly, rather than just winging it.

I was looking for freediving clubs around the Oxford area and saw an old post from when Go Freediving used to train in Oxford. I looked around and saw that Go Freediving offered a course that interested me because it was from an organisation that appears to be a little bit different from what I was familiar with with PADI so went for it.

I have discovered that there is even more in the brain than you think there is. Because I had done some of it before I knew it was more of a mental game than getting the techniques right, but it is even more about the brain side of things. Even if you can hold your brain for ages, your mentality once you get down a couple of metres really changes. So I definitely developed that side of it!

My favourite part of the weekend has been the assistant instructors, purely because of having done some freediving before I was able to progress slightly easier than some of the other people, so passed all the skills quickly. So the other course students got to be looked after on a more one on one basis with the main instructors and I got to spend more time with the assistant instructors who developed my practice alongside what I was being taught by the main instructors.

The three benefits of doing this course is that it builds your confidence, it changes your mindset towards freediving and encourages you to keep going.

I would definitely recommend this course to people who have some experience already but are not formally qualified or are complete newbies to try this out. If you have some idea of what you are doing – you probably don’t! So it is really good to start learning how to do it properly and if you don’t have any idea it is a perfect stepping stone into freediving because it is not about how deep you go, how long you do it, it’s about where you go from where you started and when you leave on the final day. – Thomas Nuttall-Smith

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - jack creamerI really wanted to do a freediving course. I discovered that freediving was harder than I thought it was going to be. It really is. The depth was really hard for me, but I did like trying new things and learning new skills. Definitely.

I’ve learned how to equalise much better, I’ve learned new techniques like finning, I have a longer breath hold and also definitely improved on my duck dive.

I would definitely recommend this course. I have learned a lot from it and I think others will benefit too.  – Jack Creamer

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - Thomas PutkoI was freediving  in Barbados on holiday and it was a beautiful sight under the water and I have fallen in love with it and I thought my diving technique could be better especially after seeing the amazing videos of a French man going into a cave very deep, so I thought why not go and kill two birds with one shot, so I went to Barbados to enjoy diving and also enjoy the serenity of the underwater. I found you guys online – I searched a few websites but as far as I was concerned you were the only ones that were offering the deep water experience which was more than 5 m deep. All the others I found were only in a swimming pool and I cannot see how we can do freediving in a swimming pool without having the depth. Go Freediving doesn’t seem to have much competition there!

The most important thing I discovered doing this course is that the whole pleasure of freediving comes from being relaxed, so if I am in the right mood and not stressed, the dive just goes beautifully. It’s nice and easy, there’s no stress, I have all the time in the world down there at 11 m. At the beginning it was a bit of a stress but I have a dive with Dave and I was ‘yeah, I’m absolutely fine’. So I took my time, positioning correctly, and it was all good. That was the break-through. That moment was my favourite part of the course. I realised the problem was in my head, so I went on a confidence trip at 5m and staying there as long as possible. Straight away I knew I could stay there a lot longer. After this 11m was very easy!

The benefits of this course is that you actually have your equipment fitted correctly, my scuba mask gave me mask squeeze – but it was good that it came out in a controlled environment and you gave equipment advice and I could change to a low volume mask. Another was there was plenty of specialist knowledge which is not written anywhere. It can only be passed around the campfire.

I would recommend this course for people who are stressed out, because this course is about learning to relax. It for people who have too much in their heads and cannot relax.– Thomas Putko

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 November 2017 – Meet the students!

go freediving - freediving in November - Andy RobinsonI decided to do a freediving course to see what, if any, physiological benefits there might be from freediving exercise that I might be able to take into my rowing. The statistics that have been quoted for lung capacity for freedivers are in excess of those for elite athletes in my sport, so I thought there has to be something in that and I’d like to explore if there was something I could take out of a course. My initial focus was on breathing & relaxation techniques. The theory side, together with emphasis on flexibility and diet, is very relevant for me, so the information and explanations in this course, particularly the RAID manuals and Go Freediving’s material, will be of use, but it was important to me to test this in a controlled and safe manner where there were experts who could reinforce that information and identify whether what I was doing was dangerous or not. That is the biggest take away for me – so I can use that in my training, together with the wise words “relax”, “focus on the process, not the outcome”, and “gradual adaptation”!. And when I heard and read that you are training Olympians & Paralympians – I know I’m on the right path! There are these other sports that think freediving can offer them something, so I am not on a whim!

