Freediving Competitions: With Carl Atkinson

Carl Atkinson has been bitten by the freediving competitions bug. He started his freediving journey with Go Freediving and hasn't looked back. We caught up with Carl and discussed his final constant weight training in the build up to one of the most coveted of all freediving competitions - The 2016 AIDA World Championships.

Carl Atkinson’s Freediving Training Plan

When he was selected for the British Team, Carl Atkinson realised he needed to come up with a freediving training plan and fast. He'd been concentrating on depth and now he needed to up his game in static and dynamic Apnea too.

What is the best freediving warm-up routine?

Find out the best freediving warm-up routine to do from British Team member Carl Atkinson, including what he listens to and how his dive begins the night before.

Carl Atkinson’s first freediving competition

Even though Carl Atkinson is on the British Team, he's only ever done one freediving competition before. A competition where things went very wrong as well as right. Never having trained for free immersion, the first dive of the competition ended in his first real black-out and a steep learning curve. Read how he turned it around to do an easy 70m dive and secure his place on the UK team for the Team World Freediving Championships in September 2016

How Carl Atkinson got into freediving and how Taekwondo helped

Carl Atkinson started his freediving journey with Go Freediving and is representing the UK in the team world championships this September. We sat down with Carl to find out what inspired him to take up freediving, and how martial arts helped him progress so quickly in top level freediving.

Freedive for free at Blue Abyss

Go Freediving are thrilled to exclusively announce that Blue Abyss, the world’s deepest pool will be FREE for freedivers to use. Find out why founder and CEO, John Vickers has decided that you can freedive for free at Blue Abyss and what freediving means to him.

Aqua Lung Sport Apnea freediving suit – review

The Aqualung Sport Apnea Suit is the world's first freediving suit designed for the pool. Find out from freediving champion Rebecca Coales what makes it so perfect for dynamic apnea freediving, warm water freediving, and where you can buy one.

Branko Petrović Wasn’t Born A Champion

Serbian born Branko Petrović is no stranger to setting world records and often seeming as if he is in a class all his own, even when other legends like Goran Colak are in the mix...

The Italian Microbiologist Turned AIDA Instructor

Italian born Felice Mastroleo was always attracted to water sports. But it wasn’t until he had finished his studies (in microbiology no less) that he was able to really explore his passion.

Dena Parsa- From Career Ending Injury To National Champion

Danish dynamo Dena Parsa is much tougher than she looks. Her underwater adventure actually started with underwater rugby. Not sure what that is? Read on.