The Best Music for Freediving

What is the best music for freediving? Following our extensive research and poll, read on to find out some music choices to get you in the freediving mood!

Freediving film Ocean Gravity

Freediving film Ocean Gravity is a mesmerising, almost lunaresque film directed by Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier, and produced by Bluenery. Sit back and enjoy 3 minutes of pure bliss.

UK Advanced Freediving Course Film

Check out the latest film from our UK Advanced Freediving Course and see what student Charlie Bradford got up to in the pool and open water.

Blue Abyss Vision 2020

Discover what Blue Abyss Vision 2020 is and read the first window into the future, with technical cave divers finding hidden Paleolithic art off the coast of Wales using ground breaking technology developed at Blue Abyss.

How to do kapalabhati, the ‘pumping breath’

Kapalabhati is a yogic breathing exercise which tones the diaphragm, exercises the stomach muscles, helps clear mucous and infection, and improves breathing and lung function. Learn how to do kapalabhati with our how to guide and series of videos.

Freediving film Johanna Under The Ice

What do you get if you mix the incredible Johanna Nordblad, British director and photographer Ian Derry and the stunning backdrop of a bleak, haunting, frozen lake? You get something a bit special. You get the stunning freediving film Johanna Under The Ice.

Freediving Giveaway!!

We're celebrating the start of 2017 freediving season with a freediving giveaway! In fact, we've got 2 fantastic prizes to give away, and all you have to do to win them is answer a few questions!

The Spaceflight Bill and Blue Abyss

The draft Spaceflight Bill signifies the launch of a £10 million scheme to incentivise the commercial spaceflight market in the UK. So, how does the Spaceflight Bill and Blue Abyss fit together to make this project a reality?

Freediving Courses in the UK

Want to know about the best freediving courses in the UK? Then watch the latest film from our last RAID Freediver Course and find out what our students thought of their weekend with us!

Underwater Photobombs – My Top Five!

If you ever wondered whether our aquatic friends had a sense of humour (or a devilish streak), you only need to take a look at these underwater photobombs to know they've got us sussed. From stingrays to puffer fish, they've set out to ruin your photo, your holiday, and your marriage proposal...