The benefits of the course are the knowledge transfer and opportunity to practice in a safe & controlled environment rather than going off on your own practicing going down to depths. There are some things such as equalisation that you can’t necessarily work out for yourself, and could potentially be dangerous without appropriate training & supervision. And this course emphasises that it is not a sport for egos and that you should not push yourself any further than you are comfortable with or than you need.

I would recommend this course to anyone who was interested in doing freediving. When I was doing my research into available courses, it was the front end – the website, the look and the professionalism of Go Freediving – that really caught my eye. It gave me the impression that here is an organisation that really knows and understands the sport and how to put it across, and is offering the right sort of courses for people. – Andy Robinson

go freediving - freediving in November - Lucy ForwoodI saw you on television with Ellie Simmonds and I thought it looked great. I Googled and was absolutely amazed that this was on my doorstep and thought ‘I have to give this a go!’

I’ve discovered that it is not as simple as I thought it was going to be, I feel as though I’ve taken the first steps rather than achieved a level, and think I would like to do it again, but somewhere warmer! It’s a very interesting bunch of skills that are required simultaneously.

What I’ve liked most about this weekend is trying something that felt completely different, and feeling that it is a challenge that I would be able to complete.

The benefits of this course are; health and fitness. I would have to get fitter and healthier to progress. And it’s given me confidence to break through a barrier. It’s also setting me up for my goal of swimming with large mammals such as whales and dolphins.

I would definitely recommend this course. I feel this is an orderly, yet warmly, encouraging place to come, where you can progress your skills without being pushed. It is where safety and encouragement are high.- Lucy Forwood

go freediving - freediving in November - Stewart ThorpI saw a film of freediving, Googled it and found the Go Freediving club in Poole. I spoke to David who told me I needed to do a course in order to join, so I booked a course. As it was my birthday weekend I thought I’d treat myself to a new adventure sport.

I discovered that it is like learning to drive. You can do all the theory and little bits, but when you get in the water and have to do your duck dive and pull out your snorkel and prequalise and bend and kick, all that stuff it’s a real challenge. So yes, it’s harder than it looks.

What I liked most about the course was moving fast with the fins on. And I loved it when I first equalised properly, I knew there was no limit to what I could do then. I knew that once I could equalise properly I could progress gradually to go deeper and deeper and when I realised I could reach that 12 metre point where the plane was it was really exciting.

The benefits of the course is the individual attention, the characters of the instructors, the venue and the team spirit from everyone on the course.

I would recommend this course because of the quality of the instructors, the level of attention.

It’s a really tough course, but if you could do this course over a week somewhere warm, it would be heaven! – Stewart Thorp

go freediving - freediving in November - Matthew SelmanI’d been doing some breath holding with some yoga bits and I was curious and interested in freediving. I was also curious about underwater juggling and then I saw there were various Guinness world records for this  and I thought, well, I can’t hold my breath but I could be a much better juggler than other freedivers! So on one level I wanted to practice the breathing and then just exploring what I could do with freediving.

I’ve discovered that the learning is very practical. One the first day I almost failed in the water section. I realised that I was struggling. I’m not sure if I might have had fantasies that I would have been a natural!  And that progression where Heather was helping on the bits where I was stuck, breaking things down and doing it in a slightly different way to find a way that fits for us. And the bits that have been surprising have been that it was very relaxing – there wasn’t the anxiety of going down to the bottom, there wasn’t any panic – it was all quite calm and I think that was helped by the fact that the ethos with you guys has always been safety, safety, safety, don’t push yourselves. If there were any uncertainties, just stopping.  It was helpful knowing there was no rush. By doing that I think the stuff I was doing towards the end I would have thought would have been completely impossible!

