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I am a water person and I booked on the course as part of a group and this is my first experience diving in the UK and it was so much nicer than I thought.

From experience, Go Freediving is the best company around!

I have discovered that there are nice places in the UK that you can dive that are not cold! I am not a fan of the cold but these hire suits are amazing! I have not felt cold even once. It has been a really nice experience, the peace of it all and going down and just enjoying the moment. If you listen to the instructors you can do it!

For people who have loads going on in their lives it gives you moments of absolute tranquility and focus that is completely different to what you would normally be worrying about. Doing it in a group even if you don’t know each other particularly well you are instantly bonded by something and you can build quick relationships because you are learning something exciting and new.

I would recommend this course because if you like to learn new things and push yourself it is something that you can progress fairly quickly and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Ash

My fiance booked the course for me as a birthday gift. I went travelling for a year and did scuba diving and really enjoyed it so I felt like freediving was the next step. Go Freediving was the nearest to me and easy to get to.

I have discovered that it is very different to equalising than with scuba diving. I have enjoyed the help from the instructors and it is a really nice place to do freediving. The equipment has been excellent and the course is very well organised.

The benefits of doing the course with Go Freediving is all the kit you get and it is fitted to the right size! Also, the location and what there is to see underwater. I would definitely recommend the course because it is really good fun, a different experience and good fitness and good for your breath hold.


I chose to do a freediving course to improve my bottom time for spearfishing. I met Emma at a dive show a few years ago. Also, in the spearfishing community people are encouraged to do freediving courses for safety.

I have learned a lot of little things and had recovery breaths explained properly for the first time. I enjoyed learning new things and I never knew about Vobster before the course. The safety aspect is great and you improve on your abilities. I would recommend the course to all spearfishers because of the safety aspect. –  James


I wanted to do a freediving course to help me relax and control my breathing. A friend of mine did a course with Go Freediving a few years ago so I had seen it online and had an idea of what it was like, so booked on the course.

I have discovered that you have your limits and it may not be as close as you thought it was. The benefits of learning to freedive with Go Freediving is that you get to push your boundaries. Knowing that the instructors have faith in you also helps you get it done.

The benefits of the course are that it is a well run operation, it helps you to relax and I am definitely more comfortable in the water. I would recommend the course because it is well run, everyone is really friendly and I have really enjoyed it.      Anna

I chose to do a freediving course so that I am more confident when swimming and snorkelling in open water on holidays. From looking at what is available in England, Go Freediving seemed to offer what I was looking for.

I have learned that freediving is more about your mental ability than your physical ability and that you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I have enjoyed learning all the different skills and then seeing that I can actually do it. The benefits are being more relaxed when at depths and being aware of your body while you are down there.

I would recommend this course because you get to progress at your own pace and don’t need to keep up with anyone else, which helps you be more relaxed.      Katy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

My girlfriend and I have a lot of trips planned that involve snorkelling so we did the RAID freediver course to help us be calmer in the water. Katy chose Go Freediving for both of us and I have really enjoyed the course – it has been good fun! Doing the course I have discovered that I actually have more capacity in my lungs than I thought possible. I have enjoyed everything about the weekend especially holding my breath for long periods of time!

The benefits of learning to freedive is it helps you to keep calm and improves your swimming skills. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in water and swimming as they will definitely benefit from the course.    James

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about freediving and so my girlfriend bought me the course as a gift so I can have a go at it. She chose Go Freediving because it is a bundle package, with kit and experienced instructors. We have had 3 students to one Instructor and an assistant which is almost one to one which was great!

Vobster is a really great dive centre. I have discovered how to equalise and realise now that is not as easy as it seems. It is very therapeutic and relaxing. I liked that you train in a small group and you stay with that group and get to know them over the weekend. There is a fun social aspect to it. Diving at Vobster there are things to see when you get down, which makes it that much more interesting and exploratory.

The benefits of the course are that you give yourself more confidence and accreditation to do more freediving in the future. Other benefits include knowing you are following the correct safety procedures and guidelines. Also, having access to the RAID materials and getting to do it at Vobster – which is a really interesting dive location is great. I would recommend the course!  Alisdair

I felt that I wanted to practise my skills so it could feel more natural and I could feel comfortable with it. I came back to Go Freediving because I really like the people. Coming back as a returning student I have been able to refine my skills that I was not so good at and I feel so much more comfortable doing it than I did previously. I got to learn so much more of the technical and mental side of it, like overcoming the panic. I really enjoyed challenging myself and with Wayne’s instruction I managed to get down deeper and stay down longer!

Then benefits of coming back as a returning student are you are embedding your skills and increasing your confidence and I would recommend doing a refresher course. Tessa (Returning Student)


I do scuba diving and I fancied the chance to give freediving a go and thought it could help improve my scuba diving as well. I chose Go Freediving because it looked professional and had great comments from previous students.

I have learned a lot more in one day than I have when scuba diving, and freediving is also more relaxing than scuba diving. The course has been brilliant, the water is nice and warm, the visibility has been good and the instructors have been good and friendly. There has been no pressure.

Three benefits of learning to freedive are the breathing techniques, you learn to relax more and enjoy yourself. I would recommend this course because the instructors are very friendly and there is no pressure. I will definitely come back.       Michael

A friend of mine is a freediver and I thought that freediving was only for people who have particularly large lungs. When he told me that anyone can do it I was amazed and wanted to give it a try because I would like to be able to spend longer underwater. I was familiar with Vobster and saw the course was here so I booked on. Learning to freedive I have realised how important relaxation is and I have seen my performance improve with relaxing and getting deeper and staying under longer and not getting the urge to breathe.

What surprised me is that I thought it would be all about practising how long you can hold your breath, however, that seems to be secondary and the focus is on getting down safely and not concentrating on how long it takes. This course has helped give me the techniques to improve my performance underwater and learning to do the breathing properly has been great.

The benefits of learning to freedive are you learn to do it safely, you get to enjoy being in the water, and it gives you something different to be able to do. I would definitely recommend the course because when you undertake something that has an element of danger then I want to see that the safety aspect is being addressed. I can see that safety is the topmost priority with Go Freediving right from the beginning.  Paul


Me and my Grandad decided it would be a good idea to come and do a freediving course as it may help us with scuba diving and at the same time if we are out on a diving boat and we see some rays or something we can hop in and spend a few minutes swimming around with them rather than before when we just had to sit at the surface and look at them.

I have learned that freediving is less about breathing and more about equalisation and that I need to equalise more regularly than when scuba diving. I have liked the location and the staff are all really friendly. When I heard it was in a quarry I thought it was going to be all murky but it was warmer and clearer than I expected.

The benefits of learning to freedive are that you can spend more time underwater swimming, rather than spending 15 minutes to put on a tank and everything so it allows you to experience the underwater world a lot more. It helps you to manage yourself and learn more about what you can do, and that you can do more than you think.

I would recommend this course because it dispels any misconceptions about freediving. You don’t need to be a very good swimmer and have huge lungs to be able to do it. You just need to trust yourself. Everyone can do it!    William

I love the water and I am a big swimmer. I expressed an interest in learning to freedive and the course was bought as a birthday present after a friend recommended Go Freediving. I have met some wonderful people on the course and discovered there is a whole new world down there waiting to be explored. I have loved the personal challenge of learning to freedive. The benefits are that if you can master or have the mindset to do freediving and that sense of calm then on land you can master anything as well.

I would recommend this course because all the tutors are so calm and supportive. Everyone should give it a go.  Catherine


I really love being in the water and I usually travel abroad quite a lot to swim. I wanted to focus on the UK and I really wanted to learn to freedive in the UK. Freediving is the more eco friendly way to explore underwater. I found Go Freediving online and booked on.

I have found that it is a lot more technical, and there is a lot more to think about and it is actually quite dangerous but in a positive way. I have loved being in the water learning and going down quite deep without realising and I want to do it more. Meeting the whole group has been great and I want to go on trips with other people that freedive. The benefits of learning to freedive are health, relaxation and getting out in the outdoors.

I would recommend the course because it is good fun. Robyn


I decided to do a freediving course because I spend quite a bit of time in and around the Springs in Florida so I thought it would be a good idea to learn to freedive properly. I chose Go Freediving because they had the best write up and reviews that I could see. Doing this course I have discovered that I can swim through an aeroplane and you can hold your breath for longer than you think you can and that deep water is not as scary as you think. The best bit was swimming through the plane, learning new skills and just being in the water.

The benefits of learning to freedive is that you get more confidence in the water, you learn to be calm and you get to explore more. I would recommend this course because it is brilliant, you just have to do it!  Jen


Mohamed did his course with Go Freediving and he enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but once I saw the videos of his course, I thought ‘Wow, I have to do this!’ I have dived before but had no real experience. To be honest I have liked everything about the course right from the beginning. The benefit of learning to freedive for me is that I can get to go diving safely with my family.

I would recommend this course because it is fun and a great way to enjoy yourself and relax.  Karim


Living by the sea all my life, surfing and just enjoying being chilled and relaxed, I thought this was the next progression to try underwater. Go Freediving came up first on Google, the reviews were good and it was close to home. I have discovered there is a lot to take into account when you freedive. You need to take your time and just relax, chill and enjoy. I have enjoyed learning all the skills needed to rescue someone and to be able to confidently go freediving when on holiday.

The benefits of doing the course are learning safety and how important equalisation is and generally just relaxing. Learning to equalise is a really good benefit. Yes, definitely I would recommend the course because it teaches you to be more confident, and learning it in a group has been great because you learn from each other.  Shaun


I absolutely loved the course the first time round and I knew there were things I had to come back and improve on so I came back as a returning student to improve on those under the guidance of the lovely Emma. It is definitely worth it to come back because if you nearly get something and you don’t come back as soon as possible to complete it you will just never learn it at all. Now I am much more comfortable in the water.

