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RAID freediver course

RAID Freediver Course

Perfect for beginner and intermediate freedivers, the RAID Freediver course is a comprehensive introduction to our rewarding sport

RAID Freediver Course

By the end of your course you could be diving to depths up to 20m in the most relaxed and safe manner possible.

You’ll dive submerged boats, trucks, cars and planes, through shoals of beautiful fish and learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level.

Perfect for students who want to start freediving or spearfishing. Also, an excellent course for surfers, scuba divers and any other water sport enthusiasts.

returner sessions

Refresher Course

Perfect for students wishing to cross over, complete certification, prepare for next level certification or simply dive or refresh skills in an instructor-led environment.

Refresher Course

If you have started a RAID Freediver Course,  Advanced Freediver Course or  Master Freediving Course but have not yet completed your skills to qualify for certification,  or, you are qualified and would like to refresh  skills, prepare for a next level certification or cross over from another course programme our Returner Course offer the perfect opportunity to do so.

You will join one of a regular courses suited to your current level and have your skills assessed and signed off where applicable.

RAID Advanced Freediver Course

RAID Advanced Course

Perfect for intermediate freedivers, the RAID Advanced Freediver course is a RAID second level internationally recognised certification course

RAID Advanced Freediver Course

Improve your freediving performance with the RAID Advanced Freediver course. Sophisticated techniques and further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex will help improve your body’s response when freediving, enabling you to dive deeper and longer.

By the end of the course your skills, technical ability, breath hold and confidence means you could be diving to depths up to 30m in the most relaxed and safe manner possible and taking your freediving to the next level in beautiful surroundings!

RAID Master Freediver Course

RAID Master Course

The RAID Master Freediver course is the apex of the RAID Freediving programme and demonstrates your arrival as truly accomplished freediver

RAID Master Freediver Course

In the pool you’ll be holding your breath for at least 3 minutes 30 seconds and swimming dynamic at least 75 metres. You’ll learn new techniques to counter depth effects and performing deeper and more complicated rescues. In the classroom you’ll examine in more detail the physiology, psychology and physics of freediving, such as how diving to 30m and beyond affects the residual volume of your lungs. This specialist deep diving qualification will equip you with everything you need to know to take you into the deep blue and beyond!

Private tuition

Private Tuition

For individuals or groups our private tuition options are a fantastic opportunity for students to tailor their learning to their individual or group needs

Private Freediving Tuition

If you are an individual looking for one to one tuition – either for freediving tuition, confidence training or to undertake one of our courses privately, we’re here for you!

If you are a group – corporate, professional or just a group of friends keen to learn together – our group rates make learning to freedive even more attractive!

If you want to learn more, get in touch via our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap!

Freediving Masterclass

Perfect your freediving skills and technique in a Masterclass led by Emma Farrell. Classes limited to 4 students. Two options to choose from with a class for Advanced course prep also available.

Freediving Masterclass

With two options to choose from we have a Masterclass for everyone. These classes focus on technique and skills.

The classes are limited to 4 students and are run by Emma herself and are for anyone that has done the Open Water Freediver course even if they have not passed.

The Advanced Course Prep Masterclasses are aimed at students that will be doing their Advanced Course and have passed the Open Water Freediver course.

Where do I start?

Freediving in Tenerife - freediving3

If you’ve never done freediving before we recommend you dive straight into our popular two day RAID Freediver Course?  Our students LOVE this course!

We’ve taught freediving courses to everyone from children to people in their eighties, as well as champion freedivers, spearfishers, surfers and even the occasional Hollywood actor (but you’re ALL superstars to us!).

Check out our FAQ page for more details!

If you are already have a recognised freediving certification and looking to progress or crossover, we have courses from advanced freediver right through to advanced instructor. Get in touch for more details!

Why should I do a Freediving Course?

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Freediving is an amazing skill to have. It’s not just about impressing your friends with how long you can hold your breath! You will be safer in the water, be able to scuba dive more efficiently, snorkel for longer and deeper, manage and recover from surfing wipeouts and, if you are a performance athlete or someone who wants to improve your performance on dry land as well as in the water, freediving skills will help.

Freediving is also an amazing, meditative sport, so is known to help with anxiety, depression and other stress related conditions. Which is why we also offer a variety of online breathing optimisation classes and yoga sessions which run regularly throughout the year.

The question should not be ‘why?’, it should be ‘why not?’

Check out our FAQ page for more information!

Still not sure?

Check out what you could be doing, below!

And, there’s more!

Go Freediving offers discounts for group bookings for our RAID FREEDIVER COURSE, so whether your a corporate organisation looking for something completely different to inspire and motivate your team, or your are a club looking to offer even more to your members, get in touch and let us help you blow them away!

Our students love our courses, but don’t just take our word for it!

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Most Popular:

Our most popular courses start with the RAID Freediver course – perfect for all levels and experience. Our returning student sessions are very popular with students wishing to continue their training, refresh skills or simply enjoy diving in a supportive and safe environment. Some students even use these sessions to prepare for the RAID Advanced course – our next level certification course.



We offer a range of online classes for students of all levels. Perfect for taking before, during or after any freediving course you may undertake.

Online Classes for freediving

Master, Instructor and Crossover

These courses are all for freedivers of RAID Advanced or above.

RAID Freediver
Runs April – October

RAID Advanced Freediver
Runs April – October

Returning Student Sessions
Runs April – October

RAID Master Freediver
Runs April – October

Professional Freediving Instructor
Runs February – August