The thing I liked most about the course was the development  practising the technique, the calmness, and when you get something right and suddenly you’re five metres down before you know it! That was enjoyable and the relaxing part of it, just floating in the water, looking down.

The benefits of this course are the sense of safety and the fact that there was a sense not everyone is going to pass, but that’s okay, you can always come back and do it. There’s no rush. The sense that your safety is the priority. The learning experience too. There are very few things you can do where you see such a tangible difference in just two days. From having stepped in the pool thinking ‘what the hell are these things on my feet – I can’t do this’ to then be going down ten metres and pulling someone to the surface and taking your mask off. I can’t think of another example of learning that would feel as dramatic.

You have a nice relaxed style, with those very clear parameters which is a very nice teaching style. I would recommend this course for the experience and to push yourself in a place that feels very safe, but the dangers are real – you can’t bluff. And I think you can carry this to other parts of your life. I think everyone who did this course has surprised themselves. – Matthew Selman

go freediving - freediving in November - John LancasterI wanted to a freediving course because of the breathing thing. I read that freediving improved my breathing. I watched your videos on breathing which worked wonders for my gas consumption as a scuba divemaster so I wanted to do the course.

I chose Go Freediving because of the publicity and I read the comments and one of the things that was important to me is that all of your instructors are taught by you. You read what the comments on your websites say and you can see this is exactly why Go Freediving has that trust.

What I have discovered is that my bad finning action has come home to roost. I can’t get away with it any longer and what I liked most about most about the weekend was the fun. You made it a very relaxed experience.

The benefits of this course is the breathing, relaxing and I think it improves your fitness. Your staff are wonderful and you can have a good laugh with them.

I would definitely recommend this course 100%  – It is the safety. It has got to be safe and you have got to have total faith in your instructor. You know that if any issue kicks in they are going to be able to cope. The level of instruction is very thorough – especially for people who have never done this before. I am really impressed with your operation the safety and the training of your staff. – John Lancaster

go freediving - freediving in November - Aron MatheSince watching the film The Big Blue, freediving has been a fascination of mine – to discover this underwater journey. And the films of Guillaume Nery have been really impactful. I am working on a project as a fine artist for the search of silence – finding the acceptance of nothingness, and finding this quietness. After seeing an interview with Guillaume Nery, it made me understand that freediving is more than just going to adapt, it is a journey for outside and inside.

I chose Go Freediving because I really wanted to do a freediving course as soon as possible. It has been a pleasure this weekend because I have really been looking forward to this for a long time.

I have discovered that I need a little more patience in my life! That it is not the end result, the end product but what is important is in between – the journey that takes you there. I am the youngest of the team  and have a lot of energy and was really hoping to swipe through this session, but that didn’t happen. But I got to a point where I was more accepting of this and was looking around and enjoying it rather than trying to push another two metres.

What I loved about this course was that everyone was from such different backgrounds, some were looking for better lung capacity, some for their rowing, some wanted to improve their diving, some wanted the peacefulness, I was more interested in the quiet part. So whatever you motivation is this course forces you to relax and has a lot of health benefits. It is 50% technical and 50% mental and I think that is what my barrier was. I would really recommend this to a lot of people who are stressed in work.

I would recommend the course, it gives a good basis for freediving. All the instructors were really, really helpful. We had direct reflections, the groups were small. it worked very well. I only wish the course could have been longer! – Aron Mathe

Watch this video where Andy, Lucy, Stewart, Matthew, John & Aron show you how much fun it is to freedive in the UK in November!!

  Class of 7th – 8th October 2017

freediving courses in October - Sarah

I’ve always fancied freediving but never got around to it, so decided to start looking this year. And then I found the Try Freediving course and really enjoyed that and thought it would be really good  to do it with some depth and do a bit more of an advanced course. I’ve done scuba for about 2 years but gave up scuba in the UK because of all the kit.

