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Dennis Walker

Freediving Instructor

When Freediving Instructor Dennis Walker started ‘freediving properly’ it was the culmination of a lifetime of involvement in watersports, predominantly surfing, spearfishing , sailing, and also underwater hockey in which he has represented Wales and also volunteers as a coach and referee.

He had initially attended a level 1 course to help extend his bottom time for spearfishing but found, like many others who have followed this same path before, a sport, a pastime, an immersion that he had not really expected to find.

‘I fell in love with the relaxed and comfortable state we aim to find when immersed and knew I had to take it further. Levels 2 and 3 followed in quick succession and I soon found, while helping others on their way that I also loved to share and pass on the pleasure I got from freediving. I didn’t need much persuading when Emma suggested I should take an Instructor’s course. I like the friendly, inclusive atmosphere she nurtures at Go Freediving where enjoyment is the key, whatever your level of ability where anyone can and does come along to try Freediving. I get most enjoyment from my teaching when I can help students to surprise themselves, to do something they didn’t, or maybe others didn’t expect them to do. It’s not all about going deep, many people get huge pleasure freediving at a fairly basic level and introducing new people to this wonderful sport is a huge pleasure for me.’

Dennis is graceful and smooth under the water, calm and collected on the surface and also manufactures all our lanyards and neck weights!