Doc’s Proplugs for equalisation are one of my freediving equipment essentials. Even if I’m diving in Tropical waters I never freedive without them. Find out how they work and how to get the right size for your ears.

What are Proplugs?

Doc’s Prolugs are silicone plugs that fit inside the outer part of the ear. They come in all different sizes, from children up to adults and are either vented or non-vented.

Vented Proplugs are what divers and freedivers want to use as they have a tiny hole in the part that fits inside your ear canal, that allows tiny amounts of water to enter the space between the Proplug and the eardrum, preventing baratrauma.

Vented Proplugs are either made from red or clear silicone and non-vented come in pink or blue. They also can come with a leash connecting the Proplugs which makes it easier to keep track of them as they are small and can get lost inside a wetsuit hood if you forget you are wearing them when you change.


How do they work?

Doc’s Proplugs claim that they make equalisation faster, easier and safer and I certainly can attest to that.

Proplugs for equalisation have been tested to 100 metres depth by divers and help equalisation as the pressure changes are less abrupt.

Proplugs also ensure that a small amount of warm water is kept between the plug and the eardrum and this for me makes equalisation easier as my eardrums are not being constantly flushed with cold water.

Safety and surfer’s ear

Even if you only dive in warm water, there is a chance that you can develop exotosis, or ‘surfer’s ear’ which is a condition where the bone by the ear canal starts to grow across the ear canal. It does this to protect the eardrum after repeated exposure to cold water or air.

Using Proplugs is the best way to prevent yourself from developing this condition and if you have it, wearing Proplugs can slow the growth down.

How to fit yourself for Proplugs

At Go Freediving we have a testing kit so that we can make sure that we get the right sized Proplugs to fit your ear.

You can then see from this photo how a correctly fitted Proplug should look.

Doc's Proplugs for equalisation when freediving. How to fit












Want to get yourself some Proplugs for equalisation?

Then get yourself along to a course, club day or holiday and we’ll get you fitted! If you look after them your proplugs will last for years! A great addition to your freediving kit for easier equalisation and preventing exostosis.

Want to know more about how to help equalisation issues?

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