I’ve discovered you can do a lot more than you think. If we tried holding our breath on land we would probably get to a minute and think we need to breathe, but actually you can do more than you imagine. It’s resisting those urges. Before I thought the urge meant I needed to breathe, but it doesn’t mean I need oxygen.

I enjoyed yesterday because I didn’t have any problems with my ears. I enjoyed the swimming down. The pool was really good, but it was good to do the depth work because it was completely different and then trying to think of everything while doing that, so the equalising and the breath hold. So I enjoyed it when we swam down and touched the plane for the first time. That was an achievement. It was like ‘yes! I went down to 10 metres!’ That was the best part.

I liked that the theory was online, so you could do it on the weekend or fit it around work. I think this course would be very good if you are not a very relaxed person because it would make you relaxed. And, it helps you not think of anything else other than the course, because you are under the water and can’t think of anything else. You’re free. It’s just you and the water.

I would recommend this course if someone wanted to feel more relaxed or more comfortable in water. And if you do snorkeling and you wanted to improve. Because when you snorkel you go down and think you have reached your limit and pop back up. And learning to do it safely as well. Because if you haven’t done the course, you wouldn’t know how far to push it. We get to practice pushing our limits with you guys watching and you guys are going to stop us way before we get to any limits. You can’t practice this on your own. – Sarah Turner

freediving courses in October - Alice

I’ve done scuba diving before and decided to challenge myself at something else. I’ve always been interested in freediving but never really looked into it all that much. And then Sarah said ‘Let’s go and do it’ so I said ‘yes’. Sarah is the one that did the main research into it and she said that Go Freediving had a really good reputation, so we booked onto the Try Freediving course about a month ago and really enjoyed it. We spoke to Emma a little more and were made to feel really comfortable, really happy, really kind of safety conscious from the instructors. And talking to Emma about the other courses it sounded like the RAID Freediver course was the best kind of course around so carried on diving with Go Freediving.

On this course I’ve discovered I can hold my breath for a lot longer and I’ve discovered how to zone out – which I thought I was pretty good at, living in London. But actually, it’s not until you have to concentrate on zoning out and focusing on what you have to do to achieve the depth or breath hold that actually, you need to focus on it a lot more than I actually did.

What I liked most about the course was the instructors – they have always made us feel really at ease. And we’ve had a joke with them and they can take a joke and can also give one too. It’s been a really nice, relaxed atmosphere. But they still keep pushing you to achieve the next step which is really nice.

The benefits of doing this course are that it really gives someone a chance to look at their health and how they are living their life. It certainly has me. It’s not about who can go the deepest or hold their breath the longest it’s actually encompasses food, dietary habits. It’s been really nice to step away from life and just focus on ‘right let’s not hyperventilate, let’s take those breaths and go for a dive’. Other benefits; I think the friendship and I’ve never felt that I can’t ask questions. And being able to eat really hot, stodgy food to warm you up! Also, for me I think learning the equalisation techniques for when I am teaching in Australia and also getting my future students to calm down and give them the confidence to do it. One day I am hoping to become a freediving instructor – there are not many in Australia and what an amazing area to do it!

I would definitely recommend this course. My brother is not interested in scuba diving at all, but I think I could get him to come on a course like this because he wouldn’t have to think about equipment or gas and things like that. I think my parents would really enjoy it too. – Alice Marno

freediving courses in October - Ben

I decided to a freediving course because my cousins spearfish in Greece and I always wanted to join in.

The reason I chose to do it with Go Freediving because you seem like the best freediving school and you are the closest to us, which is convenient.

I discovered that freediving is not all about the breath holding, but I find the equalisation is much harder. But I am slowly getting it with the help of all the instructors and how they are so friendly. Freediving is not just something you do on the weekends, it’s all about your mental state and stuff like that.

The best part was when we had finished free immersion and were coming back and we weren’t doing any depth diving, we were just diving down looking at the fish and the underwater scenery and that was amazing!

