RAID Freediver Course Debrief
On behalf of the whole Go Freediving team, I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was teaching you. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

Thanks for being so brilliant!

This course debrief page is exclusive to our RAID students and is jam packed with information regarding what you need to do to complete your course and where your new freediving skills can take you next!

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post course admin

Completing Your Admin For RAID

There are a few things you will need to do via your RAID account. Some of these you may have already done, but they must all be completed if you wish to become certified. If you have not completed your skills, please see the additional options we have for returning students, below.
1) RAID sign off and paperwork – Please keep a manual record of your dives as RAID is in the process of upgrading their site and you are not able to upload dive logs at the moment.
2) Your named instructor has already gone into your course and signed your skills off. You must now go in and countersign all of your completed skills so I can then do the final sign off and get your digital card to you. You must sign off your confined water skills AND your open water skills – so two ticks are required! Please note some users have issues signing off their skills using chrome. There are two work arounds – the simplest is to use another browser such as firefox to access RAID. The second option is to hover your mouse over the column where you need to click your skills and click in line with the skills description is (there should be a check box there, but it is missing for some Chrome users). You will not see a tick appear until you save and refresh. You must have added a profile image and completed the medical on Raid in order to complete the certification.
Important Note: All RAID courses have an expiration date. If you do not sign off before the expiration date of your course your certification card cannot be issued and you may be subject to additional costs if you still wish to become certified.

Did You Make A Purchase During Your Course?

If you owe money for kit or anything else, then please make payment using the following details.

Go Freediving Limited



Ref: kit

Alternatively, please wait for your invoice to arrive – usually within 7 days of your course. Payment is required upon receipt.
If you would like to purchase kit, here is the link to our current kit prices.  or you can email us on and we will be happy to assist you with all your kit purchases. We sell everything that you would need as a freediver and the equipment we sell is what we as instructors use. If you want any kit, from buoys to bags to fins to nose-clips then just ask and we can sort you out with kit to fit your needs.

Your Memories

At Go Freediving, as well as learning new skills and making new friends, we want you to leave with some great memories. For this reason we photograph every course.
Course photos are posted on:
You can also purchase Go Freediving Merchandise to wear with pride and become part of the freediving community!

Still Have Skills To Master Before Becoming Certified?

Around 40% of students do not complete all the skills required on their RAID course, so if that includes you, don’t be disheartened. You’ve already learned new skills and are well on your way to becoming certified. If you are keen to get your certification we have a number of options:
1. You organise a private tuition session with one of our instructors, and you can be tutored and then taken through the skills exercises and signed off as applicable. Prices for this will vary, so get in touch if you wish to learn more.
2. You can sign up for a Freediving Masterclass with Emma Farrell. The classes are held at Vobster Quay and are for anyone that has done a freediving course, even if you have not yet passed. The masterclass will help you perfect your skills and is also a chance to have any skills signed off that you did not manage to complete on your course in order to be certified. These classes are not aimed at depth but rather focus on skills and technique. There are only a few classes per season and classes are limited to 4 students per class and are very popular so please book this as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.
2.  You can become a returning student. This means when we have space on one of our scheduled courses, you can return for one or two days of the course at a cost of £100 per day (not including kit hire or Vobster entry) and enjoy the tuition and skills tests in order to be signed off. You can return as many times as needed, you just need to book your space via the link.
3. You can attend a club day at Vobster (this costs £20 per day for non-Go Freediving Club members, or Free to members, but does not include Vobster entry fee) and practice your skills with other club members.
4. You can join one of our freediving holidays where you can have a week of sunshine and freediving and complete your course skills. You can even take the next level course while you are there!


Once you have become certified, there are a number of other options for you to learn, progress and immerse yourself further into the freediving world.

Further RAID Courses:

If you have completed your RAID Freediver Course, you may want to go to the next level – the RAID Advanced Freediver Course. This page tells you all about it and lists when our next courses are being held.
If you have completed your RAID Advanced Freediver Course, you may want to reach Master status and become a RAID Master Freediver! This page tells you what is required and lists when our next course is being held. However, if you are interested in taking your Master course, please let me know as this course is often demand led.

trips and holidays

Freediving Trips and Holidays:

We regularly organise liveaboard holidays, training holidays, UK trips (such as our shark trips) and other social events. This is an amazing opportunity to practice skills and spend a whole week with like minded people. These holidays are perfect for the solo traveller or couples and groups.

