• RAID Returning Student

    Following on from your original RAID course, you will have the opportunity to practise and complete your skills by joining another RAID course. You will have the same level of instruction, but will come to the course with skills you have already learned.As always, we’ll make sure you never exceed your own limits or comfort zone – you set a pace that you’re comfortable with. By the end of the weekend you could be diving to depths up to 20m in the most relaxed and safe manner possible. You’ll dive submerged boats, cars and planes and learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level. We’ll also film you doing it, so you’ve got a record of your weekend and something to impress your family and friends with.We have high instructor/student ratios on our RAID Freediver courses so, coupled with our very personal approach, you’re free to progress at your own pace. Taught by some of the world’s most experienced instructors and providing unrivalled materials and support, no other course offers such a comprehensive package or wealth of experience. We even provide a lifetime guarantee, so after the course you have the benefit of our continued support on your freediving journey.
  • Equalisation Bundle for Freediving.


    Doc’s Proplugs for equalisation

    Doc’s Proplugs for equalisation are one of my freediving equipment essentials. Even if I’m diving in Tropical waters I always use them. They make equalisation easier and protect against exostosis (surfer's ear). Find out how more about how they work and how to get the right size for your ears below.

    Otovent Dive for equalisation

    This is an incredibly simple yet effective device to train equalisation for both beginner, intermediate and elite freedivers. It can identify and train the frenzel equalisation technique, improve ear drum flexibiliy, equalisation strength, as well as teach various exercises needed to master mouthfill equalisation.

    BONUS! Free Online Breath Optimisation Class with Emma

    Improve your breath hold and lung function, and improve your freediving.The Breath Hold Optimisation Classes are based on the programme Emma devised for Olympic and Paralympic athletes across cycling and swimming, and have been used successfully since 2010.The exercises are designed to teach you how to breathe fully and efficiently, improve CO2 tolerance, increase breath hold capacity, increase Vital Capacity, decrease Residual Volume and improve diaphragm flexibility.Emma’s program uses techniques from yoga, freediving and the Buteyko method, and have been proven to improve lung function and performance. 

    More about Docs Proplugs

    Doc's Proplugs for equalisation when freediving with packagingDoc’s Prolugs are silicone plugs that fit inside the outer part of the ear. They come in all different sizes, from children up to adults and are either vented or non-vented.Vented Proplugs are what divers and freedivers want to use as they have a tiny hole in the part that fits inside your ear canal, that allows tiny amounts of water to enter the space between the Proplug and the eardrum, preventing baratrauma.Vented Proplugs are either made from red or clear silicone and non-vented come in pink or blue. They also can come with a leash connecting the Proplugs which makes it easier to keep track of them as they are small and can get lost inside a wetsuit hood if you forget you are wearing them when you change.They come in different sizes and you will be fitted for the right size for you on your course or club day. If you are placing an online order then contact us to discuss how to select the right size for you.

    More about Otovent Dive

    The Otovent Dive was devised from the original Otovent which was developed and launched in 1993 by Kestrel Medical to help people suffering from glue ear.Realising the potential for the Otovent to help glue ear in adults as well as children, as well as helping people deal with pressure changes during flying (plus the fact that the Otovent was already being used as an equalisation aid for freedivers and scuba divers), the development team decided to market the Otovent towards divers and diving.The principle of the product remains the same, with the nose plug and balloons, however with slightly different size and strength balloons and different packaging.As many freedivers will attest (myself included), equalising correctly can be one of the most difficult aspects of learning to freedive.  Most freedivers are limited not by breath hold or physical ability, but by their ability to move tiny amounts of air through their eustachian tubes to equalise the middle ear. In addition, a baratrauma (pressure related injury)  can keep you out of the water weeks, sometimes months and so we want to make sure we always equalise correctly and often enough. Any equalisation aid for freedivers that is available in my opinion should be utilised if you do not find equalisation easy and automatic.It is a very simple device, and because it works as a visual aid it can also help the user, as well as any instructor, identify whether the user is performing the Frenzel equalisation technique correctly. Mastering the technique of inflating the device is a great indicator as to whether the user is ‘on the right tracks’ in terms of learning to use their tongue to equalise.When learning the Frenzel, the balloon will inflate when the back of the tongue is engaged, creating positive pressure in the mouth and nose. And because the balloons provided in the kit are pressurised, this encourages the Eustachian tubes of the ear to open when inflated via the nose.Once the Frenzel is mastered, the Otovent can be used to train the mouthfill equalisation technique using a variety of exercises.equalisation aid for freedivers Each kit contains:1 x nostril piece3 x pressurised balloons1 x carry caseReplacement balloons can be purchased too.
  • Beuchat Espadon 5mm Wetsuit