The benefits of coming back as a returning student are you get to finish off what you started and your confidence is much better and you are more comfortable in the water. I am ready for spearfishing now. I would 100% recommend coming back as a returning student because of the wonderful instructors and you get to improve your confidence in freediving, for safety and buddying.    Abdel  (Returning student)


I want to be a stunt woman and freediving is going to be one of my skills and help towards that so I wanted to come back a returning student to improve my skills. Coming back has helped me to go so much deeper than I could the first time. I have really enjoyed just being in the water and seeing how much further I can go down. The benefits of coming back as a returning student are that you realise you can go so much further and deeper. You already know what you have to do so it is not as unfamiliar as it was. I would recommend coming back as a returning student because freediving is amazing, it is so awesome to see how far you can go.  Brooke (Returning student)


My first experience learning to freedive was really good, it is an amazing and fun sport and when you get it right it is brilliant and when you get it wrong it is frustrating but makes you want to come back for more. I had some problems equalising the first time round so I wanted to come back and learn to do it properly. Coming back I have discovered that your body has limits and you have to be patient and just keep on going. The more you try to assist yourself by good tuition you will get it in the end.

It is such a nice experience and fun thing to do together. Knowing the instructors and the school you have more confidence and you will learn more than with anyone else as they know your weaknesses and your strengths. I would definitely recommend coming back as a returning student because it is absolutely amazing.  Redouan (Returning Student)


I love the water. Being underwater, playing in the water, I’ve snorkeled all my life, and then I did scuba because I thought it would help me appreciate being under the water more, But scuba diving is just too much of a faff, I can’t stand it! It’s nice being down there but it’s not free enough. I like being free, I like to motorbike, to camp, that’s the sort of thing I like doing, and so that’s why I wanted to freedive. I chose Go Freediving because of Emma. I was googling, and I looked at reviews, and actually it was Emma that made me choose Go Freediving, because she’s got a really good manner about her, it’s very relaxing. And even the email exchanges were very relaxed and I felt that she cared about what she was doing. And then I looked at all the videos, and it looked as though you all cared about what you were doing. And you take it really seriously, without taking it too seriously if you know what I mean!
I’m a bit of a science geek, that’s my thing. And this is the amazing bit, I didn’t know how much goes on with one’s breathing. So I didn’t understand the dive reflex. When I was doing the Breathing optimisation classes Emma mentioned the mammalian dive reflex, and before I did the course I thought it was something we had to do, not something that happened automatically. So that’s been one brilliant bit, learning about that, and the other bit, and I only learnt this yesterday, was about the urge to breathe. I thought the urge to breathe meant that at that point, if you don’t breathe, you’re in trouble, but that’s not necessarily true. So now I’m sitting at home trying to force myself to go past that, just to see what happens . So it’s the whole physiology of breathing. That’s for me the most amazing thing, I’m learning stuff about my body I didn’t realise before. So I’m now doing my own reading up about it, reading more books, listening to Ted talks, some podcasts . It’s amazing, and to be able to do it with something I enjoy doing, in the water is fantastic.
I absolutely loved doing the duck dive. It feels really nice and natural, and I loved tapping the aircraft at the bottom! Yesterday I was nervous, I wanted to be able to to do this, but I was also conscious about not pushing myself too much. So I thought ‘just take it easy’. But I’m not very good at taking things easy. So today, relaxing, has helped a lot. I’ve just loved that feeling of getting down, and it doesn’t feel stressed, it feels really relaxed and I like that.
My wife and I, we like travelling, and the whole point of scuba diving was that I could go somewhere I like and then go diving. I do love being underwater, I’m always underwater, and so with freediving I can get to be underwater more often. Another benefit of learning to freedive is the relaxation side of it. Me and my wife meditate every day, and we’ve been doing that for a few years now. And freediving is helping that enormously. Other benefits are understanding the science of breathing, and then thinking ‘what can I do with this?’ Those are the main benefits I think of learning to freedive.
I would absolutely recommend this freediving course. Even if you don’t go freediving, learning all the breathing techniques is beneficial. When you think about exercise, you never think about your breathing muscles, you never think about your diaphragm. So I would certainly recommend learning to freedive, no question! I’m going to get my wife to do it at some point I’m sure.
I do most things in the water but all on the surface. So I swim, I paddleboard, I windsurf, I kitesurf. I did a little bit of snorkeling last summer and was starting to try and go down a little bit, and as I’ve always known about freediving so I thought ‘now’s the time to learn.’ I’ve come all the way from Lowestoft in Suffolk to learn with Go Freediving.
It’s been nice to learn something new. In the water I feel quite natural and normal, but then doing this has taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve realised I will keep trying to do it, I will continue. The ears are an issue for me and psychologically that got to me yesterday as well, but I’ve loved the camaraderie of the course. Especially for me, I don’t do sports with anyone else, just my wife and children. So the camaraderie on the course has been good, the way the course has been put together and the safety.
The benefits of learning to freedive is that it gives you a good understanding of your body, because you don’t know how long you can stay under for until you try it. Freediving gives you a greater understanding of the water, and definitely for me, I’ve loved learning the buddy system. I would absolutely recommend this course. One of the first things I said to my wife last night when I rang her up was about our middle daughter, who’s like a fish. She’s the most interested in the water, and so we’ll come back and she’ll come and do the course. She’ll love it.

I wanted to do this course as I am already Aida ** and wanted to progress to become a qualified instructor in freediving to then utilise those skills into spearfishing and use the safety of it to develop into a spearfishing course. And how could I teach someone spearfishing if I can’t teach them freediving? You can’t be an expert in one, and not the other.

I chose to do my course with you because I spoke to you and the venue is good. I wanted to dive in freshwater rather than the sea. I liked the structure, the website looked professional, well built. I liked all the lessons and PDF files. They weren’t too in depth or complicated,  so anyone could Google a few words if they needed to translate anything.

I’ve discovered some different techniques to spearfishing are used, duck diving, over-weighting – I know a lot of spearfishers use over-weighting. Partial pressure – I didn’t know much about that about how it changes at depth. The science behind everything really.

I’ve enjoyed the instructors this weekend, the facilities make it really stand out. You are not going to be dictated to by the weather, you can keep going.

The benefits of doing the advanced course are that it’s good to progress and be able to do more depth. You learn about the science behind how your body reacts to depth and why. It’s a good place to do it because of the facilities and the instructors are all friendly and approachable and good facilities.

I would definitely recommend this course. If you are looking to do a freediving course, this is the place to come and do it!  Matt

I learned to freedive in Thailand and enjoyed it. It is different to scuba diving as you are more free. I came back to the UK because of school and chose Go Freediving as it was local.

The advanced course has more technical stuff in it so you have to remember a lot in relation to rescue, breathing and your body.

I’ve enjoyed being able to freedive and go a bit deeper and challenge my limits. Doing the advanced course means I can dive deeper and it opens more doors for me. For example I want to wreck dive.

I would recommend this course because freediving is a fun experience. It’s different from other stuff because it helps your body and breathing and stuff like that. It is just fun!  Chai


I wanted to do the advanced course because I wanted to be a better buddy. As a freediver you are only qualified to 20m, but If I want to do more depths, especially as I buddy Tom a lot, and to be able to help other people progress, I’m going to have to progress myself, so that was the main reason for doing this course.

I chose Go Freediving to do the course because you  are amazing! You did so well with me on my freediving course and it is such a lovely place I couldn’t go with anyone else who does the courses.

Doing the advanced course has made me realise there are ways I can conquer fears that I have, because there is always someone who has experienced it before me. So the more you progress, the more you are going to see people who will say ‘I solved it this way’. And also, on a freediving course you may discover skills you don’t know you’ve got until you do more diving. I’ve been diving for five years and I am glad I didn’t do the advanced so soon. I know a lot of people do it straight away or the year after, but I was glad I had time to find out about my type of diving so that when I came to this course I knew the things I wanted to fix.

I have really enjoyed getting back in the water after lockdown, being able to dive again and meet everybody. It’s been really nice, just to feel that weightlessness because I haven’t been in a pool since January.

I think doing the advanced course is more social, because you’re more relaxed because you know what you are doing – you’re not focussing on learning the beginner skills so you can be more relaxed and have a social experience. The relaxation then comes as a part of that and means you can focus on your posture more. I think safety is important too because making me a safer buddy, makes me a better diver.

I would recommend this course but it really depends on the type of diver they are. I am happy at around 10 – 20 metres. I just want to be safer at deeper depths if I need to go that far. I would recommend it to someone who wants to be safer, relax more underwater, but maybe not to someone who just wants to snorkel on holiday, but I would definitely recommend the course to a lot of people.


I am a scuba dive master and I’ve got back problems. I love being in the water but was getting a bit bored of scuba, so thought I would try and do a proper freediving course. I did a freediving course ten years ago, but didn’t get on with the people who ran it.

I’d seen you advertised through Scuba Travel, so I joined your Facebook group last year and I like your approach and the way you advertised – none of this machismo nonsense. One of your holidays I was really interested in, but then Covid happened, but now I’m here!

Doing this course I’ve discovered I can do more than I expect I can. I’ve done a lot of messing around on my own underwater before the course, so I’ve also learned that a lot of what I was doing is not sensible and what not to do. I’ve also learned to trust my body and my limits and that you can do much more when you are calmer, which I definitely felt today.

I’ve loved not thinking about work! I’ve not had a day off since March and I was in the water thinking “wow I have not actually thought about work for a few hours!” And also the people, I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like on the course with the other people, but you have all been really nice.

Learning to freedive there is something really mindful about it, being very in touch with your body and pushing through what you think are your limits gives you a real sense of euphoria. And diving with you guys, you also have a camaraderie which was really nice. You all have a sense of humour which I like!

I would recommend this course! The reasons are different for everyone doing the course but for me it’s the pure escapism – no one can get to me when I am underwater! And I think that ability to physically push yourself and do other things like go on one of your holidays is just great!


