Paleo Food Foundation Course

We all want to eat a diet optimised for our health, and the Paleo diet approach is designed to maximise your bodies potential, as well as be an integral part of healing and often reversing, long term health conditions.

The Paleo diet is premised on eating unprocessed ‘real’ food, and avoiding foods that can cause inflammation and damage to the body, such as refined sugar, grains and dairy. The diet has been shown to reverse illnesses such as MS and ongoing research shows the benefits to a wide range of health issues.

However the diet is also about prevention of disease and making you feel superhuman! On the Paleo Foundation Course you’ll spend the day in the kitchen classroom, learning about the principles of the diet and how to adapt it to your own life and needs.

You’ll learn not only what to and what not to eat, but you’ll get hands on, learning new skills and recipes and, most importantly, doing a lot of eating!

On the course you will:

  • Learn what to eat, what not to eat and why, so you are fully informed about the diet
  • Learn how to make nut milk to save you money on buying them in
  • Learn how to make lacto-fermented vegetables to get another super food into your body
  • Learn how to create delicious alternatives to your favourite foods
  • Get hands on with inexpensive gadgets to take food to a whole new level
  • Explore how to tweak the paleo diet to suit your level of activity and needs

The course is taught by Emma Farrell, a paleo advocate and full time foodie, who runs the facebook page Paleo at Home

All food is provided as part of the course price, as well as handouts, recipes, and a further reading list.

Spaces are limited so book your place now!



Before booking please read our cancellation document and medical form**
Paleo Food Foundation Course

Conygre Hall, Somerset, BA2 0JQ 

Dates 2015:
14th June
18th Oct

10 – 5pm

What’s included:
Facilities hire and equipment
Food – Three course lunch, dinner to takeaway, drinks, plus snacks and treats
Comprehensive handout
Recipes and reading list
Resources list

What to bring:
An apron
Tupperware of various sizes

£124 (club member)
£149 (non member)

What you should know:
All food is grain, dairy and legume free. Every meal will involve high quality animal protein. If you follow a low FODMAP diet or the AIP diet, please email

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Paleo Food

  • Over 14 years old

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