Freediving Instructor Leanne Wood 2021-04-06T12:27:12+01:00

Leanne Wood

Freediving Instructor

I grew up by the water and always spent the summer evenings at the beach, either kayaking, or sailing. So, from a really young age, I’ve always been a water baby.

When I went travelling to Australia, I’d always wanted to get into scuba diving, and so I started scuba diving on the great barrier reef.

I was on a liveaboard and absolutely fell in love with living on the water.

From then, I scuba dived all around the world. I was very fortunate to dive everywhere from Africa to Asia, and I then went back to Australia and learnt how to freedive In Sydney.

I then did my Instructor course in Thailand, In Koh Tao, which was beautiful.

My favourite freediving experience was in Fiji the coral reefs out there are ridiculous, it was like being on the set of Finding Nemo. But even though I’ve dived on the amazing reefs, I love Vobster as there are so many cool wrecks to dive on and explore.

I love teaching freediving because I love seeing people who don’t think they can do something, come up with a smile on their faces after doing an amazing dive.