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RAID Freediver Advanced Course (7)

RAID Advanced Freediver

RAID Advanced Freediver, Emma Farrell freediving with monofin on coral reef, Red Sea, Egypt

Take your freediving experience to the next level with the RAID Advanced Freediver course

Improve your freediving performance with the RAID Advanced Freediver course. Sophisticated techniques and further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex will help improve your body’s response when freediving, enabling you to dive deeper and longer.

In the pool you’ll train to hold your breath for at least 2 minutes 30 seconds and practice dynamic apnea for 55 metres. In open water at Vobster Quay you’ll learn new, advanced equalisation techniques and training methods to carry you past 20m and up to depths of 30m. Diving from the freediving platform with lanyards, you’ll learn to dive deeper and gain advanced rescue skills. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy recreational freediving on some of the deeper attractions.

Course details

Your RAID Advanced Freediver course begins when you book your place.  We’ll email you an information pack containing everything you need to know about the course, our suggestions for preparing, as well as information about accommodation and logistics.

We’ll also send you a link to the RAID Advanced Freediver theory materials and course handbook, which is provided online by RAID. All of your course materials are accessed online and they’re kept up-to-date by RAID, so that after your course you’ll have lifetime access to the very latest guidance and information. Home study means you can familiarise yourself with the basics at your own pace and will mean more time for you in the water over the weekend of the course.

Your course starts on the Friday evening at the pool, perfecting your static and dynamic skills, and then moves to Vobster Quay for the weekend. Here you’ll build on your freediving skills and knowledge, taking your confidence and experience to the next level with the most experienced instructors in the UK.

You must complete the theory and pass the final exam before the date of your booked course or you will not be allowed in the water.

You also need to have a current (within the last 2 years) CPR and First Aid course certificate. You can do the course with us. Find out more by clicking here!

Before booking please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions and medical statement

What’s included

  • Pool hire
  • Theory material
  • Tuition
  • Equipment hire including wetsuit hire
  • Lifetime guarantee*

Not included

  • Vobster Quay entry fee (details)
  • Personal travel and subsistence

* Lifetime guarantee details
For as long as Go Freediving is trading, we will happily answer your questions and provide advice via email, telephone or in person about freediving (within the scope of your course). So if you have any queries about kit, training, where to go freediving abroad, or how to improve your technique, we’ll be there for you.


Wetsuit hire is included in the price of your course however if you have your own we suggest you bring it so you get the best fit. If you own a scuba wetsuit you can use that – we recommend a minimum suit thickness of 5mm. Triathlon wetsuits are not suitable as they tend to be too thin and usually don’t include a hood.

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Payment options and deposits.

£100 of your course cost is considered a non-refundable deposit. If you wish to pay a deposit separately to secure your place rather than the full amount upfront, then please contact us to arrange a bank transfer payment.


15 – 16 August 2020
26 – 27 September 2020

Plus abroad on all of our holidays


South Wansdyke Sports Centre, Midsomer Norton, Bath, BA3 2UG
Vobster Quay, Upper Vobster, Radstock, BA3 5SD

*Please note the course starts at 6.30pm on the Friday evening at the swimming pool and ends at around 5pm on the Sunday at Vobster Quay

To take part in our RAID Advanced Freediver course you must be:

You will be required to complete this self-certifying medical form before the course. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the conditions listed you must get approval from your GP.

Club members can save £50 on a RAID Advanced Freediver course

These people loved it!

The benefits of doing this course are huge in relation to your physiology and mental capacity and I am sure it will help you in other aspects of life. I would recommend the course because if you want to do freediving you need to aim high. 

The benefit of the advanced course is that you get to put everything you learned in the Freediver course into practice and fully understand it and that’s quite reassuring. 

The benefits of doing the advanced course are you get to integrate more with the people and learn a bit more about what’s going on, and the safety and techniques that you learn. I couldn’t have managed to do what I have done this weekend without the course.

The benefits of the course are the progress for those that want to freedive more and you have more confidence than you have after the beginners course, everything just gets so much easier. I would recommend that everyone should do the advanced course.

 I would recommend doing the advanced course because you get a professional critique. To have someone focus on what you are doing and giving professional feedback is very beneficial.

Doing the advanced course meant I benefited from instructors looking at my diving techniques and correcting any bad habits I had picked up. Spending time in the water is always good and Vobster is such a nice facility. The entire atmosphere of the course was great and it was just a fun time.

The benefits for me of doing the advanced freediving course for me was learning and knowing that I am doing it properly. The knowledge and location is really good. Rotating through different instructors is great because you get different bits of information from each one.

The benefits of doing the advanced course are understanding your body’s limits and pushing them more, and it’s more challenging!  Freediving is my passion now – it’s just a lovely atmosphere all round. I would definitely recommend the advanced course and I would even do it again myself!