Why learning to be a safe freediving buddy is so important

When a student chooses to do a freediving course,  while their primary objective in most cases, is to become a safe freediver, they will also be expected to learn how to be a safe freediving buddy too. Any responsible freediver will ensure they have a qualified freeediving buddy with them at all times - one who is trained and able to rescue them from any scenario they might find themselves in, while extending the same level of safety and reassurance in return to their freediving buddy.


A professional Mermaid and a Freediver – Linda Agren

Earlier this year we reached out and asked you to get in touch if you used freediving in the course of your work. In this article we speak to Linda Ågren, also known as Mermaid Athiraa.  Linda was born in Southern Sweden in 1989, which just so happened to be the very same year that Disney’s The Little Mermaid premiered.


What Freediving Course Equipment Do You Use On A Freediving Course?

One of the questions we get asked when people book a course with Go Freediving is 'What freediving course equipment is provided?' or ' Do I need to buy any freediving course equipment?' The answer is simple - we provide everything you need. So, what does that include?


David Mellor Diary – Training and Competition Recap

As David reflected  on his recent performance, we thought it was the perfect time for us to look back at his training and competitions and pick out some of the highs and lows so far this season. So if you've only just joined David's journey, here's a mid-season freediving recap!


Ear Pain When Diving – What Causes It And How to Stop It!

Do you experience ear pain when diving? If so, congratulations - you have one of the most commonly reported (and most unwelcome) side effects of diving incorrectly. However, did you know that you should not experience ANY ear pain when diving? Find out why people experience ear pain when diving, and what steps they need to take to be able to dive pain free.


David Mellor – Post Freediving Competition Analysis

In David's last diary entry David talked about the highs and lows of the recent Dahab Championships. David has now had some time to reflect on his performance and analyse what he did right and what he did wrong. Read his post freediving competition analysis here.


An Online Freediving Course Is Just The Start!

It's the start of our 2019 season - which can only mean one thing! It's the start of our RAID Freediver courses too! Last week saw our first RAID freediver students arrive at Glebe House ready for the practical elements of their freediving course. Each student had already completed their online freediving course materials, so were ready to go!


David Mellor – Freediving Training Diary – Dahab Freediving Championships

Welcome to the not-so-secret freediving training diary of David Mellor! In David’s last diary entry David talked about his final preparations for the Dahab Freediving Championships. This time we talk to him post competition and hear about the highs and lows of the event.