    PLEASE STATE YOUR HEIGHT AND WEIGHT WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER SO THAT WE CAN SELECT THE CORRECT SIZE FOR YOU.5mm wetsuit suitable for men or womenSuper soft and flexible neopreneTop quality anatomical design and cutReinforcements at knees and shinsCutaway long john to simplify dressingType: Two-piece suit for free diving and spearfishingTop with integrated hood, long john bottomsOpen cell neoprene interior for better thermal protection5 mm thicknessAnatomical cut: High quality preformed anatomical cut for maximum comfort (Jacket: 21 panels + pants: 12 panels)Cutaway long john to simplify dressingSeamless stretch panels at articulations (armpits, inside elbows and behind knees) to reduce abrasionPreformed for a snug fit at the curvature of the lower back and crotchPreformed crotch for improved comfort with closure by plastic studs.Reinforcements: Double layer of PU reinforcements composed of grooves of various thicknesses for more flexibility at elbows and bust.Edging & finishes: Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with external overlockLower edge of the top is reinforced to ensure better resilience during undressing
  • You want to become a freediving instructor! Congratulations!

    Go Freediving provides an established, professional, experienced Freediving Instructor course programme.
    Qualifying to join our Freediving Instructor course is not guaranteed. This is because above and beyond becoming a freediving instructor under the banner of Go Freediving, we place great emphasis on safety, teaching and attitude (these actually factor higher than being an elite freediver).
    In fact, if during your training we identify the attributes we look for, you may even be approached and recruited by us! So we have an interest in producing the best freediving instructors we can!
    At present, the entire course is run by Go Freediving who follow the world respected RAID Freediving Instructor and RAID Advanced Freediving Instructor course modules.
    This course involves, theory, one to one sessions, practical coaching, regular assessments  of skills and abilities, and knowledge checks. We like to describe it as an apprenticeship.
    This course is password protected, and can only be purchased after contacting Emma.
  • Go Freediving Swim Hat

    swim capsOur classic Go Freediving swim cap is a must have for pool training and competitions!Available in white with blue logo or blue with white logo - the choice is yours!One size fits all


    Non Club Members: £8

    Club Members: £5

  • Go Freediving Club T shirt 2Be Part Of The Club!

    Mens cotton club T shirt bearing the distinctive Go Freediving logo on the front left chest and a large Go Freediving logo on the back of the T shirt.

    Made from durable cotton and available in Royal Navy or Light Blue they are incredibly popular among Go Freediving club members and students and are one of our top selling gift choices.Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


    Non Club Members: £20

    Club Members: £18

  • Go Freediving Club Hoodie


    go freediving club hoodie - front12Be Part Of The Club!

    Unisex thick cotton Club hoodie bearing the distinctive Go Freediving logo on the front left chest and a large Go Freediving logo on the back.

    Made from thick cotton and available in *4 classic Go Freediving colours:Light BlueMid BlueDark BlueGreyOur Go Freediving Club Hoodie is the perfect way to get warm and stay warm after  dive. It also happens to look pretty awesome too!Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL


    Non Club Member: £45

    Club Member: £40

    PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. If you require shipping let us know when you place your order and we will calculate that cost for you and send a separate bill for it.* If you wish to order a different colour (we have over 20 colours to choose from), or if you would prefer the zip front version, get in touch and we can arrange that for you. 
  • Go Freediving Beanie


    Be Part Of The Club!

    Look the part, and keep warm with our classic navy beanie bearing the distinctive Go Freediving name.

    One colour: NavyOne size fits all


    Non members £15

    Club members £12

  • Go Freediving Baseball Cap


    go freediving club capBe Part Of The Club!

    Go Freediving Baseball Cap available in our classic Go Freediving colours with the distinctive Go Freediving logo on the front.

    One size fits all


    Non Club Members £20

    Club Members £15

  • Go Freediving Club T shirt 2Be Part Of The Club!

    Womens' cotton Club T shirt bearing the distinctive Go Freediving logo on the front left chest and a large Go Freediving logo on the back of the T shirt.

    Made from durable cotton and available in Royal Navy or Light Blue our Go Freediving Club T Shirt is incredibly popular among Go Freediving club members and students and are one of our top selling gift choices.Available in sizes S, M, L, XL


    Non Club Members: £20

    Club Members: £18

  • go freediving imersion 2mm freediving glovesThe Elaskin 2mm Imersion freediving globes are made of soft, flexible neoprene with reinforced palm and fingers. The best comfort for dive glovesAvailable in sizes: XS/S - M/L

    Price: £24 not including shipping

  • The thickness of the 5mm Elaskin Imersion freediving gloves guarantees warmth but this glove remains still soft and flexible.The gloves are made of Neoprene with reinforced palm and fingers.Available in small, medium, large.

    Price: £24 not including shipping