David Mellor – Freediving Training Diary – Training and Exercises

Last time David talked about his dynamic training and why listening to your body is so important. This week we follow a typical training week in the life of David. We look at the training and exercises he is doing to ensure he is the best form possible for the upcoming competitions. So, if you were thinking about a career change to being an international freediving competitor, then check out the training and exercises David is doing, to see what’s involved.


Go Freediving 2018 – The Best Bits!

What a year 2018 turned out to be! Check out this mega blog to see just what everyone got up to - from courses and shark trips through to competitions and liveaboards, we've got it all! AND, 2019 is shaping up to be even bigger, so watch this space!!


Private Freediving Tuition – What are the benefits?

Ever thought about private freediving tuition? Find out the different types of students take freediving lessons and check out 6 complete myths about private freediving courses. You may be surprised!


How to communicate with your freediving buddy

How to communicate with your freediving buddy is one of the most important skills in safe freediving. In this article we cover how to effectively communicate before and during the dive or breath hold. There's also two videos and gifs showing freediving specific underwater hand signals.