Marine Conservation And Freediving

Earlier this year we reached out and asked you to get in touch if you used freediving in the course of your work. In this article we speak to previous Go Freediving student Anna Harrison. Anna told us about her role as a  marine biologist and how she believes learning to freedive will help her marine conservation efforts. 


3D Printing of Coral Reef is Helping Our Coral Nurseries

In August 2018 one company - Reef Design Labs led by designer Alex Goad took 3D printing to a whole new level and 3D printed and installed a coral reef called MARS (Modular Artificial Reef Structure) in the Maldives. Find out why this could be game-changing it the protection of our planet's coral.


Freediving with Sperm Whales – With Patrick Aryee

Offspring Films have recently developed a TV series titled 'Big Beasts - Last of The Giants'. As part of the series, you will see the presenter, Patrick Aryee freediving with Sperm Whales. Patrick had never tried freediving before so needed to learn how to do it, so guess where he learned?


Freediving on Britain’s Secret Seas

Britain's Secret Seas is BBC television series that celebrates the coastline of Great Britain. In the episode 'The Power of the East' we watch explorer Paul Rose and his team exploring the waters around The Farne Islands, joined by Go Freediving's Emma Farrell as she freedives to demonstrate the similarities between seals and humans. Find out more and watch the episode for a limited time here!


Freediving holiday in the red sea film

Check out what we got up to on our freediving holiday in the red sea in our latest film! See our team of freediving girls diving incredible wrecks, including The Thistlegorm and The Barge, plus diving on pristine reefs and with rays and dolphins.


Freediving in the Red Sea – Four Films

Want to know what freediving in the Red Sea is like? Check out four films from our last freediving holiday! Starring Elena, Jana, Katherine, Nic, some dolphins, reefs, and one of the world's most famous wrecks. These films show you a freediver's eye view of exactly what it is like freediving in the Red Sea!


Freediving with Orcas and Humpbacks

Freediving with Orcas is an incredible experience. Watch the film of Go Freediving Instructor David Mellor as he freedives with orcas and humpbacks in Norway


Furry wetsuit designed at MIT to keep you warmer in the water

Scientists at MIT have designed a prototype furry wetsuit modelled on otters and beavers, who manage to dive and stay warm by trapping a layer of air in their thick fur. Read how this could mean the development of thinner and more flexible wetsuits for freedivers and how it works.


Ellie Simmonds Swimming with Dolphins on TV

Ellie Simmonds: Swimming with Dolphins is a TV programme following paralympic gold medal swimmer Ellie Simmonds as she prepares to freedive with dolphins for the first time. The show also features Go Freediving's Emma Farrell as we see her teaching Ellie the freediving skills she will need for her trip.