I wanted to do this freediving course because I wanted to learn the aspects of freediving safely. It’s something you could have a go at and lose your life over, so I think you need to learn from the right people, which is why I chose you guys.

The accolades on your website were great and you seemed very well qualified. You were the right choice.

I discovered that I was out of my depth within about five minutes! There is lots to learn, but I am in good hands and feel I can only progress!

I enjoyed the whole weekend. I’ve enjoyed slowly making progression. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing too much that I can’t achieve, but at the same time it is a challenge, so I think it is a nice balance.

Learning to freedive is great for learning to push your own boundaries, gaining confidence and learning about yourself really. It’s an alien environment and you are sent head first into it really! It’s a different world.

I would absolutely recommend this course! I think you need to learn things properly, rather than pick up bad habits and then go back a step to try and get rid of the bad habits. Learn properly and then you learn the right way.    Ryan


I met Emma at The Outdoor Show about 5 years ago and we talked about freediving, but I have been renovating my house so it took me 5 years to get here! I’d really wanted to experience it for a while!

Learning to freedive is definitely a different experience to just snorkelling or something like that, which is what I thought it would be like. Just being able to control the reaction to wanting to breathe has been a real insight to control that, stay relaxed and to enjoy being down under the water and be able to appreciate things rather than worry about breathing.

The best part was being able to freedive the plane, but everything has been really good. Meeting everyone has been great too!  I’ve enjoyed being able to hold my breath longer, meeting people, learning about your physiology and looking forward to new experiences.

I would definitely recommend this course. I recommended it to a lot of people last night already!


My mate studies Orcas in Norway and I have always wanted to crew for him and he said if you ever want to get in the water you have to have your freediving nailed and you can’t panic when an Orca comes at you. I thought just in case the opportunity ever comes up I need to be able to freedive, and also I like the idea of spearfishing as I really like the idea of knowing where your food comes from.

I swim at Vobster as I do triathlons, saw you guys here, it looked cool so I thought ‘yes, I’ll do that!’ and then a spot came up and I went for it.

Doing this course I have discovered that you can hold your breath longer than you think. If you just relax there is so much more you can do. As soon as there is an ounce of doubt in your mind, everything goes wrong! It is just incredible what you can do. After spending so many years on top of the water, when you get down into it, it is incredible! Today has just been amazing! Being with David. He is so unbelievably knowledgeable!

The benefits of learning to freedive is you learn how to control your breath. It also makes you more aware of yourself in terms of your fitness and what you are putting into your body and how you prepare for a dive. And when you socialise you get a plethora of skills. Everyone has been so friendly!


I’ve been scuba diving for a long time and got to quite a high level in it, but it has always been in the back of my mind that I can’t freedive – which I think is a very important skill if you spend a lot of time in the water. It should be a fundamental water skill really. And also with some of the jobs I am doing, freediving is becoming more popular, so you don’t get the chance to do it on scuba.

I’m an underwater photographer and work a lot with sharks and out of the country a lot, but I live quite close to Vobster. I googled for courses and you just looked really, really good.

Doing this course I have discovered that I cannot equalise upside down. That was the biggest surprise, because obviously I never think about it in scuba. I’m a PADI instructor, I’ve got over 1000 dives, a technical diver to the highest level and I can’t equalise a metre under the water!

There are so many things I have liked about the course! When I got home last night I was so happy because it is totally the opposite to what I have been doing.  It’s nice to do something new. Yesterday I felt like I was moving forward, so it was really nice to have that feeling again, like I am learning. I’ve looked at people doing it for a long time and wanted to do it myself!

One of the many benefits of freediving, I think, are the health benefits. I’m obviously a bit out of shape at the minute because of the scuba diving. I have given up alcohol and am trying to exercise more and I just want a healthier lifestyle and this is part of it, because I am not getting any younger and that’s scaring me! Another benefit is that it will be really nice to be able to get in the water and not have to take a truck-load of kit with me. And another is that it is going to be a handy skill to have in my toolbox for my job. At the moment I just flap around when I am supposed to be freediving, so it is going to be very nice to be able to do it properly.

I would recommend this course 100% because my instructor has been fantastic. I have been very, very impressed! All of you are so professional but also so friendly and I feel you really know what you are doing and that’s the most important thing. I have absolute trust in you and that really comes across to me. I’ve been around lots of freedivers before, all over the world and it is obvious that you are tip top.


I wanted to do a freediving course because I wanted to do something completely different, to get out of my comfort zone and try something new so I thought ‘why not’? I like water, I do some paddleboarding and I thought maybe going underwater would be nice. So I did some searching online and your school had the best reviews, so I just went for it!

I have learned that when I am more relaxed I can go deeper. Today I reached 8 metres whereas yesterday I was thinking this is not my place. When I started to relax, I became happier and could dive much deeper, so that was cool.

I think the benefits of freediving are relaxation. I always have a problem with stressing out and overthinking, but I think today I have learned that I can manage those feelings – so that’s a big thing for me. Also, I came to this course on my own and had to come a long way – which for me was also a big improvement and meeting amazing people!

I would recommend this course. For me, the first day was hard, but I came today and everything was the way I expected it to be. If anyone asks, I’m sending them here!


I came back as a returning student because I really enjoyed my course last year, but didn’t get as far as I wanted to. I wanted to come back, get all my skills and I knew it would be chilled out and I could get on with it and there would be no pressure. And I did it all before lunchtime yesterday because there was no pressure. It was just lovely!

I have discovered as a returning student that it is perfectly OK not to finish the first time. There is no ‘oh well you didn’t do that’. It was all ‘it’s all good, carry on, keep going at your own pace, ‘it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish this time’ which was just lovely!

I’ve loved coming back! It is just fun with everybody. There is no competitiveness or ‘you have to do this’. Everyone is just offering advice, everyone is just calm and chatting. It’s just lovely to see everybody.

Coming back as a returning student builds your confidence. If there is anything you are worried about, it helps you get over that hump. But also, you can consolidate everything you have done before and just relax and enjoy it. As a returning student you’ve got more time to just do the recreational diving and just really enjoy being here and chilling out.

I would absolutely recommend coming back as a returning student because as I say, you can consolidate, get over any fears and also there’s no pressure to do it. You’re not looked at as having failed you’re just coming back to have another go.

Jude – returning student

I came back as a returning student as I am determined to master the Frenzel technique and equalise and go deeper head first.

I’ve learned more about how to equalise and how my body works and it was literally at the last minute I think I mastered the Frenzel head up which I hadn’t been able to do until now. So now I need to come back again and master it!

This weekend was so much fun and I loved being underwater, it was just lovely. It’s a really good laugh!

I’ve heard that the people who struggle the most become the better divers and I know that most of the instructors have struggled with equalising, so that gives me hope that if you are determined you can do it. And I think you become more understanding if other people are struggling too.

I would definitely recommend coming back as a returning student as you can perfect your skills when there are people there to look after you. It just makes sense to do it.

Alice – returning student 

I have always had the urge to do freediving. I don’t know why but I have always just felt the need to do it. Whenever I am in the water, I always feel so relaxed and at home.

I have seen freediving in the movies and I have seen freedivers out and about, and I thought it looks like so much fun without all the equipment, it looks so peaceful down there. So, I looked around and I found Go Freediving and that there was a course available. From the look and feel of the website and their background, they  just seemed like they were the most experienced and they were also recommended by others.

Doing the course I have discovered that I do enjoy it as much as I thought I would, that I can do a lot more than I thought I could, and that I definitely want to do it again!

When I am freediving it is the one time I feel like I can just relax and feel calm. I have really enjoyed how much time we got to spend in the water and how many times we could do the exercises. The instruction has been really, really good. I did not think it would be possible to reach 10m, but it helps you to realise and overcome your limits. I liked that feedback was given straight and not sugar coated. The small groups were great, everyone was really friendly, and you just want to keep going and going!

The benefits of learning to freedive is that it is relaxing, calming and you learn more about yourself and what your limits are and how to just push through them –  which you can apply to other areas of life. I also loved the exploration and getting to meet new friends.

I would absolutely recommend this course because of what you can learn. Anybody who thinks they can’t really do it and it is scary; it is definitely not. You can do it! It is not scary at all and it is great instruction. The guidance beforehand is great as well.


I saw freediving advertised when I was living in Asia but never got to do it. I found Go Freediving with lots of good reviews and I was emailed back within a few hours and signed up!

Doing this course I have discovered that I like freediving, the whole experience was just good fun! I have enjoyed the small groups and the camaraderie was great!

The benefits of freediving are self confidence and enjoyment and I want to do some more! I will be signing up to join one of the freediving trips to go and do it somewhere warm!

I would definitely  recommend this freediving course!  Mark 


The film The Big Blue is what made me want to learn to freedive.

I have always done scuba diving so I wanted to see what I could do without all the kit. I was recommended to do the course by one of the Go Freediving instructors, Tom.

Doing this course I learned more about myself physically and that you need to be more mentally prepared than with scuba. I enjoyed the team and the instruction and the banter and the laugh.

Anyone can teach you the skills but with Go Freediving, you can learn it in a way that you actually have fun while learning. The benefits of learning to freediving are physical awareness, fitness and physiological preparation. Doing it with Go Freediving you get to have a laugh while doing it.

I would recommend the course to people who are in the place to do it. I am not physically fit anymore but I have learned more about myself psychologically that I need to develop a lot more.

It is a very unique underwater activity that I have never done before. From the point of view that when you are down there, it is you against yourself.  Rhys 

I saw a lot of inspirational videos online and it looked like a fantastic fun sport so I thought I would give it a try.

We needed some type of recognized qualification and RAID seemed appropriate and looking around and looking at the Go Freediving website and doing a bit of background research on Emma and the team made us feel that Go Freediving was the best company for us.

