• go freediving imersion 2mm freediving gloves The Elaskin 2mm Imersion freediving globes are made of soft, flexible neoprene with reinforced palm and fingers. The best comfort for dive gloves Available in sizes: XS/S - M/L

    Price: £24 not including shipping

  • The thickness of the 5mm Elaskin Imersion freediving gloves guarantees warmth but this glove remains still soft and flexible. The gloves are made of Neoprene with reinforced palm and fingers. Available in small, medium, large.

    Price: £24 not including shipping

  • imersion-bootiessocks-pacific-5mm Pacific Imersion freediving socks are made of nylon and comfortable neoprene with a tough Supratex sole. The socks are mid length, easy to put on and take off and come in a 3mm thickness


  • imersion-bootiessocks-pacific-5mm Pacific Imersion freediving socks are made of nylon and comfortable neoprene with a tough Supratex sole. The socks are mid length, easy to put on and take off and come in a 5mm thickness


  • Beauchat Mundial Backpack

    beauchat mundial-backpack-2The Beauchat Mundial Backpack is a popular choice for freedivers and spearfishers. This durable, extra long, easy to carry bag features  a main compartment with a ventilation mesh and a drain hole Secondary cool compartment, webbing for quick storing of towels etc, side straps to make the bag smaller if needed.


  • Cressi Gorilla Dry bag

    Go Freediving - Cressi Gorilla Pro 2 0 Made of PVC tarpaulin and using high quality seam sealing,  the popular Cressi Gorilla Dry Bag is watertight and an excellent bag for not only transporting your kit, but making sure any wet kit is kept contained until you are able to dry it out. Size: 90cm x 38cm x 32cm


  • go freediving omer plastic flip up weight beltThe Omer Rubber Weight Belt with plastic flip up buckle is a popular weight belt for freedivers. The high stretch rubber keep your weights comfortably in proper position during ascents and descents but still contracts and compresses with your wetsuit.  


  • This is the OMER Marseillaise Rubber Weight Belt for Spearfishing and Freediving. This Adjustable Rubber Weight Belt is durable and easy to use and comes highly recommended.  


  • We offer a variety of freediving fins and accessories through our Go Freediving shop. All have been tested for quality, durability and comfort across all disciplines and environments and are suitable for beginners to advanced.

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    Omer Stingray Freediving Fins

    Our most popular seller! These fins come complete with thermo rubber foot pocket. The blades are interchangeable too. Price: Pair: Non Club Member £98 Price: Pair: Club Member £90 Price: Spare blade (single blade)  £25    

    Freediving fins - carbon fins Carbon Blade Freediving Fins

    (Foot pockets not included)

    If you are looking for the best carbon fins around, we truly believe the Spierre Carbon blades win hands down. They are the most coveted carbon fins on the market! If you need power and efficiency, these pure carbon fibre aerospace grade carbon blades are the ones to choose. Price: Non Club Member £185 Price: Club Member £180           omer-stingray-footpockets

    Omer Foot Pocket

    The Omersub interchangeable foot pocket is a high quality durable product for your blades. Price: Single £36 Price: A pair £72     Omer-Stingray-Fin-Fixing-Kit

    Omer Fixing Kit

    The Omer Stingray blades fixing kit is very easy to use, only a screwdriver is required (not supplied). Price: One kit - For ONE blade £8     Fin-Retainers  

    Fin Retainers

    Value your fins? These rubber fin retainers help stop fins becoming loose & detaching during use. Price: Non Club Member - One Pair £6 Price: Club Member - One Pair £5
  • The Aqualung Sphera freediving mask is considered to be among the best of freediving masks on the market and is very popular among freedivers of all abilities and levels. The Sphera mask has an ultra-low profile and has all the qualities you need from dive and swim masks to provide perfect vision under water. The frame and lenses are designed to provide you with a 180 degrees visibility range while the streamlined frame aid effortless movement through water. Available in Black or Arctic White


    Features: Patented Plexisol® lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection, a great plus for free divers spending time at the surface Ultra-low profile Narrow Bridge Separates Curved Lenses True 180° degrees range of vision Lens curvature provides amazing surrounding awareness Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses Slimmed Down Mask Strap, Ratchet Buckle System Minimize Drag Easy to adjust buckles, even with gloves
  • go freediving epsealon cenote maskThe Epsealon Mask Cenote is a modern design designed specifically for freedivers. Due to its low weight and small footprint, Cenote is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and any other underwater activities. What distinguishes this mask from other freediving masks products is its lightness, wide field of view (180 degree visibility) and very low volume.  


    Features: Mask designed for the practice of apnea -Small volume with wide field of vision Soft and comfortable hypoallergenic silicone skirt Black polycarbonate frame Quick-adjusting buckles Polyglass optics
  • Go Freediving - epsealon minisub The Epsealon Minisub Freediving Mask mini volume mask was designed specifically for freediving. Composed of black hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonate frame this lightweight durable mask is perfect for freediving and spearfishing. The mask features removable buckles with quick and simple adjustment and can be adjusted even when wearing thick gloves.  


    Features: Soft and comfortable hypoallergenic black silicone skirt. Black polycarbonate frame. Buckles with quick adjustment, can be adjusted with thick gloves. Clear lenses.