Yoga is great for relaxation, fitness, flexibility and the feel-good factor! You don’t need any prior experience of yoga to attend and the classes cater for all ages, levels and experience. We guarantee it will make you feel amazing.

In addition, Emma teaches the profoundly deep practice of yoga nidra at the end of every class. Yoga nidra  is a life-changing relaxation practice that has enabled people to relax more deeply than they ever thought possible and help them sleep better at night.

Emma is passionate about the restorative power of yoga and believes that everyone can derive benefit from a class.

How can yoga nidra help diving?

Yoga nidra for diving is a specific yoga nidra recording that Go Freediving head instructor and yoga nidra expert Emma Farrell has developed to help both scuba divers and freedivers. Yoga nidra literally means ‘yogic sleep’ and is a profoundly deep relaxation practice, taking you deeper than hypnosis or other guided relaxations.

Emma has spent the last seven years developing yoga nidra recordings for everything from sleep to diving and you can access all of them here.

Yoga nidra works on many levels as a physical and mental relaxation and is a way of putting deep into the subconscious a thought, feeling, or idea that is important to you. This can be a way of helping deal and prepare with any stresses involved with diving, as a way of focussing the mind, and preparing mentally for future challenges.

When we move to another level in our diving, whether it is in terms of depth, or new techniques or equipment, the visualisation in the yoga nidra practice can be very helpful.

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