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Watch the latest UK Freediving course film from Go Freediving with Alicia, Beckie and Karen in action at Vobster Quay this August.

What happens on a UK Freediving Course?

Our courses are about learning, exploring and fun!

Your course starts at home with the theory, learning and testing your knowledge at your own pace.

On the first morning of the course we meet at a local pool to familiarise yourself with the freediving equipment you will be using, and teach you the breathing for freediving skills that will enable you to hold your breath longer than you ever thought possible.

We then move to the pool to learn how to use the freediving equipment in and under the water. Then it’s off to Vobster Quay, a stunning inland dive site for the rest of the weekend’s diving.

You can see below how excited Alicia, Karen and Beckie were to get their freediving gear on!

 UK Freediving Course Charlie's angels Alicia, karen and Beckie
















A UK Freediving course with Go Freediving is a lot of fun!

The best thing about doing a UK freediving course at Vobster is that it is a perfect freediving location. Dives are never cancelled due to bad weather and there are no tides, currents or bad visibility to affect your diving.

The visibility is always at least 8 metres, there are thousands of fish to swim with, and a whole range of underwater objects to dive on, from planes, to cars, to boats, to structures, to caravans!


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Want to know why you should take a UK freediving course with us? Read what Beckie, Karen and Alicia thought of us!

Go Freediving Student Testimonial Beckie Spry webI needed a challenge. It’s been three years since I swum the channel and I needed a new challenge. I’d heard good reports of you, I know someone who did a UK freediving course two years ago with you and then I did my Try Freediving course with you.

I discovered that you can do it! You might need to be patient but you can do it! And I did it! The people have been lovely, the whole experience, the people are fab, the location is fab, and just you guys having the patience and not pushing. That’s the thing. I hate being pushed and I wasn’t. It was brilliant, it was lovely.

The benefits of doing your UK freediving course is that you learn a lot about yourself. You push your limits and meet new people. I would completely recommend this course. Because if you love the water for whatever reason, it’s a new discipline and people don’t tend to do this and it just opens doors. I’d definitely recommend it!

Beckie Spry


Go Freediving Student Testimonial Karen Tyler-CroftYour videos made me want to do your UK freediving course. It just looked like everyone was having fun and I’d been a bit scared of doing the course but when I saw how much fun everyone was having, I thought, yeah, I’ll have some of that this summer.

I discovered the bench mark where I am, which is really really useful to then progress, because I didn’t really know where I was, so now I know where I am and what I need to do to progress.

The water was really warm which was helpful actually. I’d heard a lot about inland swimming being cold, but it’s been really warm and toasty which was cool. And I really like the fact that there’s no pressure to perform. Everyone gets to do what they’re capable of and what they feel comfortable with, which suited me down to the ground.

The benefits of doing a UK freediving course with you here is a great facility, very picturesque as well as having all the things that you need. It’s really, really expert instruction, obviously, and lovely being able to work with like-minded people and meet new people.

I would recommend the course. There’s not many people who know about freediving, but whenever anyone asks me, I do say ‘there’s this really nice lady called Emma Farrell and she does really great courses’.

Karen Tyler-Croft


Go Freediving Student Testimonial Alicia Coyne webI’d always been snorkeling and done scuba diving as well, so I wanted to try freediving. I found your courses, watched a few of the videos and it looked good!

I’ve discovered lots of things on the course. I realized that equalization and stuff, it’s kind of like stuff I did anyway, diving down to the bottom of the pool and you kind of do it without knowing what you’re doing so it made a lot of sense. And I thought we’d just be diving in a dirty lake but Vobster is really clean and really cool. I don’t think it was easier than I thought it would be but it’s made me more confident. When you think about going snorkeling and stuff, and you think about going down, you kind of understand more about it now.

I liked best learning new skills and going deeper, and just now going round with Heather and we did a little tour of the lake. And we saw some fish and dove down a bit, and that was really fun, I really liked that.

Three benefits of doing a UK freediving course with you would be that everyone’s lovely, it’s really safe and it’s fun and relaxed. Everything gets done but you’re allowed to have fun and it’s not really strict.

I would recommend your UK freediving course because I think that anyone can kind of do this to make them enjoy the water more and if you’re going snorkeling and have this basic understanding, even of equalization, just having a basic understanding of that, just makes you go a little bit deeper and enjoy it more, and feel more safe. So, even if you don’t want to become a professional freediver, it’s something that anyone who goes on holiday can do, just to enjoy it a bit more.

Alicia Coyne

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