Doing the course I have discovered that it is a tough sport and you need to take it seriously. There are a lot of safety aspects that you may not be aware of and need to take into consideration, so we have learned a lot about that. We have also learned that it is just as much fun as we expected it would be. The weather has been great and it is a great weekend away.

The benefits of learning to freedive is confidence and independence to be able to go away for a weekend and hit the shores.

Freediving gives me a great feeling of freedom. I can just pack my bag and go knowing that I have covered some safety aspects and have knowledge of how to stay safe with my diving partner.

I would definitely recommend the course and Go Freediving, because the main focus of the course is safety.

You can learn lots of stuff online but nothing beats the actual hands on experience being taught by people who have been doing it for years and have the experience.  Mohamed 


I decided to do a freediving course on the recommendation of Mohammed. I am always into trying something new. I have discovered that there are still things I need to learn and get used to and once I am there I will be alright. It is just a matter of time.

I have really enjoyed learning to freedive with Go Freediving. The instructors make it fun, help build confidence and inspire the divers. They get a huge thumbs up for that.

The benefits of learning to freedive is that I will be able to do spearfishing – that’s my goal.

I would 100% recommend this course, even if you don’t want to carry on with the sport it is a very good skill to have. It is the kind of skill that comes in useful generally in life. It will make you more confident in life and it takes the fear out of being in the water. It is 100% good for your confidence.


I have been scuba diving before when on holiday in Morocco and Egypt and absolutely loved it, the underworld is just amazing!

The thought of being able to do it as a freediver more professionally is a pull and I have been wanting to do it for a while. Go Freediving came across as the most reputable and safety conscious and had all the information on the website. There are others but they didn’t seem to offer the same assurances. Up front information and the RAID formal certification is something that we wanted as well.

I have discovered that freediving is something that I need more practice at. I have enjoyed everything about the weekend. It was a nice bunch of people, the instructors are really friendly and safety conscious. Allowing you to progress at your own pace with safety in mind. The benefit of learning to freedive is that it is a skill that will stay with you forever and the best way to achieve that was to do it with a reputable company and that is why I chose Go Freediving.

I would recommend the course absolutely because if you are going to do freediving I have no doubt that Go Freediving is the best company to do it with. Everything comes across better than what I would have expected, and we got everything that we wanted out of the course.


I’ve always loved the water, I’ve always loved the beach, and my brother is a bit crazy so he dragged me onto the course. Now I’m in it, now I’m doing it, I’m absolutely loving it, and I’m looking to make it a lifetime hobby, definitely.

My brother looked for the most reputable company and the organisations with the best comments and testimonials out there, and he found Go Freediving is one of the best there is, so we just jumped in. And Emma is very friendly, very informative and very helpful.

I have made some incredible discoveries this weekend. I never realised you could hold your breath for four minutes with some training, I actually crossed that barrier, and I was like ‘wow’! I thought you’d die after four minutes if you held your breath for that long, so discovering certain things that your body can do, for me, has just been a huge learning curve, so I’m very impressed with the whole process.

The thing I’ve liked most about the weekend is literally just going up and down, doing the duck dive, going down, relaxing, switching off underwater and absorbing that vibe, it’s just an absolutely magical feeling, it really is.

What I’ve loved about the course is learning to freedive in general. To be able to know how you can handle the water, whether it’s in the beach, or even in the swimming pool, learning to relax, how to hold your breath is hugely beneficial.

You can also use it to encourage others to relax in the water. You cross certain thresholds and you realise there’s really nothing to worry about, the water can be quite a friendly place.

Also, with a freediving club that Go Freediving has, there’s a lot of people that you want to stay in touch with, and you get a lot of advice in terms of good places to go, to freedive, to rent equipment. There’s a whole load of great advice that you can get being part of the Go Freediving club. And in general it just gives you a brilliant, brilliant hobby, to look forward to. You can start planning really interesting holidays. A beach will never be the same again!

I would absolutely recommend your course, I think everyone should try freediving. I feel that every human being needs to do it, and have the ability to be out in the water. I feel it’s part of our nature really.


I wanted to come back as a returning student, because I enjoyed my course last week, and I wanted to finish off the course with Go Freediving, rather than going somewhere else and not really having that consistency of the way you guys train, and the things you cover.

I requested Pash as my instructor as she’s a really good instructor! I felt really calm, and I didn’t feel pressurised to be at a certain point –  it was just whatever I felt comfortable doing was the approach she was going with. So with Pash I felt really comfortable and stress free. That’s the mindset you need to be in when you are starting out, so you know to be calm. Pash has that influence. She’s a really calming person, so that’s why I wanted to go with her.

I think coming back as a returning student has been amazing! I couldn’t have asked for it to be better, and it ended up being one on one! It was a really good day because we could do everything at my own time, so I did all the skills in the first session, and then the second session it was a case of – where did I want to go and dive, and what did I want to see? And so it was literally all in my own time so it was really good!

If someone has done the RAID Freediver course and hasn’t completed all the skills, the first thing I would say is to try and come back as soon as possible, that way you remember what you’ve been taught and you’re not forgetting anything. If you have the same instructor, they know where you’re at as well.

I think it’s been really good, because, at least for me, in the first session you do all the skills, and then the second session was just fun dives. When I was actually doing the course, I was so focussed on trying to complete all the skills. As a returning student, the pressure is just lifted.  I could just swim about and have a look at stuff.

I would absolutely recommend coming back as a returning student. I’m so glad I did!

Richa  – returning student

Looking on your website, I saw amazing pictures! I always tried to freedive by myself but without proper qualifications, and I thought now was the time. I really, really wanted to learn to freedive properly!

I chose Go Freediving because of Emma. I was looking at different schools and different programmes like PADI and RAID and I’ve been doing some research and I know that you’ve been teaching some really good people like Olympic athletes, so you know your stuff. So if you are going to pay the same, why not go to someone who has got really good experience?

I’m quite chilled normally, but now I feel even more relaxed. What I loved most about the course is the people that are around. All the instructors are really good, really friendly. On top of that if you need any help they are just really, really helpful.

I also do scuba diving, so freediving will improve my gas consumption rate. I’m going to be more relaxed and more confident in the water too. And, if I know that I am diving with you and have competent instructors and divers around me that will keep me safe.

I would definitely recommend this course! It is so good! All the instructors are really good. I have only dived with one instructor but talking with the other guys I can see you are all really good and know your stuff. Pablo

I want to do spearfishing at some point and freediving seemed really fun. I was already scuba diving. Doing this course I have learned how to hold my breath and freedive!

I enjoyed being able to dive down and swim around the planes and stuff – that was the best thing.

This course makes you get a lot better at breathing and it’s quite good for just general fitness. I would recommend this course as it is really fun and good!  Alfie


I do a lot of scuba diving and I saw people here doing freediving and I thought it would be quite fun! We looked at other places to do the freediving course, but this was one of the highest rated ones and it was quite near as well.

I’ve discovered that freediving is quite challenging, but you can go past your limits. I loved all of it!

Learning to freedive improves lung capacity and I definitely think I will be doing more! I would definitely recommend this course because people do different things and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to carry on after doing the course.  Korey


I always loved swimming underwater – since I was a child. Then, when I was in my early twenties, I swam with dolphins. I was wearing a 7mm wetsuit and wasn’t weighted and I could see this dolphin really wanted to play, but I couldn’t go under the water. Then I started scuba diving and my buddy was my wife, but then she didn’t want to scuba any more, so I wanted to do a sport to challenge me that made me relax as I have a very stressful job, and a sport I could develop with.

I looked around, found some videos on YouTube – Sophia Gomez and various other freedivers like Guillaume Nery and I thought it was amazing and then I found Go Freediving!

I knew nothing about the freediving scene in the UK, so I googled and you guys came up first, so I had a look at your bio and thought she clearly knows what she’s doing, I’ll go with them!

I’ve discovered I need to keep my legs straighter and tuck my chin in! I can go deeper than I thought I could. I thought the challenge would be breath hold, it hasn’t been equalisation, it’s been the duck dive of all things! Which I can do in a swimming pool no problem!

I do meditation every day and the frustration of knowing I can do it, but acknowledging that I can’t do it, means I can move on and think about my heart rate and think about what I need to do and then do another roly poly under the water like a washing machine!

I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people, learning new skills, challenging myself and being here. It’s really beautiful. It’s a lot nicer than I thought. When people say quarry, you think Ughh, but really it’s a big beautiful lake filled with really interesting things and people as well. And, when I get chatting to people it’s funny, as there are a lot of similarities between people which has been interesting too.

The professionalism of the staff and the team has been very, very patently obvious, as has the safety. I’ve done a bit of pool freediving elsewhere and it is very obvious Go Freediving is a very professional outfit, very well organised. The instructors are very approachable and knowledgeable. Clearly a massive amount  of work has gone into putting the course together. The pre-course videos have been really good. The way the course has been adapted for the covid has been clearly thought out. I will come away from this with a lot more confidence in my knowledge and confidence in myself to be able to dive within my limits.

I absolutely would recommend this course because you will get great training and education, you can be confident in the instructors, the location is beautiful, there is a clear progression route and there’s a club. Whatever I paid for this course, it was excellent value!  Jamile


The two of us started spearfishing, and did a course in Cornwall, but felt like we hadn’t learnt all the skills we needed, so we needed to further buddying, going deeper, and feeling more comfortable in the water. Louise, my partner, has recently learnt to swim so we’re also building her water confidence so we had lots of reasons for doing the course.

We chose Go Freediving because there were a lot of good reviews and because we did a spearfishing course before, this was a specific freedive focussed course and so it is good to learn to get to depth, rather than also thinking about guns, and everything else.

I’ve enjoyed the group, and having different spots at Vobster to dive in and try out. It’s good to get a gauge on where you’re comfortable, so for example, this spot is 7m, this spot is 10m etc, rather than just guessing.

