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Freediving Instructor Matt Burridge

Matt spent his childhood in the chalk streams of the Cotswolds catching crayfish and tickling trout before graduating to spearfishing in open water.

At school, he struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia and thought he wasn’t very academic. Matt threw himself into the outdoor life, becoming the youngest snowboarding instructor in the UK on his 16th birthday, and says that teaching others things he was good at gave him a sense of purpose and fulfilment. He went on to teach snowboarding, surfing, canoeing and quad biking in France and the Canaries before settling back in the UK.

Before he took his first formal freediving course, he had been spearfishing for so long he didn’t think he could be taught anymore and was sceptical that it would make any difference. However after his first freediving course, his breath hold doubled and his equalisation problems that he had suffered from for 17 years went away overnight! Since the course, his fish count has gone up, depth has gone down, and his time in the water is more enjoyable knowing he is diving safely.

As well as freediving and spearfishing, Matt is our resident seashore foraging guru. He loves the fact that you can go to a remote place by yourself or with friends and family, be at one with nature and come back laden (for free) with some of the most highly prized gourmet foods in the country. You know it’s completely fresh and free range, with no chemical additives, and you keep fit getting it!

A born teacher, Matt gets a real sense of achievement helping people accomplish what they thought was impossible. Amazing in, out and on top of the water, he gets the best out of everyone with his patience and infectious sense of humour!