I think one of the the main benefits of this course are that is calms you down as it is all about the breathing which helps you stay calm and number two is the physical benefit – you get fit and get more control of your body. And, number three, you really get to know yourself – your strengths, your weaknesses and how to improve.

I would highly recommend this course. Definitely! Of course! All the instructors were so friendly, so much help. It was great! – Ben Cadec

freediving courses in October - Volker

The kids in my snorkeling group out-beat me, so I needed to come on a freediving  course! You are the only one’s on the internet that in reasonable driving distance that offers the whole course over a weekend.

I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere. The instructors, the students, the lot!  It has been really good.

I now know that I can hold my breath a lot longer than I initially thought and I can teach my snorkeling students techniques that are correct and makes sense. And I will be coming back!

I would absolutely recommend this course, it is perfectly safe, good fun and you learn an awful lot. Theory is done in advance which makes perfect sense. If it wasn’t so far away I would be here every week. – Volker Ewens

freediving courses in October - Peter

A friend sent me a video of a couple of people freediving around a wreck  and thought that looks pretty interesting and that was it, I started having a look.  I found three places that taught it. Your email was really enthusiastic, that really made a difference. It made you more approachable.

I discovered that I can’t equalise…yet! I’ve also discovered that I am not quite as calm and relaxed as I think I am  – particularly when I’m 10 metres underwater!

What I enjoyed most was touching the plane. It plays such a big part of your videos, and I knew it was within reach. And especially after yesterday and not getting on with equalisation and not getting any way near the plane, to hit it several times today was fantastic. I was well pleased!

The benefits of this course is it is really relaxed, all the instructors are great! David has managed to help me without even realising he’s helped a couple of times. The facilities are great as well. It’s great down here. Even when it’s busy there is still enough room for everybody.

I would recommend this course because it’s approachable, great instructors and good facilities. In fact I’ve got a friend who I would bring when I come down to do the next course – they can do the beginners. – Peter Smith

freediving courses in October - Kristiana

I’ve been wanting to freedive for a long time. I’ve always put it off because life has been very busy for the last 6 years, but over the last year or so I’ve just been thinking about it more and I’ve read that people do it not just as a sport but as a way to relax and for me I took it up thinking yes, I could learn a new skill and also relax my mind because of my autism. I’ve come away with a really great mindset and I’ve learned some great skills as well and that’s why I took up freediving.

I chose you over all the other people because of your website. It has videos, the way it is presented – it looks and feels professional, but doesn’t look business-like. It is personal, inviting, friendly and has your character. For me when I read something and think, that’s good, I want to be a part of that organisation. And for me, it was the right choice.

I haven’t been at peace for a very, very long time and although I haven’t passed the course, I have achieved so much and look forward to working with you, to build upon my skills, learning more and keep doing so well into the future, It’s been brilliant.

People who know me, know that I have to work twice as hard as everyone else because of the way my brain works. So I have a certain way of doing things. So for me, this has been absolutely brilliant.

I’ve discovered that whilst I was reading some of the pre-course notes about the breathing element, I found a new way of concentrating, for someone with autism that was brilliant.  And then, being out on the water with great instructors who know their craft and have masses of experience over the years, I find that I’m really confident. They want to teach, they want people to move forward and I felt really comfortable, and this is a new skill that I can achieve and keep progressing with.

What I have liked most about the course is the amazing people, everyone is like-minded, I never felt under pressure, the student to instructor ratio, the way you delivered the course. It was friendly. It’s just been really good. I’ve learned new skills, basics like putting on a wetsuit. Being out in the water, having the confidence. I feel really comfortable. Finning skills, how to breathe, concentration on what you need to do. Basically, all the skills are going to come in and I’m going to feel yes I’ve got it! Maybe the Red Sea should be something I should be thinking of next!

The benefits of this course for me personally are inner peace, calm, a new skill to go and explore the oceans, seas and inland sites. Enjoy myself while doing it and continue to learn new skills and things about myself.

I would recommend this course because it is an ideal way to come into freediving. By exploring and learning about that environment in that way it also makes you feel at one with it.