Learning to freedive is going to help my spearfishing which is going to be good, getting longer breath holds, and the mental aspect, learning about the brain and how to control it and how to get further in freediving and spearfishing.

I would recommend the course. It’s a good community of people that come and do the course. It’s got a good vibe, and it’s been an enjoyable weekend.  Joseph


I only learnt to swim a couple of years ago, so wanted to try and push out of my comfort zone, and me and Joe wanted to learn to spearfish. So we did a spearfishing course, and now we’re just trying to work on getting deeper and holding our breath for longer really.

We chose Go Freediving, because it was closer to use and had a club so we had somewhere to go and progress and keep on learning.

I’ve discovered that learning to freedive can be a slow process but there is always progression regardless, and I’ve discovered that I feel a lot calmer under the water than I do on the surface, which is a really nice feeling!

There are so many different parts to what I’ve loved about the weekend. Seeing my progression and holding onto that, no matter how slow. Each little step you just have to feel proud of yourself and what you are doing. I’ve enjoyed watching that whole process and the journey. And I’ve enjoyed learning more about equalising from the instructors, things that I can take away and practice after the course.

I’m quite an anxious person so I’m hoping that learning to freedive will chill me out in a weird way! When it comes to the point when I can go out and catch my own food, that will be a nice thing to do, and to look under the water and see what we’ve got around us locally in our own country really, in terms of what is under the water.

I think anyone should go freediving and learn something new, so you should definitely come and do it because it’s been good fun! Louise

Freediving is something I have always wanted to do. Because I do meditation, for me it was the next level. I wanted to take it into the water. I have to be in water. I love the ocean. I’ve dived, scuba dived and snorkelled. Freediving for me was the next level. I’ve wanted to do it for a few years, and finally, here we are!

Go Freediving was the closest school to me and from what I could see you were also the busiest – which I thought must be a good thing.

I’ve discovered there is still a lot to learn. I’m amazed by what my body can do. I was like Wow! I didn’t know my body could do that! I’ve just loved it. I’m an engineer so I love the technical aspects and the science behind it.

I’ve loved being in the water. Getting the kit on is a pain, but getting in the water is good!

I’ve loved learning the skills, discipline, the relaxation and comradery, just the people who naturally gravitate to it. I liked that.

I would recommend this course for the technical aspect, the relaxation, the enjoyment, the freedom of open water. All those things. The adventure, the nature. I am always looking for new things and anyone who is an adventurer at heart will really like the course too.  Philippe

I wanted to learn to freedive because I do scuba diving but don’t really like all the equipment. I like the idea of being free and being able to dive down.

I choose Go Freediving because it had good ratings online and is close to where I live as well.

I’ve discovered freediving is more challenging than I thought! 10 metres when you are scuba diving doesn’t feel deep, but when you are freediving it’s wow, this is deep!

What I’ve liked most is that you have really good instructors, really friendly and reassuring so we can progress in our own time as opposed to pushing our limits beyond what we would be comfortable doing, just to tick a box.

The benefits of learning to freedive is the freedom!

I would absolutely recommend Go Freediving. It’s a really supportive environment. All the instructors are really knowledgeable. It’s just a really good place to learn.  Richa


There were various reasons I wanted to do a freediving course. I’ve suffered from anxiety on and off over the years so working on something where I have to be totally calm is a good idea. I run a coaching and training business working with people all the time and working on their performance and wellbeing in business settings as well, so I think I could use it there too. And I love just the challenge of freediving.

I’ve been scuba diving for years, but love being able to get out there and do this without all the clobber.

I’ve been to Vobster on and off over the years swimming and scuba diving and then I saw your instagram post about teaching Foxy and I thought if you’re good enough for him then you’re good enough for me! And, I’ve seen you on TV over the years and your name rang a bell and that was enough of a reason!

The RAID Freediver course is far more difficult than I expected! The respect I have for you all has gone up even more! It is such a subtle finessing art of bringing this alchemy together. So yesterday I was thinking about my breathing and the concept of being under for that long and how deep I was and what was going on, whereas now I am not thinking about that so much, I am thinking about my chin and my finning and my equalisation.

I’ve liked the pace. It’s just been gentle and relaxed. Also, learning your body and your mind’s potential. Learning that it is so much more than you expected and the practical application you can take back into everyday life. Learning with you guys in particular has been amazing. The fact you have so much experience. The ratios as well have been brilliant, and the venue, the fact you have stable conditions – you’re not trying to do it in the sea – that’s comforting as well.

I would recommend this course – the videos and the fact the length, depth and breadth of all of your experiences was worth it. It’s friendly, accessible, real and the whole yoga aspect angle to it is less macho. It’s accessible to anyone.  Luke

I wanted to do this course because I want to spearfish. I don’t know where I am going to go with my freediving, but I want to try different elements of freediving before I decide. And also, I wanted to learn to freedive because I have never liked the idea of scuba diving and tanks and gear.

I did some research, read some reviews and you looked like the most competent course provider based on my research.

Doing this course I’ve discovered I’m just as childish and impatient as I always was! But it seems to be one of the sports that I can’t physically push through, which is really weird for me because I am used to pushing through and getting the job done, so that has been the most difficult hurdle for me.

I’ve loved being underwater!

Learning with you has meant I have been confident I will be safe. For me my pre-course preparation, doing yoga practise has helped me be still.

I would recommend this course because I felt confident and safe with you, the facilities are great, the visibility is better than I expected and the staff have been fantastic and welcoming.  Claire


I love being underwater, but I wanted to do a freediving course because when I scuba dive and snorkel with my son Alfie, he goes really deep, and I wanted to know how to freedive safely for him, because I didn’t know how to breathe, or anything like that properly, and it would give me reassurance when diving with him.

I chose Go Freediving because of your really good reputation. I’ve discovered on the course that I equalise in a really weird way. I just swallow which I thought was normal, but I’ve never even done the valsalva, which I thought I was doing, so it was good to figure that out. And I’m now learning the frenzel manoeuvre  which is really interesting. And all the videos you provided before the course are really interesting as well as all the other materials.

I’ve liked being under the water the most, and the really nice community, as we’re all helping each other. That’s been really nice.

Three benefits of learning to freedive with you are safety, being able to push yourself and being able to dive underwater without all the faff of scuba gear. It’s nice and free, and I suppose that’s why they call it freediving.

I would recommend this course to everybody actually, just because it’s a really good hobby to do, and it’s such a nice easy hobby that you can do anywhere. You can do it in a lake in the UK or abroad. You can do it anywhere and it’s free. You don’t have to pay, you can just do it anywhere when you know how to do it safely, which is amazing. Most of the earth is water and so freediving opens up so much more. It’s good for fitness, for breathing, for relaxation, just everything. It’s a really good hobby to do.


I’d seen a Netflix documentary about freediving, and I thought it looked cool and kind of zen, and I liked the fact there’s wildlife involved as well in parts. I love the water as well, and I thought I’d give it a go. It would be something I could try. I had a look online with all this free time in furlough, and I thought I’d try it, and it’s really caught me.

I looked for somewhere closer to me, and you guys had just started up again after lockdown and I jumped on the first course I could. The location was great, your website was great, and someone recommended you on Facebook, so I got in touch with you guys and you were really helpful. It was really easy, all the way through the process, because I know I was an admin nightmare as well! Everyone helped me out.

I’ve learnt a lot about relaxation, I’ve haven’t been to meditation or yoga or anything like that, but I do feel that when I freedive, when I go down deep, I do feel relaxed. It’s a feeling I’ve not really felt before. I’ve learnt a lot about relaxation. Forgetting everything else, the stresses. And I’ve learnt that I love freediving!

The Go Freediving staff have been great. Jorgen’s a quality teacher, really approachable and really easy to understand. He treats us like adults and it’s made it really easy and really enjoyable. The location is great, the wrecks, it’s been brilliant and I’ve loved it.

Three benefits of learning with you guys is that you don’t mess about. I’ve loved how you’ve just got on with it. The course is really well organised, great instructors, no time wasted. You learn a lot about yourself, like I said with the relaxation, and freediving itself, it’s a really good company to take the plunge with.

I would recommend your course 100% and I’ll be able to do another course with you guys for sure.


I decided to learn to freedive, because I was going on holidays to tropical places, and swimming down, I realised that compared to some of the people I was diving with, I was okay at it. Then my sister bought the course for me as a birthday present as she knew it was something that I enjoyed doing on holidays.

I have discovered that there are beautiful places in the UK to freedive, so I’ll be exploring more local places to freedive. It’s not too cold, it’s actually really warm, and it’s as good as I thought it would be. Obviously I’m going to deeper depths than I would have done on holiday by myself, and that pressure you feel, but it’s just about getting used to that, and I enjoyed it.

It’s nice being out here and in the water. We’ve spent the last few months locked up, and just being out relaxing, I’ve really enjoyed that. It’s just been a really good experience all round.

The benefits of learning to freedive in general are confidence in the water, confidence to push yourself a little more, confidence to explore a bit more. With yourselves, it’s been a really good course. It’s been really encouraging, You’ve grouped people well, so we’re progressing at a similar rate. And it’s just a really encouraging and safe environment.

I would definitely recommend this course. Anyone who enjoys swimming, who enjoys exploring, would love this course.  Sean

After doing the RAID Freediver course last year, I wanted to improve on my skills and feel a lot more confident going off in the water and exploring. I know taking a course with Go Freediving is a nice environment to learn in, with good quality training.

Doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course has made me realise how much I need to practice and improve my technique. It is about honing those skills and the course has really highlighted for me a few big points, especially with my finning and bent  knees. So sorting that is what I need to do to optimise my time in the water, to stay down longer, go deeper, just do whatever I want to do.

I’ve liked most just being in the water again, having had so long out of it. Just being in the water and getting the chance to improve on my skills. So we’ve been doing the pool sessions  and the breathing sessions on land, but there’s nothing like getting in and doing the depth work to really improve my streamlining, my orientation in the water, finning, things that I need to progress with.

