Yoga Foundation Course

The term ‘yoga’ literally means to ‘yoke’ and is the name we give a whole variety of mental and physical disciplines designed to make ourselves feel better inside and out.

The day starts with theory, an introduction to yoga history and philosophy, including an introduction to Sivananda yoga and the the gurus who brought it to the west. We then go on to look at some yoga postures, designed to take the whole body through a sequence of movements suitable to all levels and abilities.

We will also explore the discipline of pranayama, control of the breath, and how this can relate to all aspects of our lives and health, and meditation and how to build a successful practice.

You will also experience the profoundly relaxing practice of yoga nidra, a form of guided relaxation which takes you to a a whole new level of relaxation!

Your instructor, Emma Farrell, is a Sivananda training yoga teacher who has also been trained to teach Yoga Nidra. She has also worked extensively with Olympic athletes using freediving and pranayama techniques to improve their breathing and all aspects of their sport.

The course is suitable for everyone, no matter how inflexible you are. Yoga is not about contorting your body, but going on a physical and mental journey that is unique to you, to bring about health and happiness.

If you do not have your own yoga mat, we have a small amount available for hire.

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Yoga Foundation Course

Conygre Hall, Somerset, BA2 0JQ

Dates 2015:
10th May

What’s included:
Facilities hire
Delicious lunch
Comprehensive handout
Lifetime guarantee*

£99 (club member)
£124 (non member)

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Yoga Foundation Course

  • Over 14 years old

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