Ear Pain When Diving – What Causes It And How to Stop It!

Do you experience ear pain when diving? If so, congratulations - you have one of the most commonly reported (and most unwelcome) side effects of diving incorrectly. However, did you know that you should not experience ANY ear pain when diving?Find out why people experience ear pain when diving, and what steps they need to take to be able to dive pain free.


When Is The Best Time To Do A Freediving Course?

The best time to do a freediving course depends on many factors. These factors can range from age, general health, fitness, mental wellbeing, through to location, time of year and even which course providers are available at any given time. If you are wondering when the best time to do a freediving course is for YOU, read this blog.


Gemma’s Accident – And How You Can Help

Gemma's accident has turned her life upside down and she desperately needs your help now. Find out more about this fantastic diver and prepare to be inspired - and humbled - by her fight, determination and spirit as she battles her injuries and change in circumstances in true Gemma Smith style.