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Meet the Go Freediving instructors

Our courses are all taught by the world-class Go Freediving instructors you see below. They come from all walks of life but are united in their skill and passion for freediving. Click on an instructor’s picture to read more about them.

Emma Farrell
Emma FarrellInstructor Trainer
Emma is one of the world’s leading freediving instructors and author of the stunning book One Breath. She’s been teaching freediving since 2002.
Wayne Overson
Wayne OversonInstructor
Wayne always loved the water but wished he’d found freediving earlier, but is doing what he can to make up for the late start!
Pash Baker
Pash BakerInstructor
Pash is a true water baby. Discovering an affinity for water and the ocean at a young age, we are sure gills are starting to develop!
Tom Elliott
Tom ElliottInstructor
Tom discovered freediving at work reading about it and thinking it looked really cool. Deciding to strike whilst the iron was hot, he was on a course within two weeks and has never looked back.
Zoe Strandquist
Zoe StrandquistInstructor
Zoe has a brain the size of a small planet and a heart to match. She can talk about freediving without hesitation, repetition or deviation for the next millennia.
Jorgen Strandquist
Jorgen StrandquistInstructor
Jorgen has always described himself as a restless soul, skiing black runs as soon as he could walk. He’s toured the world working in the music industry.
Heather Coutts
Heather CouttsInstructor
Heather is our very own action woman, who first became aware of freediving as an 18 year-old marine biology student watching The Big Blue with her friends.
David Mellor
David MellorInstructor
David started freediving when he went spearfishing, before realising that he’d better take a proper course so he knew what he was doing.