At Go Freediving we run a variety of holidays and trips for our freedivers. One of the most popular is our freediving and yoga holidays. We offer two types – the liveaboard freediving and yoga holiday, and the land-based freediving and yoga holiday. Whilst each holiday focuses on freediving and yoga, the holidays are very different in structure and experience.

So, why is a freediving and yoga holiday so popular?

Well, firstly it should be noted that you do not need experience in freediving OR yoga to join one of these trips, but a trip that involves both of these activities generally attracts like-minded people. So, even if you have no experience but heaps of curiosity and a have-a-go attitude you will be on holiday with a group of people who share an amazingly broad, combined knowledge of both, and their passion will undoubtedly rub off on you.  You have been warned!

For those of you who are already actively participating in regular yoga or freediving sessions – or even those who have taken a break from it all and want to rediscover their love of both or either – a freediving and yoga holiday is a fantastic way to do this.

Liveaboard Versus Land-based – Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing between a liveaboard and a landbased freediving and yoga holiday based on the freediving on offer, it can be difficult to make a decision. They both offer so much, yet are so different too!

For example, if you are a freediver interested in achieving certification, a liveaboard may be the best option. You are completely living the freediving life, stepping off the boat and into your next underwater adventure and all the while working towards your first (or next) certification.

If however, as a freediver you want a more relaxed introduction to the sport, or as an existing freediver just want to train and improve technique and skills – perhaps to overcome an obstacle you have encountered, or in preparation for competition – a land-based holiday may offer a more diverse range of training.  One thing both will offer is spectacular diving opportunities, either with a close group on the liveaboard, or a potentially changing group with different day trips you can choose from.

When it comes to choosing between a liveaboard and a landbased freediving and yoga holiday based on the yoga on offer, the differences are a  little more subtle. This is because yoga focuses on the meditative benefits as well as yoga poses – which as we all know can all take place on a tiny rectangular mat that can be taken anywhere! So, this leaves the technical levels of yoga and the setting.

Yoga on a liveaboard is not just about the poses you can perform, but the environment you surround yourself with. You not only leave your whole world behind you (this includes your wifi), but you have a much stronger connection with the ocean.

Land-based yoga allows you to perform a wider range of yoga, but also allows you to explore and be completely alone. Depending on where the holiday is based you may also be able to take part in yoga workshops or additional classes. You can often also enjoy massages, and other meditative activities that will make your holiday feel like a retreat. Of course, if diving doesn’t appeal as much as you thought it might, you also have the opportunity to find other activities to enhance your holiday experience!

So which would you choose?

We actually think both holidays are great choices! But if you’re still not sure, check out why we think each holiday is so great!

Why is a liveaboard freediving and yoga holiday a great choice?

go freediving - freediving and yoga holiday - boat pose

Photo Credit: Pash Baker

A freediving and yoga holiday on board a boat for a week provides an environment unlike any other. And here’s why:

  • You have to submit to your confinement on board the boat – this includes, on most days, the lack of wifi and connection with the outside world, an abundance of healthy foods, and lots of time in close proximity to a small group of friendly people. You also almost have no choice but to submit to periods of complete relaxation.
  • Time slows down (until it’s time to go home!)
  • You have time to relax (or for many rediscover truly relaxing), introspect, but also communicate and connect with other like minded people, without any other distractions. For many the knowledge and insight gained during a holiday such as this is an unexpected bonus.
  • There is a reason the word holiday is in the title! Above everything else, a liveaboard is a holiday – a chance for you to take a breather from the day to day monotony of adult life and feel free spirited and independent once again.
  • Liveaboard holidays such as these very often attract single travellers, though we do regularly have couples or friends on board too. So for those considering a solo holiday for the first time or who simply prefer the experience of travelling independently, a freediving and yoga holiday could tick a number of ‘must haves’ for their next holiday.

Liveaboard Freediving and Yoga Holiday: For the Freediving

Liveaboard diving holiday on the Red Sea - Underwater

If you are a freediver, choosing a liveaboard freediving and yoga holiday provides so many different opportunities to enjoy a broad range of experiences. For example:

  • You become even closer to the watery world beneath you. This has an undoubted impact on your diving experiences and can create quite intense emotions as you feel more connected to the water rather than someone just visiting for the day.
  • Your boat has the freedom to take you to less populated dive sites, away from the restrictions of the ‘day trip divers’, providing a completely unique experience.
  • The convenience of being able to literally step off the boat and into the water cannot be beaten.
  • You have complete control over how much diving you actually do (which is very different to general diving holidays).
  • You can use the holiday as an opportunity to improve skills and techniques by undertaking further freediving courses on board.
  • You are being provided with an unforgettable underwater experience where you can utilise other passions you may have, such as photography and filming.
  • As the liveaboard freediving and yoga holiday includes yoga, it is your chance to experience different types of yoga, within a small group. Freediving is often described as the yoga of the sea, or underwater yoga. If you have never done yoga before, you will have the opportunity to see if yoga really can improve or impact on your freediving.

