Freediving with Manta Rays

Want to know what it is like to go freediving with Manta Rays? Then check out this film taken on our freediving holiday to the Maldives!


Review of Dolphin Way, Rise of the Guardians, by Mark Caney

Mark Caney, in his debut novel has created a fully realised world, where dolphin culture has structure, art, science, history and a philosophy of The Way. When The Way is followed, there is food for all and natural balance reigns. However, the world around them is changing and young dolphin, Touches the Sky must fight for his life in to find out the truth and protect everything that he loves.


Movie from our April liveaboard diving holiday is just up!

This film shows what we got up to on our April 2014 freediving and yoga liveaboard holiday onboard the Mistral in the Red Sea!We went between the 19-26 April with Scuba Travel on the stunning boat the 'Mistral' which is part of the Tornado Marine fleet. Each morning started with yoga on the top deck, save one windy morning when we were on the middle deck, then breakfast and then a days diving!


Emma Farrell dives the Thistlegorm

See our very own Emma Farrell diving the Thistlegorm wreck in Egypt! Emma writes - The two dives took place on our last two liveaboard holidays in the Red Sea. The first was filmed by [...]