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Monofin Fundamentals

Monofin Course, freediver with Monofin

Experience freediving in a whole new way with a monofin

Our Monofin Fundamentals course will introduce you to monofin freediving, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of this wonderful piece of kit.

The course starts with theory, exploring the history of the monofin, its construction and design, and the wide range of models on the market. You’ll learn the different techniques required for monofin freediving, analyse different styles and learn about protecting and transporting a monofin. We’ll then move onto strength and flexibility exercises that will prepare your body for monofin freediving.

Then we’ll move to the pool and put everything into practice, first with bi-fins and then with a monofin. At the end of the course you’ll perform a max dynamic and, if you’re interested, design a personalised training program to improve your monofin performance.

Course details

The Monofin Fundamentals course is split between theory work in the classroom and practical work in the pool. We’ll provide you with all the kit you need*. We work with a maximum of 6 students per course – we keep course numbers low so you can learn at your own pace under the watchful eye of our skilled, experienced instructors.

After the course you’ll benefit from the Go Freediving lifetime guarantee**, giving you our continued support on your monofin progress.

Before booking please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions and medical statement

What’s included

  • Tuition
  • Equipment hire*
  • Lifetime guarantee**

*We have a selection of monofins but cannot guarantee you will have a fin for your exclusive use during the course

** Lifetime guarantee details
For as long as Go Freediving is trading, we will happily answer your questions and provide advice via email, telephone or in person about freediving (within the scope of your course). So if you have any queries about kit, training, where to go freediving abroad, or how to improve your technique, we’ll be there for you.


Wetsuit are not necessary for this course. However if you get cold easily you may want to consider wearing a very thin wetsuit such as a pool suit. We do not have any of these for hire.


21st July 2018


Midsomer Norton Sports Centre, Midsomer Norton, Bath


5.00pm – 9.30pm

To take part in our Monofin Fundamentals course you must be:

  • 14 years of age or older
  • Able to swim 100m unaided
  • Try Freediving qualified

You will be required to complete this self-certifying medical form before the course. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the conditions listed you must get approval from your GP.

Club members can save £20 on a Monofin Fundamentals course

These people loved it!

There was such a relaxed atmosphere on the course. We discussed about other topics and this helped to get a bigger picture of the freediving world!
Simona L
I loved the calmness of the instructors, their good humour, laid back approach and professionalism!
George C
“I don’t think you guys realise how much you give to people. I just want to make sure you know that YOU (you and David and the whole gang) have already made a huge impact on my life.”
Nora G