Explore pristine coral reefs, dive world famous wrecks, and interact with blue sharks, humpback and sperm whales and dolphins on our fantastic freediving trips and holidays

For more details of our holidays, click below:


Club Weekends and Club Sessions:

Learn new skills, meet new buddies and have fun at our club days throughout the season at Vobster.

Join our club weekends, where you can freedive all day, improve your skills and make new friends!

We will always provide you with a buddy and you can also try new equipment such as monofins!

Club days at Vobster Quay are FREE for Go Freediving club members or £20 for non-club members.

To confirm your place on the club day weekends, please contact

You can still join us for club days if you’re not a member but, in order to be covered by our insurance, the cost is £20 per day and you must book and pay in advance

What’s included

  • Pool hire (when applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Buddy
  • Instructor safety and support (when available)

Not included

  • Wetsuit hire (available from us for  £22.50 per day)
  • Kit hire (available from us for £22.50 per day)
  • Vobster Quay entry fee (details)
  • Food and refreshments
  • Annual Club Membership (see below):

Why Not Join Us as a Club Member?

Become a member of the Go Freediving club and receive discounts on course prices, kit, diver insurance and more.

New Members receive:

  • FREE Go Freediving beanie worth £20 to keep you warm when diving with us in the UK
  • FREE Go Freediving swim hat worth £8 so you can show off down the pool for free!
  • FREE Yoga Nidra for diving download worth £4 to make you even more relaxed…
  • FREE club days at Vobster EVERY WEEKEND (May-Oct) so that you SAVE £20 on each session you attend!
  • £50 OFF ANY COURSE taken on one of our holidays so that you can smile as much as the dolphins!
  • UP TO £50 OFF every course and event in the UK so you can save as you learn from the best!
  • Worldwide freediving liability insurance up to 5 million (see policy cover sheets and details below) so you can freedive with confidence!
  • Discounts on all Divemaster insurance policies such as travel insurance (see below) to give you more coverage for less money!
  • Discounts on clothing and kit from computers to masks and much more so you’ve always got the best for less!
  • And more freebies, offers and discounts coming throughout the year. We are always giving you more!

For more details of our club and club meets click below:

Online Classes for freediving

To Practice At Home

Here is a FREE 30 minute gentle breathing optimisation class for you to try.

This class is suitable for all levels.

For complete beginners you will find this class a gentle introduction. For experienced breathwork students you will find this a relaxing session which can be integrated into your regular breathing sessions to offer restorative and nurturing breathing exercises.

Here are 2 short 15 minute classes – perfect for practising daily upon waking and before going to bed.

The Breath Hold Optimisation Classes are based on the programme Emma devised for Olympic and Paralympic athletes across cycling and swimming, and have been used successfully since 2010.

The exercises are designed to teach you how to breathe fully and efficiently, improve CO2 tolerance, increase breath hold capacity, increase Vital Capacity, decrease Residual Volume and improve diaphragm flexibility.

Emma’s program uses techniques from yoga, freediving and the Buteyko method, and have been proven to improve lung function and performance.

Freediving Tutorial Library

Your Tutorial library is a collection of videos created by our instructors and allow you to continue practising after your course finishes.

Go-Freediving-CO2-TABLES some CO2 training tables in paper form that you can use for dry training at home

A more detailed description of the Frenzel technique written by Eric Fattah

If you are interested in using cranial osteopathy then you can find one near you by ringing Stillpoint in Bath, giving them your postcode and asking for a recommendation. Their number is 01225 460 106

And finally, just in case you forgot after reading all that information, please remember to leave a review of your experience with Go Freediving!

Honest reviews are a vital element of helping small businesses such as ours.
You can rate or write a review of Go Freediving on our facebook page , Trustpilot and on google business

Thank you for choosing Go Freediving as your course provider!

We hope to see you again soon!

From all of the Go Freediving team!

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