I have been doing Yoga for over 12 years, including visiting India on a Yoga retreat and many workshops and weekends away in past years.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this particular red sea relaxed trip was to do the yoga with Emma. All the breathing practises I have done before, but it was great to concentrate on these. Yoga Nidra has never worked for me in the past, but Emma’s sessions certainly did even with the wind blowing a gale!!

The Yoga breathing practises would certainly benefit all divers. Increasing ones flexibility and strength by doing Yoga is beneficial to all divers. The total relaxation which occurs during Yoga Nidra helps those who have difficulty sleeping, which makes one better equipped for the rigours of diving.

I would recommend Yoga with Emma because she catered well for all the different abilities she encountered, which is how it should be but not always is! I would definitely recommend the Yoga Nidra because this was the first time it worked for me. I loved it all!    Yvonne Tomey

Liveaboard Freediving and Yoga Holiday: For the Yoga

David Mellor doing yoga on the Go Freediving Liveaboard holiday

If you enjoy yoga, but also have an interest in swimming or the ocean as a complementary, therapeutic addition to your activities, a freediving and yoga holiday provides a refreshing alternative to standard yoga retreats or holidays. For example:

  • Performing yoga as the sun rises across the ocean with the fresh sea air surrounding you is a spectacular experience. There is a reason ocean sounds and visuals are so common when providing calm and relaxed backdrops to yoga exercise!
  • Listening to Yoga Nidra under the stars completes the balance for the day and is phenomenally restorative for mind and body.
  • There is the opportunity for you to continue practicing yoga or meditating alone while others are diving, providing an even deeper sense of tranquility.
  • You have the opportunity to swim, snorkel and bathe at your leisure.
  • You have to opportunity to take part in the freediving. If you already have a freediving qualification then you can join the trip as a qualified freediver and improve your skills and recreationally dive within the limits of your qualification. You can also take the next level of qualification on the holiday. If you’re completely new to freediving and coming on the trip as a freediver then you will be taking your first freediving course, spread over the week for maximum relaxation and assimilation of skills and knowledge. And if you’re a qualified Scuba diver coming on the week to Scuba dive, then you can complete the Try Freediving course which is free! Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be returning home not only completely rejuvenated, but with brand new skills under your belt.
  • You can incorporate other passions into your freediving and yoga holiday, such as writing, drawing, enjoying photography and more.

Before the trip I had very little yoga experience but I was happy to try it out on the boat. The main thing I discovered was how stiff I was!

The thing I liked most was working with a tutor who shares the same passions and interests as myself. The other benefits of doing yoga with Emma was that it sets you up to get best out of freediving and sleep, the calmness and experience of Emma, and how it made my body and mind feel better.

I’d definitely recommend yoga with Emma because she’s passionate about it! Since the liveaboard I’ve done it every day and hope to continue. I feel it could be a great asset to helping me on by physical journey and mental, and with the yoga nidra a great reminder of calm and peace.  Nic Wood

Why is a land based freediving and yoga holiday a great choice?

freediving and yoga holiday - saluting the sun

Photo Credit: Pash Baker

Our land based holidays are even more relaxed than our livaboard holidays and a fair bit of drinking is often enjoyed by some participants!

As with all our activities, everything is optional. A freediving and yoga holiday on dry land for a week provides an amazing environment. And here’s why:

  • You have the ability to immerse yourself into the yoga and freediving as much or as little as you like.
  • You can remain with the group or enjoy a more individual holiday by joining other trips and excursions
  • You can enjoy pool based training and other masterclasses
  • You will be able to perform more complicated yoga poses than are possible on a moving boat.
  • You are more likely to have access to the outside world, so can remain connected to work, family and friends
  • You are able to explore your surroundings – including other sight-seeing attractions, restaurants, bars, shops and places of interest.
  • You may have time to involve yourself in other holiday sporting activities such as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding).
  • You might just arrive and decide it was a sunbathing holiday you needed all along, and lay in the prone position on a sun-drenched beach for the entire week!

