Freediving Summer Party

This year, once again, our Freediving Summer Party was epic, including trying out amazing DPVs, a new game ‘Scuba Diver Top Trumps’, our underwater treasure hunt with prizes including kit, course and holiday vouchers, carbon fins, and a BBQ in the evening!


We started the day with either a static session at Glebe House, or getting stuck into open water, playing with the Xjoy 2, Xjoy 7, Xjoy 14 and XK1 courtesy of John and Rachel Kendall.

We had our new game to try out, ‘Scuba Diver Top Trumps’, where you dived down to scuba divers, handing them a tag with your name on it and the words ‘return to us to claim your prize’ on the back. Scuba divers won chocolate and the freedivers gained 1 point if the diver was wearing 1 tank, 2 points for 2 tanks and 3 points if they were wearing a rebreather! It was a close run between Rebecca Coales and Josh Walton but in the end Rebecca pipped him to the post!

In the afternoon there was more DPV fun and the return of our underwater treasure hunt, where the top prize of a pair of carbon fin blades was won by Chris Cook!

In the evening we unwound with a fantastic barbeque and some stayed on for a sleep-over at Glebe House.

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Summer party prizes won this year…

– A pair of carbon blades courtesy of Go Freediving

– A mask courtesy of Lumb Bros

– A pair of Beuchat beach shoes courtesy of Midland Diving

A pair of neoprene socks courtesy of Go Freediving

– A dive bag courtesy of Beaver

– A hoodie courtesy of Beaver

– A lanyard courtesy of Submerge

– A T-shirt courtesy of Trygons

– 2 x £100 holiday vouchers courtesy of Scuba Travel

– 3 x Vobster memberships courtesy of Vobster Quay



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This year we raised £110 for the RNLI!