One Breath‘One Breath’ Reviews

“One Breath is a beautifully photographed personal journey into the world of freediving”

Bob Talbot

Award-winning photographer,

cinematographer and director of ‘Ocean Men – Extreme Dive

“Emma portrays a diving discipline much more intense than scuba, revealing the mental as well as the physical preparation that goes into freediving. To scuba divers more used to wearing large amounts of kit, you will be surprised to see in the accompanying photographs of freedivers how amazingly graceful the human body can be. The images alone are enough to make you want to give it a try” **** (4 out of 5 stars)

Sport Diver Magazine

One Breath A Reflection on Freediving Emma Farrell 1

“I once had the privilege of being taught by Emma Farrell in the Royal Navy’s Submarine Escape Training Tank in Gosport, and found her to be an inspiring and gentle presence both above and below the water. This book is about her personal underwater journey, and I hope it will encourage divers of all kinds to discover for themselves the liberating and calming effect of freediving.”

Tim Ecott

Author of Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World

“The sea has always been a place of complete peace and protection for me and my life has been altered inexplicably by exploring the depths of myself as I dived deeper and deeper. Emma Farrell’s personal accounts of her beginnings in freediving reminded me of the unique experiences breath-hold divers share in our underwater journeys of self-discovery. Written as elegantly as Emma herself is in the water, One Breath is an engaging story of teaching and learning, failure and success. You will learn not only how to freedive, but also why. The sea has shaped my life. This book might change yours.”

Tanya Streeter

Nine times freediving world record-holder,

Television Presenter & Environmentalist


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About the Author

Emma Farrell

Freediving Instructor Trainer

Emma Farrell is one of the world’s leading freediving instructors and the author of the stunning book One Breath: A Reflection on Freediving. She has been freediving since 2001 and teaching since 2002. She is an Instructor Trainer with RAID, SSI and AIDA, a founding member of the AIDA Education Commission…Read More

frederic buyle

About the Photographer

Frederic Buyle

A world champion freediver, a teacher for many years, and now a photographer who has been published across the globe, Frederic Buyle is unique in his vision and approach. His philosophy is to only take pictures whilst freediving himself, using just the natural light available to him, and to never change the image or direct his subject… Read More

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