A Land based Freediving and Yoga Holiday: For the Freediving

freediving and yoga holiday - freediving the wreck

Photo Credit: Pavol Ivanov

If you are a freediver, choosing a land based freediving and yoga holiday means you have an increased flexibility regarding your freediving schedule. These include:

  • Practicing static in a pool
  • Attending master classes in techniques such as equalisation
  • Connecting with other dive schools and instructors for an expanded input into freediving, equipment and more.
  • Individualising your freediving, by joining day trips to different dive sites.
  • Having the ability to maintain any other complementary training you may do such as running, cycling etc
  • Being able to easily hire or purchase additional kit, if you decide to learn a new skill
  • Having a broader access to food, drink and the local culture and community.

A Land based Freediving and Yoga Holiday: For the Yoga

freediving and yoga holiday - lb yoga

Photo Credit: Pash Baker

We offer yoga on all of our holidays. It’s an amazing way to start (and end) the day and the location we choose always ensures you have the calm tranquil environment to maximise your inner peace. A land based yoga holiday has the following benefits:

  • The ability to perform more complicated yoga close the ocean is a magical experience.
  • Listening to Yoga Nidra under the stars completes the balance for the day and is phenomenally restorative for mind and body.
  • There is greater opportunity for you to continue practising yoga or meditating alone if you wish. Exploring the local area to find a unique place to practice is also very rewarding. There may also be yoga workshops you can attend.
  • You have the opportunity to swim, snorkel and bathe at your leisure.
  • You have to opportunity to take part in the freediving or some of the freediving technique classes which can be transferred and applied to your yoga.
  • You can incorporate other passions into your freediving and yoga holiday, such as writing, drawing, enjoying photography and more.
  • You will not suffer from motion sickness
  • You can enjoy a different type of day trip to your freediving companions. So, instead of diving every day, you may choose to take a day visiting local places of interest instead.


The only time I’ve ever tried to do yoga, it was the meditation kind that started off telling you to empty your mind, which I couldn’t do, and then spent the whole time conscious of how uncomfortable I was!

After doing yoga on the holiday I realised that I am not flexible as I thought!! I think with practise it would be possible to improve flexibility, and doing the yoga with Emma has encouraged me to take a class at home.

Three other benefits of doing yoga with Emma is that it is quite calming, it is exercise without being too strenuous, and you could have a go at any age. I think everyone should have a go, it can’t do anything but good! Ann Stupple

The freediving is also pretty spectacular, with all line diving done above an incredible wreck, and recreational diving too, with eels, rays, reef and pelagic fish to get to know! As well as the opportunity to take part in equalisation masterclasses and other workshops aimed at improving your freediving skills.

Tell Me More About…The Yoga

Yoga headstand at sunrise by the sea in Tenerife

Photo Credit: Pash Baker

A concern many people new to yoga have is that they are ‘too old’ or ‘not bendy enough’. The yoga that Emma, our head freediving instructor and yoga teacher offers is suitable for all. The classes are geared towards freedivers and scuba divers and tailored to all abilities.

In addition, Emma also teaches yoga nidra which you do lying down and not moving. Everyone can manage that!

On a freediving and yoga holiday, the yoga Emma teaches:

  • helps you breathe more efficiently
  • stretches your diaphragm and intercostal muscles enabling you to dive deeper more safely
  • stretches and strengthens your muscles preventing cramp and injury
  • improves core strength
  • improves confidence in your breathing and breath control, improving your experience in the water
  • Helps you relax deeply and focus your mind

At the start of the week the yoga moves are simple but effective, and as the week progresses we have the opportunity to add more detail for those who want it.

For every exercise there are different levels, so from the outside the movement  may look very similar, however a beginner will be doing a different version from someone more experienced in yoga.

I had no experience of yoga before the trip and didn’t realise that I could participate even having no experience. After doing the yoga I had the most amazing sense of relaxation and truly had the best sleep ever on the evenings that I did the yoga nidra.

Doing the yoga with Emma gave me the opportunity to totally focus on only one thing and experience incredible relaxation.

The other benefits for me were the breathing techniques for relaxation which helped with any apprehension prior to diving, being aware of my breathing and changing it to improve my air consumption when scuba diving, and becoming more self aware of movements/ actions I do, which I normally don’t even notice I’m doing.