Three benefits of doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course would be feeling more comfortable with the whole dive environment, honing in on skills that need to be improved on, and feeling more confident.

I would definitely recommend the advanced freediving course to feel more comfortable and to improve. I’ll improve my bottom time and the amount of time I can dive for. Anyone doing this course will improve their efficiency and maximise their time in the water. Ross

I wanted to do the RAID Advanced Freediver course to build up more skills in order to freedive better. I chose Go Freediving because we’re in the club  and we’ve been really enjoying it, and we have been doing online breathing sessions with you as well which has all contributed to us wanting to do this course.

Doing this course I’ve discovered that I want to just freedive! I’ve learnt more about my technique, and more about free falling and being a bit more relaxed going past negative buoyancy, relaxing and just going with it really. That’s made a massive difference actually on the last couple of dives, just going into proper freefall and not finning, then turning around, finning for a bit and then stopping again.

I’ve liked most being able to get back in the water after months out of it. And because we haven’t dived for a bit because of covid, to do it in a supported way has been nice.

Doing the first course, RAID Freediver , it’s most people’s first step into freediving, and it’s not for that long. So to do the advanced course, you’re getting more of a chance to hone your skills and have more enjoyment in the water because you’re better. Our plan originally was to dive a bit more in between courses but because of Covid we haven’t been able to do that. I think that would be ideal, to do the RAID Freediver course, maybe have a few dives in between, and then do the advanced course, and then spend quite a lot of time at that level practicing.

I would recommend the RAID Advanced Freediver course because you are learning so much so quickly in the first course, the advanced course gives you much more of a chance in a small group to reflect on our weaknesses and be able to work on them.  Kirstine

I wanted to do the RAID Advanced Freediver course to build on the skills I learnt last year on the RAID Freediver course. I wanted to learn a bit more of the technical aspects, pick up some new skills, and more about my own body going down to depths of 30 metres. I chose Go Freediving because I had a great experience last time, so why change that formula, and you’re all lovely people, so why not come back and do it again?

From a breathing point of view, after doing the breathing optimisation classes , and taking the advanced course, I realised that I wasn’t breathing and relaxing correctly, and had been doing something slightly different. Now I’m feeling a lot more peaceful. I had my best freedive ever earlier and I’ve done new personal best dives all day, finishing with 30.4 metres which is amazing. So, I’ve been learning new skills, and have a new appreciation of my own body and what it can do.

The thing I’ve liked most about the course has been the additional peace and quiet at Vobster right now. It feels like we have the place to ourselves. And the water here is always perfect, so if you’re going to learn to freedive, this is the best possible place that I’ve been to, so I would always recommend people to come here and then take those skills out to the sea or wherever they’re going to go.

The benefits of doing the advanced course is that you reaffirm the skills you’ve picked up previously and become more confident, knowing that with that extra knowledge, you can continue to progress in a safe way.

I would absolutely recommend the RAID Advanced Freediver course. It takes you further. Once you’ve done the basics, those are skills that become automatic and you don’t need to keep on repeating those. So now it’s about learning more about breathing, about self awareness, perfecting your finning techniques, and then knowing that you can actually go deeper. There’s so much that you have to learn on the initial freediver course, once you’ve practiced that you don’t have to do that again, and it means that you can progress.  Neil

Last year I really enjoyed doing the RAID Freediver course, and I wanted to challenge myself and go a bit further. Also, I was supposed to be going to the Maldives this summer, and so doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course was kind of in place of that (due to covid restrictions). I’m still going next year, and I’m hoping I’m going to see a whale shark. I really think that freediving with whale sharks would be absolutely amazing!

Doing the advanced course, I discovered that I can push myself a lot further than I think I can. And it’s more about the psychological side of things, and being able to say ‘okay, I’m in an uncomfortable situation now, but it’s not going to always be like this, and I just need to push through it in order to accomplish my goals’.

I really enjoyed gaining confidence more in myself, rather than confidence in the water, which I have already with my background as a swimmer and scuba instructor.

The benefits of doing the RAID Advanced Freediver course is that psychological benefit of being able to push through things. I suppose the other thing is, you gain all the other skills beforehand on the RAID Freediver Course, so you can enjoy it a bit more and enjoy the freediving more than when you first learn and everything is just so new.

I would recommend doing the advanced course with Go Freediving because it’s just so friendly here with you guys, and it’s just so nice to come and be a part of it all as well. I have really, really enjoyed today.  Sarah

andreaI chose to do a freediving course because I want to be a seal!

I scuba dive and I wanted to find something between snorkeling and scuba diving, a happy medium where I can interact with animals and have a more chilled experience.

Go Freediving knows what they are doing. All the content on the website was clear and you obviously have a great deal of experience teaching. The fact that the Go Freediving instructors are returning students is a good sign, and I felt like if anybody knew how to teach this in an effective way it was going to be you.

I discovered that the breath holding is not the most difficult bit, it’s all the other bits, the equalization, the duck dive, all the things that make you efficient. Those are the hardest things at the beginning to learn.

The course was really relaxed and fun. There was no pressure to achieve anything. We were all able to work on the bits that we could work on and leave the ones which were too difficult. For example: I can’t equalize my right ear today beyond a certain depth. Pash was really good, letting me dive as deep as I wanted to and I could just hang out there to see how long I could breath hold without pushing the depth.

It was nice that everyone could just tailor it to what they could achieve on the day.

The benefits of doing the course with GoFreediving are that you have all the expertise. I don’t have to go and learn somewhere else or try and learn from YouTube videos to fill in gaps. Between all of you, you have enough expertise to tackle whatever issues we seem to be having.

The location of Vobster Quay is great. It’s a nice space to be in. We’ve definitely got a mechanism to keep learning with you and going on trips or whatever so it’s nice to have a place to come back to and continue learning.

I would definitely recommend the course, I’ve learned what I’ve wanted to learn, it’s so simple. I don’t feel the limitation was you, I think any limitation was me.  Andrea

I decided to come back for a refresher course because I loved it the last time and because I haven’t done it in so long, I just thought it was a good idea to come back and make sure I’m doing it safely.

The benefit of coming back as a returning student is that I’ve progressed a lot. I was able to go a lot deeper – 20m this time, as opposed to 10/15m the last time.  I was able to see all the stuff they’ve got here at Vobster. Diving onto the ship at 20m yesterday was very good.

The benefits of doing a refresher session are; it helps you improve, it makes sure you are doing it safely and if you are coming back to it after a while it’s just good to have someone there to make you feel more comfortable getting back into it.

I would definitely recommend doing a refresher course, it’s just been really helpful, I advanced a lot and it made me feel much more comfortable.    Isaac

freediving in a quarry - go freediving - richardWe passed the RAID freediver last year, my son Isaac and myself and we’ve done some spearfishing since, but did not really catch anything.

Not having been in the water for 11 months, it just seemed like a really good idea to do a refresher course to remember what it is we were supposed to be doing. It’s a good way to come and refresh and remember.

I’ve had a brilliant time. I really loved it!

I have discovered ‘Chin in’. Everything is all about bringing the chin in.  Because I’ve dived and snorkeled and developed bad habits of always looking where I’m going, when you are trying to equalize and keep your body position it is really hard just to remember to tuck your chin in to make equalization so much easier. Everything seems to flow from that for me.

It is a really nice environment to do freediving with other people who are learning at the same time. We’ve got very good instructors picking us up on tips to make us better.

Vobster is just such a beautiful spot as well, I love it!  We were swimming through the plane this morning and it was just lovely to have a swim around the fuselage. Isaac is doing really well and it is so nice to do it together and to see him really enjoy it.

The benefit of doing a returning student refresher session is that you are improving your skills. The key seems to be relaxation. If you are not relaxed, you are going to struggle, you are going to forget and it’s going to be more painful.

I would say, I might even return every year because it’s hard to remember everything. Particularly with Covid, a year out the water, it’s just a nice way to start all again. And hopefully we can keep remembering and making progress.

I’m quite keen to think about joining the club too because it seems really nice just to see people around that can pick up a buddy. Everyone is super friendly. Again, it just keeps it all nice and relaxed, doesn’t it?

I would 100% recommend booking a refresher session. For me, it sped up my ability to have fun because I got into the water to start with and it took me a while to remember everything. Today everything just clicked and I just think if I hadn’t have done this weekend with Go Freediving,  I would have probably had a couple of days of struggle and I would have probably had some painful ears or something. It’s just so nice to just feel so good about it after such a short space of time.


LeeI decided to do a freediving course because I’m training for the British Stunt Register and part of that requirement is a swimming test underwater. Also, when I’m on holiday I always see people going down and I’m wondering, how did they do that?

I saw Foxy and Aldo learning to freedive with Go Freediving on Instagram and saw it wasn’t too far away, so here I am!

Doing the course I discovered how to freedive. All the preliminary stuff Go Freediving provide  – videos and things to look up definitely helped. It makes you aware of things I’ve never seen before like the breathing technique beforehand and exhaling and all the breathing techniques and all the other aspects of it. You realise there is a technique part of it but also a physiology part that can also impact it.

I have liked everything about the two days, I got to meet great people, great instructors, and learned while feeling safe and in control. I loved it and the weather was beautiful and visibility was great.

The benefits of doing the RAID freediver course with Go Freediving is that you progress with freediving, its loads of fun and you improve your water skills.

I would definitely recommend the course even if you don’t want to go down very deep. It is great to feel comfortable and confident in the water and I can now go deeper to look at fish when on holiday.


I wanted to do a freediving course, mainly to help my surfing, and to be able to have the proper techniques and get to depth without worry. I think also meditation and yoga, being completely present, freely under the water and at depth, has appealed to me for a long time and I’ve always wanted to do it.

