Top 5 Beginner Freediver Mistakes Anyone Can Make

When I learnt to freedive I thought I knew a little about the sport, but looking back, I realise now I knew nothing. I just jumped into the (30m) deep end, took a big breath and hoped for the best. However, I was different to most beginner freedivers, I didn’t make five beginner freediving mistakes. Oh no, my mistakes were in double figures…


Five myths about freediving… BUSTED!

When people find out I am a freediver, they first ask me how long I can hold my breath, and then how deep I can dive. After they have expressed shock and have shaken their heads, they usually say ‘I could never do that' and proceed to recite a number of complete myths about freediving. I then have to make a detailed rebuttal of their beliefs, and explain that ANYONE could achieve what I have.


Why learning to be a safe freediving buddy is so important

When a student chooses to do a freediving course,  while their primary objective in most cases, is to become a safe freediver, they will also be expected to learn how to be a safe freediving buddy too. Any responsible freediver will ensure they have a qualified freeediving buddy with them at all times - one who is trained and able to rescue them from any scenario they might find themselves in, while extending the same level of safety and reassurance in return to their freediving buddy.


Ear Pain When Diving – What Causes It And How to Stop It!

Do you experience ear pain when diving? If so, congratulations - you have one of the most commonly reported (and most unwelcome) side effects of diving incorrectly. However, did you know that you should not experience ANY ear pain when diving? Find out why people experience ear pain when diving, and what steps they need to take to be able to dive pain free.


David Mellor – Freediving Training Diary – Freediving Competitions in Dahab

Welcome to the not-so-secret freediving training diary of David Mellor! In David's last diary entry David talked about his training in Dahab and how he was enjoying finessing skills. This time we speak with David immediately following his first depth competition of 2019. He took part in the Blue Ocean Mini Comp on the 5th April and did a 52 constant weight with bi-fins dive and got a white card for a clean performance.


David Mellor – Freediving Training Diary – Freediving Training in Dahab

Welcome to the not-so-secret freediving training diary of David Mellor! This week we're in Dahab! Well, David is! He is there for some serious training ahead of two upcoming competitions in Dahab - the mini competition on 5th April and then the Dahab Championships 25th - 29th April. Also David has received some awesome news: He has made the GB for the world champs in Nice in Sept for FIM and CWT! Well done, David!


Uba Project Equalisation Tool Review

The Uba Project equalisation tool is an ingenious device to show you how much pressure you need to equalise, but what technique you are using. From the Frenzel equalisation technique, to the mouthfill, constant pressure, reverse packing and more, you can see where you're going right, what needs improvement and can practice at any time away from the water. So how does it work, why do you need one, and is it worth the money? Here's our comprehensive review of the Uba Project equalisation tool.


David Mellor – Freediving Training Diary – Black Outs in Freediving Competitions

Welcome to the not-so-secret freediving training diary of David Mellor! Last time we looked at the venue and competition schedule for David's first competition this year. This time we learn about David's first ever black out - how it happened and what he has learned from it.