I would definitely recommend yoga with Emma as she was very clear with her instructions and also very approachable. I also found the holistic attitude really interesting, with the diet, rest, relaxation, yoga, freediving and so on.   Katie Barrett

freediving Photo Credit Pavol Ivanov

Photo Credit Pavol Ivanov

Tell Me More About…The Freediving

A concern many people new to freediving have is that they ‘won’t be able to hold their breath’ or ‘they can’t equalise’. The freediving that Emma, our head freediving instructor offers is suitable for all levels and abilities and ensures everyone not only enjoys their freediving experience, but only does what they are completely comfortable with.

On a freediving and yoga holiday, the freediving Emma teaches:

  • Will help with equalisation
  • Will help you identify your limits and abilities
  • May lead to a certification in freediving, if you wish to complete a course
  • Will guarantee that you know how to freedive safely and efficiently
  • Will improve water confidence
  • Will teach you to relax

Emma will work through a structured method of teaching freediving. Whether you are completely new to the sport or an experienced diver, her input will ensure you will continue to learn and develop as the week progresses.

Freediving and Yoga Holiday: FAQs

Liveaboard diving holiday on the Red Sea - Group Photo

Where do you go?

Our liveaboard holidays are primarily based in the Red Sea, though we are always on the look out for new locations! Our land based holidays will vary. We have organised trips to the Maldives and Indonesia and more local holidays in the Canaries – Tenerife being our most recent. However, as with our liveaboard holidays, we are always on the look out for outstanding locations with excellent facilities and of course a reputation for safety and care that is second to none.

Is the liveaboard freediving and yoga holiday suitable if I suffer from seasickness/motion sickness?

This is a popular question! Firstly, it should be remembered that not many people suffer from severe or prolonged periods of motion sickness, if at all. A number of our regular and well traveled freedivers have learned that if you know you suffer from motion sickness, start taking anti-sickness medication before you start travelling and continue to take it throughout your trip. You may experience minor sickness on the first part of day one, but this will quickly subside. If you don’t know whether you suffer from motion sickness, bring a supply of anti sickness tablets with you as a precaution.

I’m a scuba diver – can I still come?

Scuba divers are very welcome to join us on our liveaboard trips. Those who join us tend to be more relaxed scuba divers – those who don’t necessarily want to dive five times a day, every day at specific times. They prefer the more relaxed schedule we can offer, spending longer at each dive site.

I did a couple of yoga sessions that a friend dragged me along to when I was at university but I did not enjoy them! I also thought I was not flexible enough.

After doing the yoga with Emma on the trip, I discovered that I do enjoy doing yoga and that whilst I am fairly inflexible, Emma showed me there were ways to ensure that I could stretch my muscles/joints with the support of blocks.

I liked the breathing exercises and especially the relaxation of yoga nidra – getting a good night’s sleep meant I was able to maximise the opportunities for diving and enjoy the whole holiday.

The benefits of doing yoga and yoga nidra with Emma was that stretching in the morning counteracted the pressures on my back caused by carrying my tank. The positive statement in the yoga nidra I found helped to crystallise what I wanted to do with my career, and the sessions helped me get to know other people on the trip and have a laugh with them! I’d definitely recommend the yoga – Emma is able to control a session making it fun whilst ensuring anyone in the class could do their personal best.

It was also very enlightening hearing her explanations as to what yoga is about. I want to thank Emma for coming on the trip and guiding us through yoga sessions – I definitely slept better and had a lot less back ache than usual for a week away diving. Karen Shackleton

Does the Liveaboard trip stop anywhere?

A liveaboard is just that. A whole week where you live aboard a boat. There are no stops on shore, so be sure to bring everything you believe you need. If you need anything urgent then the tenders can ferry you to dry land.

I have a medical condition can I still come?

Most managed  medical conditions will not be affected. However, you should discuss with your doctor what you intend to do and they can make a proper assessment.

Is the Red Sea dangerous?

The Red Sea is one of my favourite destinations. I have been diving there for over 15 years, and have always ensured the liveaboard holidays I charter are with reputable companies with an excellent track record of safety and care. The sea itself does have sharks – but we have never been lucky enough to encounter them as our trips are focused in a different area completely.

Do I have to do yoga and/or freediving when I go on holiday? I just fancy a week laying in the sun!

Liveaboard Holidays

Absolutely not! We always stress this is your holiday. You can pick and choose which activities you want/don’t want to do. If your idea of heaven involves laying down for the whole week reading the entire Harry Potter collection while listening to rap music on your headphones, go for it! We have had people join the holiday keen to do courses and activities until the can fit in no more, yet within a day or so they become more and more relaxed and chilled out and understand that a holiday is not about what you put into it, but what you get out of it.

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