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Emma Farrell Go Freediving Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallI’d heartily recommend taking the plunge and learning to freedive with Emma and her team. Emma is a great teacher – friendly, approachable and hugely knowledgeable. I learned an awful lot from her, particularly how to control my breathing to the point where I was able to free-dive for scallops, going deeper than I thought I could while always feeling safe.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall July 2017

Welcome to Go Freediving, the start of an incredible journey into the underwater world. We run freediving courses, freediving holidays, a vibrant freediving club, and instructor development in the UK and all over the world and you can learn to freedive from just £75.

Freediving is the sport of apnea, diving on a single breath of air. It’s a life-changing experience and the most natural way of exploring under the waves. Learn to freedive on one of our freediving courses and you’ll improve your water confidence, take better underwater photos and redefine your limits.

What makes Go Freediving the best place to learn to freedive is our unparalleled level of experience, personal care, attention to detail and safety record. On no other freediving course in the UK will you get such a high instructor to student ratio and the benefit of decades of freediving experience from our incredible instructors. Whether you’re a first time freediver or already have freediving experience, our team will work to get the best out of your ability whilst always making it fun on your freediving course!

The UK’s only AIDA, RAID and SSI trainer since 2003

We are led by Freediving Instructor Trainer Emma Farrell, who is the only Freediving Instructor in the UK qualified to teach instructor courses for AIDA, RAID and SSI. She is also one of the founding members of the AIDA Education Commission, establishing the course content and structure that is now implemented worldwide. She has been teaching freediving since 2003 and no other instructor in the UK has the depth of her freediving teaching experience.

As seen on the BBC – ‘Britain’s Secret Seas’ & ‘The Indestructibles’, Channel 4 – ‘Hidden Talent’, ‘Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’, ‘The Wild Weekenders’ & ‘Chicken Run’ & ITV ‘Eleanor Simmonds – Dreaming of Dolphins’

One of the world’s leading freediving instructors, she has taught thousands of people how to learn to freedive as well as Terence Stamp, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jimmy Doherty, Eleanor Simmonds and many more. Emma has appeared numerous times on Television teaching freediving and has written the book ‘One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving.’

 Enjoy great visibility, dive on wrecks, through underwater planes and thousands of inquisitive fish with no currents, tides or bad weather to stop our diving at the beautiful and easily accessible dive site, Vobster Quay in the  South West of England.

Learn to freedive and you’ll experience a sense of freedom under the water like nothing else. It’s an amazing way to interact with sea life, get fit, redefine your limits, travel the world and make lifelong friends.

We look forward to you joining us in the water! Explore our courses now.

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Learn to Freedive with Emma Farrell on her freediving courses

Learn to freedive with Emma Farrell and some of the world’s most experienced freediving instructors.

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Freediving in bikini on coral reef in Red Sea Egypt

Fancy diving pristine coral reefs or swimming with wild dolphins, all in crystal-clear tropical waters?

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Freediving with DPV Scooter in RNLI pool in Poole

Join the Go Freediving club for special club events and exclusive discounts on courses and equipment.

One Breath: A Reflection on Freediving

Check out just some of our testimonials!

The course is very professionally run, it’s a great location to come and practice and it is really fun and enjoyable.

Freediving is the in-water equivalent to yoga and it helps you to relax and sense your body. I would recommend this course because everything is so well organised.

The highlight for me was being underwater with the rest of the group and as we went through the plane together I just felt a sense of belonging and friendship. I will be telling all my scuba diving friends to ditch their oxygen tanks!

It has been a really lovely weekend. The instructors are great, Emma, David and Heather have all been amazing.  

Diving around the world you can tell immediately if the instructor and the equipment is up to it and Go Freediving ticks all the boxes.  Go Freediving is the most professional outfit I have ever come across.

The instructors are so relaxed and there is a definite feeling that they are interested and excited about teaching rather than just going through the motions.

The setting and location is really, really good. The instructor to student ratio is great and it helps you to progress faster.

The whole setup was fantastic, the instruction superb and the knowledge gained priceless.  I’m really pleased I chose to attend a course with Go Freediving

The entire weekend has been relaxed and good fun. The instructors have been great and I have achieved more than what I was expecting

I have never done freediving before and already on the second morning I am getting down to more than 10m, so you can get to a place where you don’t think you could get to in just one day – which is pretty cool!

The instructors are professional but approachable at the same time, it never felt intimidating and was run with care and planning. I felt safe the whole time and it is an amazing thing to do.

There is that one moment when everything just comes together and you do feel like you are flying and you just feel like, wow! This is freedom!

You guys are amazing! Everyone should do this! If you are stressed out in life, or have a busy job just take a little time out. It’s really good for your health.

The benefits of this course are the relaxation, the health benefits – it’s a hell of a workout, and, it is just an amazing thing to be able to do – to go out into water and have no real fear!

The student to instructor ratio is really comforting because you feel like you are getting individual tuition constantly, and the kit you provide for the course is good quality, fantastic, comfy and warm. I would recommend this course to anyone!

The benefit of doing the advanced course is that you come away comfortable with your abilities, and being able to reach new depths is just fantastic, it gives you such a sense of achievement!

When I did my AIDA course it was in the sea which was turbulent, cloudy and unsettling and I think to train here at Vobster Quay, initially as a beginner has big advantages in terms of it been a stable and safe environment.

The benefits of doing the course is that it is safe. As a marine biologist it also helps me to get closer to nature. Emma is so nice and put me at ease so if someone wants to learn to freedive I can’t imagine any reason not to use Go Freediving!

I would recommend this course because it is all within your own limits, everyone is going at their own pace even if they are in the same group, everyone gets along and there is no pressure.

I would 100% recommend this course because it is just hilarious fun, you get to meet people and experience new things.

I highly recommend Go Freediving, Emma and her crew made the whole weekend such a fun and amazing experience!

The teaching has been really wonderful, personalised, absolutely calm and it feels really good. Also having one instructor to two students is extraordinary!

I think the benefits of this course is that it’s really relaxed and there is no macho-ism. It’s just nice and relaxed, there’s no pressure.

Go freediving - freediving techniques - Peter SmithPeter Smith, RAID Freediver Course May 2018

I discovered that freediving was harder than I thought it was going to be. I would definitely recommend this course. I have learned a lot from it and I think others would benefit too.

The three benefits of doing this course is that it builds your confidence, it changes your mindset towards freediving and encourages you to keep going.

Go freediving - freediving courses in 2018 - Thomas nuttall smithThomas Nuttall-Smith, RAID Freediver Course April 2018

I would recommend this holiday because it’s relaxed, you do a lot but there’s no pressure and you’re here with the best instructor.