Seeing people like David Mellor and following you and the rest of the crew on social media inspired me to come along and learn to freedive with you. I chose Go Freediving from following you and David. Personally, knowing David through friends and then seeing yourself and the passion you have for the sport.

Before doing this course, I didn’t quite imagine how peaceful, chilled, meditative and relaxing it would be in the water at that depth where there is so much going on, but I think really I impressed myself by being able to do that!

I think it is the environment that obviously helps towards that feeling. You can push yourself a lot further than you expect quite quickly and safely. Yesterday, I got to a point where I just felt like free falling without having to do anything. I think that feeling is just incredible, and obviously the ascents as well coming back up, so peacefully.

Just being amongst the elements under the professional instruction has been the most enjoyable part of it. Just being out there, diving and practicing and seeing your progression. You are surrounded by clearly professional instructors.

The benefits of doing this course would certainly be water confidence. I can definitely feel that now in comparison to in the past when I was out of my depth or in the surf or things like that. Freediving also feels incredibly beneficial in terms of mental health and the enjoyment of that good feeling. That’s a huge benefit for me, and also the community of freedivers as well. I can see myself getting into the social aspect of the freediving community and hanging out. I think that really does help having peers and people learning together at the same time.

Absolutely, definitely I would recommend this course. I just think to do something like this, you could try to learn yourself, but I think getting that tuition is so important, and I think the feeling of freediving is why I would recommend it.  Charlie 

I chose to do a freediving course as I am a long term surfer. It makes a lot of sense to up my skills, but I also liked the idea of being able to be in control of myself in a hostile environment.

Since I was a kid, swimming around and diving down is something I’ve always done like a lot of. But having the skills to be able to do it in a controlled way and with all the safety is important to me. It feels great. The main reason I chose Go Freediving was because it’s local. I prefer local rather than international.

Doing the course, I discovered that when you do a dive and then come back up, you don’t actually need to be heavily out of breath. That was something that really surprised me because having not done proper freediving before, I used to come back up and be all over the place. I would feel tired and my heart would be racing. But since I have been doing it with Go Freediving, I really learned to control how fast my heart moves, which is making it enjoyable rather than trying to force something.

Going down to a good depth is cool. We went down to 12m, which is  the height of a house, for measurement purposes. To be that far under the water and still be calm is a nice feeling. Plus we had absolutely great weather and Vobster Quay is beautiful.

The benefits of the course is if you suffer with anxiety or something like that, this will be good because it forces you to focus on just one thing that you are doing. Self-achievement is another thing – being able to say: I have done that. Learning a new life skill. If you ever fell off the side of a boat or something like that, you’d know not to panic.

I would absolutely hands-down recommend this course. I found the reception to be good and the instructors to be really informative. There was a bit of banter which also makes a difference and also nobody’s safety has been in jeopardy because of that, and that’s what really matters.  Toby

I started doing scuba last year and I really enjoyed it. I looked into freediving for the breath-hold techniques and I was curious about it and started practicing that. I found it very relaxing and I thought… oh is this diving and relaxing? I got curious about trying and I must have started talking about it a lot more and that’s when my partner bought this course for us.

I thought the bulk of the effort would be around the breath hold and I am shocked to find out that it’s just an afterthought. It is all about the technique of getting down and making sure you do the right sequence of things as you are going through it. The breath hold was not even worth worrying about or thinking about.

Honestly, you guys are really fun to be around with. You have a good group and you have a really good atmosphere going with this. I’m not sad that I didn’t pass everything today, it means I get to come back!!

The benefits of doing a course with Go Freediving are how well you guys are organized, that stands out for sure. We didn’t have to worry about anything, the kit was all sorted out etc. The second benefit is the fun group you have. The third benefit is the site you chose. Vobster is a really nice site to do it at as well.

I absolutely recommend this course because of how pain free the entire experience is, everything is taken care of for you.  Phillip 

A few things made me decide to do a freediving course, but the main thing at the moment is that I want to start spearfishing around the UK and I thought if I learned some good freediving techniques it will help me and give me a good foundation to then go spear fishing. I chose Go Freediving because you have a really good website and RAID seemed very nice and easy.

I have discovered that everything is different when you get underwater but as long as you remember everything you learned on the surface you will be fine. I have really liked being in the water and getting my chin in and opening all my tubes up and getting the equalization right. That felt really good.

The benefits of learning to freedive with Go Freediving is that the instructors are amazing. They give really good, clear instructions. I felt no pressure in the water and felt really comfortable. The location is really good. Nice clear instructions from the Go Freediving admin team before the course as well.

I would definitely recommend this course because it is an essential part of learning all the techniques to freedive safely.  Nathan 

I decided to do a freediving course because I have done quite a bit of scuba and I was interested in extending that and was interested to see what it was like without all the equipment. I have read about freediving and watched a few videos and got a taste of what it could be like. I found Go Freediving online.

I have discovered that freediving is harder than I thought but my equalization has improved. I have enjoyed the whole weekend, the team are great and encouraging, we were able to progress at our own pace and I got loads of extra special attention which has been great.

Physiologically it is different to scuba which is part of the appeal for me. Tom was very good at taking me aside and helping me and at the end of it I felt quite comfortable with the equalization and integrating it with all the other techniques.

The benefits of learning to freedive is that the equalization skills will help improve your scuba diving, and being out of your comfort zone lets you challenge yourself which is good. I would definitely recommend the course because of the great team, great set up and I felt very well supported. I can’t wait to come back!  Owen

I wanted to do a freediving course out of curiosity and because my friend Owen recommended it. I have discovered that freediving is hard and super cool!

I enjoyed the weekend because the instructors are great and really supportive.

The benefits are you get to learn to freedive and it is fun. I would recommend this course because it is fun.  Richard


Freediving is something I have been interested in for a long time. I first learn about freediving when I was seven years old, I watched the Big Blue and I thought that is amazing. When I was out in Australia a year ago, I was out on a boat trip and one of the captains onboard the ship was talking about spearfishing and he gave me a few pointers towards freediving techniques and I managed to get a bit deeper so I knew it was for me.

I chose Go Freediving because I feel like this is the perfect place to learn, it appealed to me more than other places. It is controlled conditions but also open at the same time.

I have discovered that I can achieve more than I thought I could, I thought it would be harder to get down to ten meters than it actually was and it happened by accident almost, I felt great. Some of the techniques are a bit tricky but with the right instruction it becomes easier.

I like the fact that everyone has an opportunity to try again, no one is pushed too far but if you mess up a bit, we just have a chat about it and then we try again, it is nice to have that patience from the instructor.

The benefits of learning to freedive are new opportunities because it’s something you can continue to do if you go on holiday with a buddy.

I would absolutely recommend the course, it is fun, great instructors, great location and it is great to be able to do it if you are interested in freediving. – Laura

I watched the film My Octopus Teacher and thought freediving looked really cool and decided I wanted to do it. My water experience is just swimming in the sea and snorkelling a bit.

I looked for places near Bristol and Go Freediving had good reviews and it looked good.

I have discovered that I’ve got bad sinuses, haha. But I do enjoy it. I like the environment. I really like the people and the instructor is a pretty chilled dude. It is quite easy going, there is no stress.

The benefits of doing the course are that you meet some cool people and you learn a skill and new things.

I would definitely recommend the course because it is great!! There are good vibes! – Connor

My friend Connor asked if I would like to go on a freediving course. I have no idea what I am getting myself into!! I have been scuba diving.

I have discovered that I can’t swim in a straight line! The course is really chilled and fun. It is cool to see all the other divers doing their thing below you.

The benefits of the course are that it is fun. There is a relaxed atmosphere and there is not too much pressure on you.

The free breathing optimisation class helped me prepare for the course too!!

I would absolutely recommend the course! – Harry

I have watched documentaries and always found freediving interesting so I thought I would give it a go. My only water experience is snorkelling and swimming.

I chose Go Freediving because I saw a post on Instagram. I have discovered that it is not as easy as it looks! There is more involved than just diving down.

The benefits of the course are relaxation, I find it very relaxing in the water. You learn about physiology and aspects of freediving in the online courses. Breathhold teaches you to hold your breath a little longer.

The free breathing optimisation class helped me prepare for the course with the breath hold but not really the equalisation.

I would absolutely recommend the course, the instructors are amazing and the facilities are good as well! – Jonathan

The course was a present for me from my girlfriend. I used to watch a lot of Youtube videos about spearfishing so she thought it would be something nice for me to do. I have not got much water experience besides a bit of snorkelling.

I chose Go Freediving because it is near Bath and one of the best places in the country to do the course!

I have discovered that freediving is a lot more difficult than it looks. There is a lot more equipment that you need to do it. It is really fun and I want to continue!

I like how quickly we were in the water. The benefits of learning to freedive are the relaxation, meeting new people and it helps you be fitter and healthier too.

The free breathing optimisation class was really good. It was an eye-opener and it gave you things to go away and practice.

It would definitely recommend the course because the instructors are good. – Callum

I booked on the course because I wanted to do something adventurous and I want to go swimming with whales next year so I thought it would be so much cooler if I could freedive with them instead of just being on the surface. I chose Go Freediving because they are close to me and they are experts, Emma has been doing this for a very long time and there were loads of great testimonials on the site. I discovered that it is harder than I thought it would be but so worth giving a try and a go and I really, really like it.

I have enjoyed being able to get out of my comfort zone and feel safe while doing it. I felt supported and I felt so safe all the way and it encouraged me to try and do more adventurous things in the water. The benefits of learning to freedive are that it could potentially save your life or help you save someone else’s life because you learn how to buddy and how to rescue someone from hypoxia or blackout. The fact that you have tried how can help you save anyone in that situation. It is an incredible skill to have and it opens opportunities in the water wherever you go.