It takes you out of your head and into your body. You’re learning new skills and about yourself and you focusing on things you want to do. I would recommend Go Freediving because the way you instruct people, your method of teaching, the website it is all done really friendly. There is a lot of vicarious learning. You have a package that all comes together, to make freediving students very welcome to this new sport. I would definitely recommend it! – Kristiana Pearce

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    Meet the class of 23rd – 24th September 2017

local freediving course - Mike Archer

I’ve always loved snorkeling when I’ve been abroad. I always liked the marine life and the sea. And when me and my brother were younger we used to have competitions like who can hold their breath longer, who can do more lengths in the swimming pool and he always used to beat me, so I thought I’ve got to do something about this! I came back from the Caribbean where we dived down on a boat and thought I really actually want to get good at doing something like this, so I did the Try Freediving course and then I’ve been practicing for about 6 months at the Poole club and then I thought I want to do the course and learn to do the depth. Because it’s completely different going down instead of doing lengths.

It’s a lot harder than I thought, to be fair. In the pool my contractions happen a lot later than they do here. I didn’t think I’d get as deep as I did, but I was surprised at how quickly they came on. But I’ve loved it!

I liked swimming through the two parts of the plane. It was a really comfortable depth where you could just swim along and explore.

The instructors are all brilliant. You are all laid back and have such a good laugh. It’s fun. It is a course, but you are having fun. Some courses are really regimented, but this was more laid back. I would definitely recommend this course. It shows you what is happening to your body when you are going to any depth, and the safety aspect of it – which is pretty important, really. – Mike Archer

local freediving course - Femina Robertshaw

I wanted to do a freediving course one; because it looks really, really cool, two; because I wanted to conquer my fear of being underwater and three; just because it will get you closer to nature.

I came to Go Freediving because you were at the top of Google and seemed like the best instructor to go with and from the discussions we had on emails you kind of got where I was and just reassured me that I should give it a go.

I’ve discovered that I can hold my breath a lot longer than I think and go deep and down and do lots of different things – and it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be relaxing, it can be lovely! It is a couple of steps much closer to overcoming that fear of water. I’ve come out of this feeling very exhilarated and just want to do it again. Definitely do it again!

The thing I enjoyed most was the last free immersion dive, when I was pulling down and was streamlined, it was so much easier just going down, I reached that level of relaxation that I hadn’t before and it was fine, it was lovely. I saw the fishes. I was able to come up completely controlled and had a moment before I came up for air knowing I could have done more, and that was just wonderful for me.

Beyond the practical things you learn, the benefits of this course is being able to relax because that is central to this and then linked to that is breathing. Freediving is not about holding your breath, actually you learn a lot of techniques about how to become efficient with how you use your body, how to move your body, how to conserve energy. That kind of efficiency side of things is a real benefit.

I would recommend this course without a doubt because you are very well looked after, so if you are a bit unsure about it this is the best place to go. A very knowledgeable team, the tuition is great and David was fantastic today. That one-on-one  tuition was perfect for me. You have a flexible team to adapt to different types of people and different types of tuition needed. Doing something like this one or twice or however many times is useful for you as a person. – Femina Robertshaw

local freediving course - Matt Archer

I love being in the water and when I go on holiday I like to sit at the bottom of the pool and see how long I can stay there for. But now I know that is not wise, because I need a buddy. I decided to come on a course with you because of my brother. He found you and told me all about it.

I’ve discovered that it is not how long I can stay under the water it is about doing it safely. What I’ve liked most about the course is the people. I’ve had a really good laugh.

The three benefits of doing this course are that you learn how to do it properly – safely. You have a great time. Good people. No-one is hard to get on with. Everyone is natural and normal – apart from my brother! And the location is awesome! When I saw it online and I was seeing all the things that had been sunk in the water for you to dive around, I was so excited! I’ve done the boat, three parts of the aeroplane, the crushing works, some of the platforms and a car as well!

I would recommend this course 100% because it is fun and great people! – Matt Archer

Check out the video to see Mike, Femina and Matt on their RAID Freediver course