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David Morgan

Freediving Instructor

David Morgan has been freediving almost all his adult life and teaching since 2002. His love and enthusiasm for freediving began in 1999 when working in a dive shop on the island of Utila in Honduras. In 2000 he started freediving off the coast of Plymouth with a group of friends. Freediving enabled them to experience many adventures, including swimming with basking sharks, dolphins and loads of kelp!

David has taken part in competitions in Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and the UK. He represented the UK national team in 2006 in Egypt where he achieved his 50m in constant weight. He also held a British freediving record in 2003.

David has taught alongside Emma in the UK and abroad at the Go Freediving summer schools and as a result will always have fond memories of the amazing times the students and instructors had whilst being abroad. He will never forget the islands of Kalymnos and Malta for both the memorable freediving and the warm hospitality. One experience he will never forget is the skandalopetra diving to 30m off a fisherman’s boat in Kalymnos. He has taught a wide range of courses in Vobster Quay which has often seen David and the students camping and lighting a BBQ together in the evening.

David gets a huge amount of pleasure seeing students progress and develop from that first attempt of getting into a freediving wetsuit through to freefalling down a line, calmly taking in all of the new world that has just been opened up to them. He is extremely patient and never compares one student against another but believes that progress in freediving is measured through the pleasure that the individual gets from the sport. David’s role is to guide the student through the different stages and support when necessary.

David enjoys spending time with his wife and young family. Living in the South West he has the privilege of being able to enjoy beautiful beaches whatever the weather. He also enjoys surfing, cycling and running throughout South East Cornwall.