I would absolutely recommend it because it is really really fun to do with people who know what they are talking about and will keep you safe while you are doing it. Regardless of the experience you have I felt like everything was tailored to make sure I was going at my own pace and that I was always happy with how things are going.    Mia

I have always fancied freediving and I saw some stuff on Instagram and after chatting with Emma I decided to book on. I just love the feeling of being in the water. I chose Go Freediving because Emma was really friendly and the communication was great. I have discovered that it is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Those people that think they can watch a few videos and off you go, it just doesn’t work that way you need the instruction. Once you master it it becomes really easy to do.

I have really liked pulling down on the rope so you go down further in a safe way and I really enjoy the duck dive. I liked it all, everyone was really friendly and I am already discussing how I can come back and do it some more.

The benefits of doing the course with Go Freediving are the safety and Emma and the instructors are really friendly and they are really experienced so they know straight away how to help you get something right.

I would recommend the course because it is really fun and I am sad the weekend had to end. I really loved it and I want to take it further.       Cath

I saw some spearfishers and freedivers while snorkelling on holiday and it looked amazing and I wanted to have a go at it so I signed up for a course. I just love water and I try and do every water sport possible. I looked at a few different companies and the people at Go Freediving just looked like real people and they looked like a good safe company. Doing the course I have discovered that I love freediving and I am now more aware of my body and what it is doing. Vobster is lovely and the water is so clear.

I have really loved the diving and just being in the water. The benefits of the course are you develop some body awareness and gain confidence in the water. You also get to learn the safety aspects really thoroughly. I would definitely recommend the course because it is really safe and there is no risk of it being cancelled due to weather because you are in a quarry.            Anoushka

I have always enjoyed swimming in the sea and diving down so I wanted to be able to learn how to do it properly so I can optimise my time in the water while I am on holiday. Doing this course I have discovered that my brain is stronger than my body, it is so psychological. My brain can overcome things that my body is telling me. I chose Go Freediving because I got a good vibe and the website they seemed to have it all together had lots of course options and safety was a priority.

Everyone has been so friendly and it has been really nice meeting everybody. It has just been so easy because everyone is so nice. I have so enjoyed just getting in the water and realising I can do things that I wasn’t sure I would be able to do.

The benefits of the course are the relaxation and just being able to get away from it all for a bit. Meeting some new people and learning a new sport. I would 100% recommend this course because it is great people, new skill, and an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. It is a great opportunity to try something new in a really safe environment and push your own limits and learn how fantastic your body is and how much you can do.     Abbey

I am taking an MA in photography and have been teaching myself to freedive and I got to a stage where I didn’t think I was doing it safely. I’d been reading up about Wimhof and I didn’t think he was doing it right.

I’ve been a competitive swimmer most of my life, but no longer compete. I am more comfortable in the sea than I am on land.

There are different courses throughout the country, but I read up about Emma, bought her book and her emphasis was on safety. The whole point of this course for me was that I wanted to freedive safely and even though New Quay is close to me, there is just that sense of confidence that Emma and Go Freediving would give me the safety that I wanted.

What I have discovered doing this course is how many things can go wrong and the pleasure you feel when you get it right!

The Instructors are amazing! Absolutely amazing! Attentive and patient. Just being in it, with everyone else has been great!

The benefits of learning to freedive are understanding the importance of having a buddy, the importance of not going beyond your limits and it is fun once you’ve got your confidence.

I will be recommending this course because you do it so safely, the instructors are first class and the course is fun.     Carol

My freediving course was a present! I’ve done lots of snorkeling and very amateur attempts at freediving and wanted to learn how to do it properly.

My wife and parents chose Go Freediving for me. I think they looked around at a few places, but I think Emma was really enthusiastic so they chose her.

I think this course has taught me to be a lot more considered in my approach, in particular pre-dive, preparing myself properly so you get a much more enjoyable, longer time in the water.

The best part of the weekend has been my instructor. He was brilliant, really enthusiastic and clear and hasn’t been at all judgemental in any way. The benefits of learning to freedive are safety. I feel like I am going to be able to do this in a much safer manner. Also, realising there is much better equipment out there than I have been using! And thirdly, being able to enjoy the natural world more!

I would very much so recommend this course. Maybe not on a rainy weekend in October, but actually having said that, it hasn’t been that bad. I just think it’s a really fun way to get accustomed to doing this.   Charlie

My friend Alison and I were going to do Mermaid Camp, which was going to be the freediving level one and that got cancelled and to work in a mermaid tank you have to have level two so we decided to do it on our own.

We chose Go Freediving because they are local and Alison did some research and said you were very reputable.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to go down as far as I did – I thought I was going to panic. But, I was able to relax myself and do it! So that was cool! I think my favourite thing about the whole course was the patience of the instructors. I don’t think you pushed us too hard but pushed us hard enough to challenge ourselves. I think the pacing was really good, and I know that’s hard to get right.

Three benefits of this course are getting a certification – which is pretty cool to brag about. Also, confidence – I think if I was out and saw someone in trouble, I’d be able to help them, and now I have a new skill which I can take with me. Now I can work in a mermaid tank!

I absolutely would recommend the course. The quality of the course is better than others and they are not just going to pass people because they bought the course, which is a safety thing. They are going to pass them if they got the skills right and I respect that.    Megan

I thought that freediving looked cool so I wanted to give it a go, I have no water experience so I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit and do it. I was following Go Freediving on instagram for a while which is why I chose them. I have learned that I need to chill out a bit more. I have enjoyed speaking to the people and learning something new. The benefits of learning to freedive with Go Freediving is the instruction, I had an instructor and an assistant instructor which was great. I also enjoyed the online learning part of the course as well.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to get out and meet new people. Emma and the team are really friendly.       John-Paul

I would like to get into spearfishing eventually so I thought it is better to come and do a freediving course. Go Freediving is close to me and has great reviews which is why I chose them. I have discovered that it pushes your limits and expectations and the instructors allow you to progress naturally. I have enjoyed all the time in the water, having the online videos and learning means you get straight in the water. The benefits of learning to freediving with Go Freediving is it is really organised, brilliant location and you always have an instructor nearby if you have any questions.

I would recommend the course because of the location and great instruction.     Chris

I like wildlife and wildlife photography and I am already a scuba diver and I wanted to learn another way to get underwater with beautiful creatures.

I did my Aida 2* in Portugal a month ago and I still felt like I wanted to do more practice and get better. I researched different freediving schools in the UK and Go Freediving is by far the best one and I was particularly enticed by Emma’s personal email response to me. It was a really nice touch that the actual organiser took the time to write back to me and engage with me.

I’ve discovered that I really love freediving, but I don’t like the rain! And I want to do more and more! Even though we are in a group, I feel like I am getting one to one attention and tuition. I feel like the instructors are enthusiastic. It feels good!

The benefits of learning to freedive is that you are learning to properly switch off and relax – and you have to force yourself to do that – when you’re breathing up and also when you’re down there and freaking out you have to force yourself to relax. It’s also another string to your bow that you can take abroad with you and see the world in a different way. It also teaches you to breathe more effectively and efficiently which is helpful in day to day life too.

I would absolutely recommend doing this course. It is fantastically well organised, the level and attention to detail is fantastic.

I feel like I have done the best freediving course I could have done!        Natalie

I wanted to do a freediving course because it sounded like a fun thing to do. I have experienced underwater through scuba diving and this felt like a way to do it without being encumbered with equipment so it would feel like a much more organic and maybe even environmentally friendly way to experience the underwater world.

I choose Go Freediving as I think it is the closest place to London, also the type of venue. It’s an interesting place.

I was a little bit nervous that this would be scary, but it wasn’t at all, and I’ve proved to myself I can do it!

The wetsuits are a revelation! They are warm, comfortable and flexible! I could totally get into this! This course has taught me how to get into a calm place, getting confidence in and out of the water and the actual course has been fun and is a great place.

I would definitely recommend this course. It has been very enjoyable.        Sian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I wanted to do a freediving course because of the sense of adventure and being at one with nature. I have been scuba diving, but doing it without oxygen just excites me more. With scuba it is about location and what I want to see but with freediving it is so I can improve my own head space. You are just in your own mind and it’s all on you and it’s very personal. That is what I wanted out from it and that is what I got. Aldo and Foxy recommended the course, and the location was great!

I have discovered that my boundaries are a lot less than what I thought and there is a lot more to it than just going under water. There is an element that you need to learn and I have enjoyed the instruction as well.

I have enjoyed the sense of adventure and pushing yourself beyond your limits. The benefits are you get to be underwater and you learn to control your breathing that you can use in other elements of life. You upskill your adventure training and learn to relax more. I would definitely recommend this course and I will be back to complete it and take freediving to the next level so I would definitely advise people to get on it and enjoy it!          Des

I have been practising some cold water therapy like the Wim Hof method and doing sea dips and I have been doing some open water swims as I want to do a triathlon.

Des mentioned wanting to do a freediving course to help with breathwork that can transition into other things. I am into martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu so when someone is on top of you and squashing you, you can start to panic. All the top guys have been doing breath work for years and years. Des recommended Go Freediving.

I have discovered that you can push your boundaries and you have more oxygen than you think you have. You do need to start with the basics and spend some time practising. I have enjoyed the instruction and spending time with the guys.

The benefits of doing this course are learning to control your breath more, the fitness and it is really fun! I would definitely recommend the course because I have learned a lot and it’s not something a lot of people can say they have done.        Ben

Freediving is something that I have always wanted to do, I have done a lot of scuba diving but started to find it boring and freediving seemed to be more of a challenge.

I am an experienced swimmer and I am a keen wakeboarder and water skier. Aldo Kane recommended Go Freediving to me.

I have learned that equalisation is very important and learning the different techniques has made me even more comfortable in the water. You start with the basics and you build from there, and can see progression on every dive. I feel like you progress at a great pace in a great atmosphere.

I learned the importance of correct breathing techniques and the importance of buddying and what to do if something does go wrong. I would absolutely recommend the course because it is a great opportunity that you don’t often have in the UK and the set up is great!   Nathan

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